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How Many Pets is Too Many for One Person to Own

Bringing pets into the house is like an addiction that most people don’t talk about. You see a kitten on the roadside and your heart leaps out to pick it up and take it home. But you have to stop or else your house will turn into a zoo.

So, you have to ask yourself the toughest question of all time: how many pets is too many?

There is no direct answer to this question. Instead, it depends on various factors. Like the size and cleanliness of your house, your salary. How much time you can give to your pets and how safe your house is. And after combining these factors you’ll get your answer.

But that’s just the surface points. Why don’t we dive deep into the topic to explore how these factors can help you reach a final answer?

How many pets is too many for a single person?

We all have this one crazy person in our life who seems to own a zoo as a house. Or at least you have seen them on television.

And the only thing that plays at the back of your mind is that you don’t want to turn into that unreasonable person. So, you ask yourself how many pets you think you should have.

As we have said earlier there is no right answer to this. But on average one person usually owns 1.8 dogs and 1.6 cats. Now don’t worry; they don’t cut up the cats and dogs and then share them among themselves.

Instead, the majority of the people own 1 or 2 cats so during calculation you get this bizarre number. However, you can exceed this threshold.

In fact, quite a lot of people own 4 to 5 pets. But, you cannot always pick up a pet from the street and bring it home. No!

You need to consider a lot of things before committing to a pet. Wanna hear the reasons? Stay tuned because we’ll talk about them in a while.

Factors that define how many pets you can own

There are many things you need to consider before letting a stray cat into your house. So, why don’t we take a little look at all these factors, shall we?

Factor 1: The environment of the house

The first thing to consider when bringing in a pet is the environment of the house. Now, this can point to a lot of things but the main focus is the sanitary condition of your place.

You see, if you bring in a lot of pets you also have to keep the place clean. Otherwise, the cats and dogs will end up getting sick quite often. And that’s certainly the last thing anyone wants. 

Factor 2: Your financial status

Next up, you need to take a look at your financial books. You know, owning a pet means you have to feed them, clean them, pamper them, and all of these costs money.

So, if you think your wallet can’t handle the strain then you need to close the door for some pets.

And if you’re rich you can get as many pets as you want. In fact, you can also buy an awesome floor for your pier and beam house to tend to your pets. No one’s gonna stop you.

Factor 3: The size of your house

Another thing to consider is the size of your house. Now, the house has to be big enough to fit all of your family members and pets.

And if you bring in a lot of pets they will hoard up all the space in your house. Soon you’ll find yourself curling up in a ball to get some sleep. So, you might want to think before you bring in too many of the adorable kittens.

Factor 4: Your work schedule

Everyone knows pets get lonely when they don’t get enough attention from their owner. So, if you have a busy work schedule then you won’t be able to give your pets the time they want.

And in the end, your pets will be neglected. Thus if you have a cramped up life don’t bring in too many pets.

Factor 5: Your determination to be a pet owner

One more thing to take into account is your will to commit. You see, pets get attached too easily. So, it’ll be cruel if you simply kick them out after a few months.

Thus ask yourself if you’re willing to tend to your pets for 10 to 15 years. Because once you make up your mind there is no going back. Hence think hard,

Factor 6: Safety measures in the house

Lastly, you have to look at how safe your house is. You don’t want your pets to get hurt.

Let’s say, you’re cooking and the pressure cooker runs out of water one day. And the lid flies off and hits your cat. You won’t want that to happen now, do you?

So, you need to make sure that your pets stay safe while living in your house. Moreover, you can’t leave your pets alone in an unsafe house. They might get burnt from the hot walls caused by a gas fireplace.


Question: Is there any limit to how many animals you can own?
Answer: Yes, there are state laws that can prohibit you from taking too many animals into your house. Now while you may hate this law but try to understand that the rules are there for your own safety. Too many pets can cause havoc for you and others.

Question: How many cats do you need to have to be a crazy cat lady?
Answer: Having 10 cats in your house indicates that you’re a crazy cat lady. Now, while the number is not entirely fixed but it is the borderline value to be a crazy cat person. A slight variation can occur from person to person due to different opinions.

Question: What is the perfect number of cats for a house?
Answer: 2 cats is considered ideal for a medium-sized house. You see, if you try to increase the cat numbers you’ll find yourself in a messy situation. You’ll have to stop cat-fights all the time. So, it is best to keep the cat family size to a minimum.

Question: Is having 3 dogs crazy?
Answer: Most people believe that there is nothing crazy about the number of dogs you own. So, for them, it’s totally normal to have 3 dogs. But taking care of 3 of them at a time can be quite challenging. They have an intensity that you simply can’t get rid of.

To wrap up

Well, now that you know all the factors that play a role in determining how many pets is too many, you can make your own calculations. And once the hard part is done you can go pick up pets.

Doesn’t that sound thrilling? We know we are super excited for you and we hope you have fun with your new roommates. Stay safe. Adios!