How To Remove Floor Adhesive [Check Out These 8 Methods!]

how to remove floor adhesive

Thinking of remodeling your floor space? After the frustrating task of removing old flooring, you see another challenge. Now, you’re faced with blobs of old adhesive that’s giving you a headache. How to remove floor adhesive?  We have prepared different types of adhesive removal techniques for you. Use a Mastic remover or mechanical grinder for … Read more

Is Raid Toxic? Here Is What You Might Not Know

is raid toxic

You just bought a Raid Insecticide to tackle the ever-increasing pest infestation in your house. But you are concerned about the effect it may have on your family’s health. Is Raid toxic? Raid is made up of poisonous components to kill insects and pests. But it can also be harmful to human health. Application of … Read more

How To Clean Shower Tiles Without Scrubbing [Answered]

how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing

You’re tired right? Scrubbing is a fairly easy method but it’s way too time-consuming. Plus it can sometimes damage your tiles.   How to clean shower tiles without scrubbing? You can clean shower tiles by mixing vinegar and dishwashing detergent. Mix them and pour in a spray bottle to spray clean the tiles. In a similar … Read more

House Smells Like Bleach After Cleaning: 3 Easy Methods To Get Rid Of It

house smells like bleach after cleaning

You have just cleaned the whole house and it’s smelling like bleach after that. You’re worried, the smell can harm the ambiance and people around as well. We might have the right solution to this problem. What to do if your house smells like bleach after cleaning? Sometimes after cleaning with bleach, the house strongly … Read more

Types Of Abrasive Cleaner & When To Use Which! [Explained]

abrasive cleaner

Need an extra bit of muscle to deep clean your house? Well, then it’s a lucky day for you! Because you can use your handy abrasives for the job. What type of abrasive cleaner to use for your purpose? Abrasive cleaners are basically used to clean heavy-duty build-ups. These come in three forms- powder, liquid, … Read more

Delrin vs Teflon: Differences Explained

delrin vs teflon

We use Delrin and Teflon materials for many purposes. But can you tell which one’s better? Sure, it’s tricky but there are many things that set them apart.  Delrin vs Teflon: what are the differences? Delrin is a thermoplastic material, unlike Teflon. Teflon is made of polytetrafluoroethylene. Whereas, Delrin is composed of polyoxymethylene. Teflon has … Read more