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Hose Bibs Types: Everything You Need To Know

All those hose bib types are like a blessing for us. But is it really? 

The thing is – it’s super easy to get confused with all of them. The slight differences among those types are really perplexing. 

Things can go south pretty quickly if you end up using the wrong type. It’s crucial to know about all the types and their uses. 

What are the hose bibs types? 

Hose bibs have quite a few names. Moreover, they’re varied in types too. There are non-frost-free and free frost hose bibs that are very popular. Then there are other three types that are seasonal and less popular. So decide your type considering the usage and functionality.

You need to know more about this in-depth to make a choice. Let’s flow right into the details-

Are Hose Bib And Spigot The Same Thing?

Hose bibs allow the garden hose or outer pipes to connect with the internal waterline. They’re the exterior faucet that carries water out from your home to the outside. During summer, this will allow you to fill your outside pool or basement sauna.

Moreover, it makes cleaning outside easier. Hose bibs disguise themselves under various names. A hose bib and a spigot are just two different names of the same thing. 

You might get confused when people call it in a name that you’re not accustomed to. Hence, we’ve added this list of all the other names of hose bibs-

  • Exterior faucet 
  • Spigot
  • Garden/Lawn Service
  • Lawn hydrant
  • Hose attachment
  • Outdoor tape
  • Hose faucet/ valve

It’s better if you know all the names. Otherwise, it’ll be tough for you to be on the same page with other people. They even come in a wide variety of types too. 

Let’s Discuss The Types of Hose Bibs

Like everything else, hose bibs come in a wide variety. From picking the most suitable wood for stairs to the best spigot for your new home. Choosing the best requires having a basic idea about the object. 

The variety of hose bibs depends on the place, weather, and function. Here are five basic hose types that we’ve discussed under two categories. One is the popular types and the other one is seasonal options. 

Let’s jump into it –

The Popular Types of Hose Bib 

There are mainly two types of hose bibs that are widely used. They’ve been used by homeowners for a long time. Because they’ve amazing features and are considered sustainable. Their features and maintenance are provided below-

Non-frost Free Hose Bib 

Non-frost-free hose bibs are one of the oldest types of hose bibs. You can find them mostly in old houses. This type is quite old school. Though they’re still widely used, it needs proper maintenance.


This type needs a bit of winterizing. It means draining all the water out of the pipe before winter happens. If you live in a cold country or area, this is a must for you. As bursting of water taps in winter is very common.

To do this, turn off the water supply to the spigot. Then open the tap and let the water flow out. Without draining the water out, it’ll frost inside. This might even cause a burst in spring. 

Moreover, if you need replacement, try to do it before winter. Else, you’ll have to face an extra load of hassle. 

Free Frost Hose Bib

This is the most used and common type of exterior faucet. They’re mostly found outside and widely used in cold areas. This is even used in places that go beyond zero degrees celsius. 

Most of the types need draining out before winter to avoid bursting. But a free frost spigot can prevent that. This is the reason for it being so popular among users. 


This hose bib works completely fine even in frozen areas. It doesn’t require winterizing. So the maintenance doesn’t create any extra burden for the user.

But you should use them carefully as they’re the expensive type. Moreover, make sure you’re using them delicately avoiding rough treatment. They will last quite a long time if treated properly. 

These popular types of hose bibs are installed for the long run. Now we’ll discuss some of the less popular seasonal hose bib types. Here they are-

The Seasonal Hose Bib Options

There are other three types of hose bibs that have wonderful features. They will be a good pick for seasonal use, like summertime pool parties or winter BBQs.

Loose Key Hose Bib

The loose key hose bib comes with a separate key. Which actually acts as a handle. 

If you don’t have the key with you, you can’t use the bib. This gives the homemaker access to the bib. 

Even though this type is quite handy, the loose key might get lost. Which will result in a massive problem. Finding another key compatible with your hose bib will be as tough as finding a stud behind the siding.

Round Plastic Hose Bib

This type is predominantly used for water heaters. You can use it to drain the water out of the tank. It’s immensely useful while cleaning, replacing, or repairing the tank.

This type is extremely easy to use and turn. These hoses are very user-friendly and convenient to operate. Just turn it clockwise and give it a little jerk while dismantling. 

Knobbed Hose Bib 

A knobbed hose bib is also used for water heaters. The usages are quite similar to the round plastic spigot. It’s largely used for cleaning and repairing the tank. 

Using this type is pretty tougher than the others. It requires a water wrench while removing. 

You might not have vast knowledge about this tool. To lessen your worries, we’ve added some of our most recommended water wrenches. Here they are- 

Product 1
Product 2

What are you waiting for? Just grab your product and start unfastening the knobbed hose bib without delay. 

These were the basic types that you should have an idea about. Now, you can proceed to choose your own hose bib for your home. This will help you make further decisions as well.

On another note, if you live by the seaside then you might be interested in different types of seawalls as well.


Question: What type of valve is a hose bib?
Answer: Usually hose bibs are globe valves. Even though some of the types have different kinds of valves. But that’s the conventional fact. However, the frost-free faucet works in the traditional compressive way. 

Question: What is the standard size hose bib?
Answer: The size of the hose bib refers to the diameter of the pipe. The mostly used hose bibs are either ½ inch or ¾ inch. The size mainly depends on the pressure of the flow. The smaller the size, the more the pressure. So consider your water pressure while choosing your hose size. 

Question: How high should a hose bib be off the ground?
Answer: Hose bibs shouldn’t be installed much lower to the ground. It’ll cause problems regarding the check valve, timer, etc. But you shouldn’t install it higher either. This will result in a lot of plumbing work. The optimum height will be 12” to 16”. This should work perfectly. 


Alright, now is the time to say goodbye. Hopefully, you’ve got all the answers about hose bibs type

Moreover, give your hose bibs more attention in springtime, right after winter. 

Best of luck with your hose bib setting.