Water Heater On Bricks [Reasons & Processing]

water heater on bricks

Uncontrolled rust in the water heater’s bottom can be quite a devastating issue to deal with. There are also worries about fire hazards from water heaters. Why people put water heaters on bricks? Putting a water heater on brick is usually done to protect the bottom from rust. It safeguards the metal body from moisture … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Build A 3-Bedroom House With A Basement

Cost To Build 3-Bedroom House With A Basement

This is one of the most common questions asked by home buyers. We will cover all costs in this article, including labor and material. It is hard for homeowners to know how much they need to save up in order to build their dream home. The price of the building varies depending on the size … Read more

What Is The Right Shower Vent Size? [Considerable Factors]

shower vent size

Want to install a shower vent in your bathroom but don’t know what size to get? It’s a common concern. Well, don’t worry as we’ve got the answer to your question. How to choose the right shower vent size? Choosing the right shower vent is actually not that critical. Because you’d only have to consider … Read more

Vent Flapper Noise [Causes & Solutions]

vent flapper noise

Vent flappers can be really annoying with the frequent noise on a windy day. The banging sound just won’t stop and you’ve finally had enough of it. It’s time to fix this loud mess. How to fix vent flapper noise? You can try three methods to get rid of the flapper noise. You can apply … Read more

What Size Toe Kick Heater Do I Need? [Answered]

what size toe kick heater

There’s always that one room that never acquires the right temperature. Even if the whole house is heated nicely it’s chilly in that particular place. What’s the solution? Use a toe kick heater.  What size toe kick heater do you need? Firstly, find out your room’s square area. Then multiply it with 10 wattages. Because … Read more