Water Dripping From Ductwork In The Basement [5 Common Problems With Easy Solutions]

water dripping from ductwork in basement

It’s quite an annoying problem that ductwork is leaking. It can cause severe problems for floors or walls. You must know the reasons behind it. You can also fix some problems that will save you money. The question is, why is water dripping from ductwork in the basement?   “Sweating” is the main reason for the … Read more

AC Condensate Drain Into The Sewer: Is It Good or Bad?

ac condensate drain into sewer

A direct connection between a condensate drain and the sewer isn’t great. But sitting around and ignoring it will get you nowhere. This situation should be treated with utmost importance.  Should you be worried about an AC condensate drain into the sewer?  A simple answer would be yes. An AC condensate line should never connect … Read more

Central Heating Pump Pulsing: 6 Main Reasons & Solutions

central heating pump pulsing

A noisy central heating pump is super disturbing as it continues throbbing. That’s why you have to look for the cause of this problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, your pump can get more damaged. Why is your central heating pump pulsing? First of all, this issue is generally due to airlock and blockage of … Read more

Central Heating Pump Overrun [3 Main Reasons & Solutions]

central heating pump overrun

It’s been just a week since you installed a central heating pump. But suddenly you see your pump is running even after you turn it off! It’s annoying. Still, there are some possible causes for this. Why is my central heating pump overrun? First of all, this is not a very big issue! Your pump … Read more

What Size Wire for a 40-Gallon Electric Water Heater? [Explained]

what size wire for 40 gallon electric water heater

Measuring the ideal size of wires for a 40-gallon electric water heater is very important. Unmatched wires can lead to short circuits. You don’t want that, do you?  So now the question comes, what size wire for a 40-gallon electric water heater? An average 40-gallon electric water heater requires 12 gauges of wire. You cannot … Read more

What Size Breaker for a 40 Gallon Electric Water Heater? [Calculated]

what size breaker for 40 gallon electric water heater

A breaker is an important tool for any circuit. It protects an appliance, whenever there’s an overload, by shutting off immediately. Since the water heater is very electricity-intensive, it needs to be paired with the right breaker!  The question is, what size breaker for a 40-gallon electric water heater do you need? Generally, for a … Read more

Grundfos Central Heating Pump Being Very Hot [Troubleshooting]

grundfos central heating pump very hot

A central heating pump is an integral part of many households. It is key to keeping the house warm during winter. Thus, it’s important to keep it in good condition.  Quite often, people find their pump overheating. This is seen for the pumps that have been out for a long time. How do you deal … Read more

Hot Water Recirculation System Problems [Troubleshooting]

hot water recirculation system problems

Installed a hot water recirculation and it’s not working out like you thought it would? Or you want to be aware of the problems you might face before you buy one. This calls for knowing these problems and how to fix them. How to fix hot water recirculation system problems? While a hot water recirculation … Read more

Grundfos Hot Water Recirculating Pump Troubleshooting

grundfos hot water recirculating pump troubleshooting

Bought a Grundfos hot water recirculating pump but it’s already showing signs that something may be off? You probably don’t understand what might possibly go wrong. Before calling a plumber, try fixing it by yourself.  How do you do Grundfos hot water recirculating pump troubleshooting?  Grundfos hot water recirculating pump might have a clogged valve … Read more