Water Dripping From Ductwork In The Basement [5 Common Problems With Easy Solutions]

water dripping from ductwork in basement

It’s quite an annoying problem that ductwork is leaking. It can cause severe problems for floors or walls. You must know the reasons behind it. You can also fix some problems that will save you money. The question is, why is water dripping from ductwork in the basement?   “Sweating” is the main reason for the … Read more

AC Condensate Drain Into The Sewer: Is It Good or Bad?

ac condensate drain into sewer

A direct connection between a condensate drain and the sewer isn’t great. But sitting around and ignoring it will get you nowhere. This situation should be treated with utmost importance.  Should you be worried about an AC condensate drain into the sewer?  A simple answer would be yes. An AC condensate line should never connect … Read more

Hunter PGP Sprinkler Head Leaking: 3 Reasons with Solutions

hunter pgp sprinkler head leaking

It’s annoying to have a hunter PGP sprinkler head leaking. This situation can cause your lawn to be watered unevenly. Because of this, the growth of the grass can be affected. Plus you’ll also be changed with high water bills. Why is your hunter PGP sprinkler head leaking? Firstly, the hunter PGP sprinkler head leaking … Read more

How To Choose A Well Pump Breaker Size: A Full Guide

well pump breaker size

The circuit breaker is a self-destructive system to protect appliances like well pumps. Normally, it’s a good idea to hire a professional. But luckily, this task can be completed all by yourself!   How do you select a good well pump breaker size?  Circuit breakers prevent extra amps from running through your pump. So you’ve to … Read more

SharkBite vs Compression: Which Fitting Should You Use?

sharkbite vs compression

Kitchen leaks are no joke. But you can’t just wait around and expect it to be fixed. Hiring a plumbing service may also charge a lot of money. It’s better to do it yourself!  Which fitting should you choose, SharkBite vs Compression?   First off, SharkBite is a temporary solution. You can easily install SharkBite fittings … Read more