Can Drywall Touch Ductwork? [Reasons & Solutions]

can drywall touch ductwork

People apply drywalls to protect the ductwork. But sometimes, wrong installations to drywalls allow no air around the ductwork. That results in some serious damages that no one wants.  Now, your concern is, can drywall touch ductwork?  No, drywall shouldn’t touch ductwork. You have to maintain a 6-inch gap to make sure it passes some … Read more

Framing A Wall Under Ductwork: 5-Step Guide

framing a wall under ductwork

Most of us rely on professionals to wall frame our ductwork. However, this is something you can do on your own. You don’t need to spend hefty bucks on hiring professionals.  Thinking of framing a wall under ductwork yourself?   To do so, firstly measure your ductwork for the dimensions of the frame. Based on the … Read more

Evaporative Cooler Duct Sizing [Explained]

evaporative cooler duct sizing

Living in a low humidity area in the summertime is pretty challenging. It’s even more so if your evaporative cooler isn’t giving the best performance. Maybe this is the right time to attach ductwork to your cooler. But how to measure evaporative cooler duct sizing? First, calculate the cooler’s CFM rate. Get your ductwork according … Read more

Running Ductwork Perpendicular To Joists [2-Step Manual]

running ductwork perpendicular to joists

Excited to refurbish your home, only to realize that plumbing work is a pain? Well, chances are you’re facing difficulties in running pipework through your joists. Are you planning on running ductwork perpendicular to joists? If the answer is yes, there are rules to follow. You have to follow sequential steps such as planning before … Read more