Delrin vs Teflon: Differences Explained

delrin vs teflon

We use Delrin and Teflon materials for many purposes. But can you tell which one’s better? Sure, it’s tricky but there are many things that set them apart. So, Delrin vs Teflon: what are the differences?Delrin is a thermoplastic material, unlike Teflon. Teflon is made of polytetrafluoroethylene. Whereas, Delrin is composed of polyoxymethylene. Teflon has dielectric … Read more

September List: Stylish Home Appliances

Stylish Home Appliances

If you are bored with the white, gray, and black colors and want to bring a little spirit to your kitchen, this list of beautiful, colorful kitchen appliances is just for you!  From beautiful compact coffee machines, through electric pots to fabulous egg cookers, each of those appliances can make your kitchen more pleasant and … Read more