How to Clean Aluminum Door Threshold

How to clean aluminum door threshold

We get it, you’re worried about the threshold of your door. Besides, it doesn’t look pleasant either with white chalky substances built upon it.  As if that’s not enough, these white chalky substances can further damage your thresholds. Turns out, these substances are corrosion which can destroy the metal on your thresholds permanently.  How to … Read more

How to Dull Shiny Metal? The 7 Steps Guide

How to Dull Shiny Metal

A sharp and shiny metal surface is something that most of us use to desire for mostly any usage. But that’s about ‘most’ of us, not all of them, right?  Yeah, we’re talking about instances where you might need a dull and vintage looking metal surface anyway. It can be for the sake of decorating … Read more

How to Neutralize Vinegar on Metal? The Secret to Remove Rust

How to Neutralize Vinegar on Metal

Rust on metal is as inevitable as heat melting ice. There’s just no way to go around it. It’s possible that you need to get the corrosion off your family belongings-perhaps a nice watch your great-grandpa had in his possession or the nice little wagon that had a lot of memories. Or maybe your Hydramax … Read more