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How to Get Human Urine Out of Carpet [Without Vinegar and Baking Soda]

If you found your favorite carpet soaked in pee, just know that accidents happen. If you have a new baby on board, this might happen way more than you expect. After all, parenting comes with endless challenges.

If you’re stuck in this situation, here’s how to get human urine out of carpet in 5 easy steps. 

First, you want to blot out the excess urine with some rags. Dispose of them immediately and use an enzymatic cleaner to kill off the germs. Next, sprinkle some salt to draw out excess moisture and scrub the stain with some detergent. Finish up with washing and drying the carpet.

We hope that melted some of your fears away. Cleaning your carpet doesn’t have to be all that daunting. Come, let’s take a look at it together.

Why skip vinegar and baking soda?

If you didn’t know yet, we’re not using any kind of vinegar or baking soda in our guide.

Now don’t get us wrong, vinegar and baking soda are both cheap household items that have many uses. You may have heard that they’re a great remedy to remove hot chocolate from carpet

Although this is partially true, using these to clean your carpet may have some adverse effects.

First of all, they don’t kill all of the germs. So in a way, just relying on these home remedies will not give you a clean result. Moreover, it’s going to be unhygienic. 

Although the internet loves these home remedies, they can leave a residue on your carpet which will make it feel matted and sticky. This is hard to remove and creates additional work for you. So why take all the trouble?

Instead, you can use a cleaner or detergent to get rid of the pee smell and stain. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

How to get human urine out of carpet?

So now that we explained to you why it’s not a wise idea to use vinegar or baking soda on your carpet, let’s dive into the process itself.

When you’re looking to remove pee from carpet, the main hassle is to remove the stink that permeates your home. 

Moreover, you’ll have to be quick on your feet so that pee doesn’t leave a permanent mark on your lovely carpet. 

So take a look at the things you’ll need before we read all about the process.

Step 0: List of things you’ll need

Grab these items before you start working. That way, you won’t have to halt your work in between, just because you ran out of some detergent. 

Remember that time is your biggest enemy. When working to get rid of pee from carpet, the stain gets worse the longer you wait. So let’s not waste any time and delve right into the details.

  • Rags/paper towels
  • Enzymatic cleaner
  • Salt
  • Detergent
  • Water
  • Towel

Step 1: Blot the excess urine out

Now, this may seem pretty basic, but you’ll be surprised how often we forget things when under pressure. So we’d suggest you not panic and keep a cool head.

Just like laying carpet tiles on stairs, this isn’t all that hard. All you need is some patience and time. 

So first, get your hands on some old rags. This could be any old t-shirt that you haven’t worn in ages and would not mind throwing away. 

If you don’t have any rags, you could also use some good old paper towels. Take the fabric and gently blot out the excess urine. Don’t rub or scrub at this point. 

This will only aggravate the situation and spread the pee to the whole carpet. Moreover, don’t use pressure on the carpet when you’re blotting out the pee.

This could push the liquid further into the carpet, and make it harder for you to remove. Gently press the rag into the carpet until no more pee comes off on it. 

After you’re done, dispose of the rags and paper towels immediately. This will ensure that the smell of the urine doesn’t spread to the whole house. 

Step 2: Use a cleaner for urine

After we’ve soaked up all the excess urine, now it’s time to tackle the horrible smell. But how to do this?

Instead of wasting time searching for home remedies, head out to your department store. You see, pee on the carpet is more of a common problem than you think. 

Just like you need to use a glue remover for removing a glued-on carpet, there are enzymatic cleaners made to get rid of pee from carpet.

These get rid of the pee smell and makes your carpet look fresh like you just bought it. How do you ask?

Well, the enzymes soak into the pee and break up all the bacteria which is responsible for that horrid pungent smell. Moreover, most of these cleaners are super easy to use.

Just pour it over the pee stain and wait. The cleaner will lift the stain on its own so that you don’t have to do any work at all. 

Step 3: Sprinkle some salt

After you use the enzymatic cleaner to remove the stink from the carpet, the bad smell must have reduced by a lot. 

If you still feel that some stench is lingering in the house, you could sprinkle some salt over the stain.

This may seem like a surprise to you, but you’ll be shocked at the many uses of common salt.

Since salt is known to draw out moisture, it removes any pee that is deeply absorbed by your carpet. This helps clean out any remaining traces of pee in your carpet. 

Even if it seems like an extra step, do this and you’ll ensure no lingering smells left behind!

Step 4: Scrub with some detergent

Now in most of the cases, enzymatic cleaners don’t require you to clean it with soap. They can be left to dry on the carpet.

But in case the cleaner you’re using isn’t labeled as green or all-natural, it’s bound to be loaded with chemicals. If you have small babies in your home, this is a big no!

So to be on the safe side, we recommend you to do a clean up with some detergent. To make this cleaning mixture, mix two tablespoons of detergent to a cup of warm water.

However, if you have a wool carpet then you should only use cold water for cleaning. Otherwise, you could risk damaging it.

Take your cleaning mixture and dip a sponge in it. Wring out the excess and scrub your carpet wherever it’s stained. Don’t drench your carpet in the soapy water, or else you’re going to have a hard time drying it.

Also, scrub the carpet gently so that you don’t damage the carpet fibers.

Do this in circular motions over the stain. That way, you can remove the stain marks and leave your carpet feeling as good as new.

Step 5: Wash and Dry

For finishing it off, wash the area with some plain water. This will remove any soap particles from the carpet. 

To do this, take a towel and dip it in some warm water. Next, wring out the excess and rub the area well. Repeat this process until you feel satisfied and there’s no more soap left. 

If you leave on soap to dry on your carpet, you’ll also be left to deal with fixing a matted down carpet. Why pile on extra work? 

After you’ve done washing the area with some plain water, now it’s time to let it dry. This is the easiest part of the whole process since all you need to do is wait. 


Question: How do you get dried human urine out of carpet?
Answer: Just make a solution of baking soda, dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide. Pour this mixture over the stain and let it sit for 30-45 minutes. Then Scrub the area and wash it with water. Finally, let it dry.

Question: Does vinegar remove urine odor?
Answer: To some extent. Vinegar neutralizes the ammonia present in urine. Mix equal parts vinegar and water and mix it in a spray bottle. Spray this on the stain after doing a patch test. However, vinegar may make your carpet bleed color or leave a residue behind.

Question: Why does my house smell like pee?
Answer: If you cleaned your carpet but your home still smells like pee, this could be because of a mold problem. There are a few types of molds that emit the smell of pee. Especially black mold is especially dangerous for your health. So call in a professional to get your home checked.

Bottom line 

That is the end of our guide. We hope that you found it informative and learned something new. If we missed out on anything, do let us know. 

Still, have lingering doubts on how to get human urine out of carpet?

Then shoot your questions in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you. Until then, stay safe!