Ceiling Fan Tripping Breaker: 5 Reasons To Look Out For

ceiling fan tripping breaker

It’s quite bothersome if your fan’s breaker is tripping very often. It means there’s an unbalanced current flow in the electrical circuit. But it’s tough to pinpoint the actual reason for the breaker’s tripping.  What are the causes for ceiling fan tripping breaker? Fan’s circuit breaker can trip for multiple reasons. If it’s due to … Read more

The 3 Most Common Home Repairs [Explained]

most common home repairs

One of the most annoying aspects of adulthood comes with home repairs. When it comes to this, most people leave everything to professionals. This, however, is going to create huge costs. What are the most common home repairs? While some work is best left for contractors, some you can do yourself. For instance, you can … Read more

How To Install Electric Hot Water Heater In Series With Boiler In 3 Easy Steps

installing electric hot water heater in series with boiler

You’re installing a new water heater in your washroom. But, you’re wondering if installing an electric hot water heater in series with the boiler is okay. And even if it is okay, you don’t know how to install an electric heater in series. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! How to install an electric hot … Read more

Wire Gauge & Ampacity Basics: Guide to Select The Right Wire Size

wire gauge and ampacity guide

While setting up the wiring of a residence or commercial entity, one of the primary concerns is to select the safest cable. But for anyone who’s new to the industry, deciphering all the ratings, numbers and conventional metrics can be pretty tough.  In this 3-chapter guide, we’ve taken a handy approach to simplify the process … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Build A 3-Bedroom House With A Basement

Cost To Build 3-Bedroom House With A Basement

This is one of the most common questions asked by home buyers. We will cover all costs in this article, including labor and material. It is hard for homeowners to know how much they need to save up in order to build their dream home. The price of the building varies depending on the size … Read more