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How to Install Ceramic Disc Taps: Expert’s Opinion

Setting up your new ceramic disc taps can be pretty confusing. However, it’ll be more stressful for you if you’re no handyman.

If you’re looking for how to install ceramic disc taps by yourself, then we have good news for you today.

We’ll help you to know why you should choose a ceramic disc taps. Also, how you’re going to install it and what you’ll need to do.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Ceramic Disc Taps?

No one likes the drip-dripping sound of a leaky tap. We guess you don’t either. 

Well, ceramic disc tap is a solution to this problem. You might be wondering how. It’s because of the ceramic cartridge spindle.

Mechanism of Ceramic Cartridge Spindle

Ceramic cartridge spindle helps you to turn a tap off with just a quarter turn. Also, your ceramic discs won’t wear out like the conventional rubber washer. It lasts way longer.

Besides, the ceramic disc cartridges have two ceramic discs, each with two holes. The holes are for the mixer taps. Also, you might find one hole for a pillar or two-handle taps.

So, one disc is always fixed in the place while the other one moves with the tap handle. When they both align, your water is allowed to flow. If they aren’t aligned, the water stays put.

Advantages of Ceramic Disc Tap

Ceramic disc tap is a modern technology with great advantages for you. Like:

  • Luckily, you won’t have to replace worn-out washers because ceramic spindles are strong and last longer.

  • You’ll get a steady flow of water by just moving your handle quarterly

  • It’ll be a lot easier for you to wash your hands when your hands are dirty. You could just move the handle with the back of your hand.

  • You won’t have to face a lot of issues with wear and tear on your taps. Because you don’t need to turn the tap constantly

Disadvantages of Ceramic Disc Tap

The only disadvantage you might say is that the ceramic disc taps cost more than the regular taps. However, even though it’s costly it’s still going to be worth it for you.

Besides, if you buy a cheap ceramic disc tap, it might cause you an extra headache. Because you might need to change those more often than you think. 

So it’s better if you just choose a functioning and quality ceramic disc tap rather than a cheap one for you.

What Are the Things You’ll Need?

Before you start with your installation or a replacement, you should make sure that you get the right equipment for your greater good. 

You see, the right equipment can help you finish your work effectively and timely. So, here are the things that’ll help you with your work:

How to Install Ceramic Disc Taps

If you’ve got the right equipment for your work, do a double-check. Just reassure yourself that you’ve got everything and you’re ready to start with your work. 

So, we’ve organized these easy steps for you to follow that’ll help you install your disc taps in no time. 

Step 1: Turn Off the Water Source

First things first. You need to make sure that your water pump is off. Flooding our house on a Sunday morning isn’t a pleasant sight.

Also, if there are any open electrical lines nearby, please make sure that the power is disconnected. Because you’re working with water and you don’t want to get electrocuted.

Step 2: Drain Your Pipes

If you’ve turned off your water source, there’ll still be water inside the pipelines. So, you’ll need to drain your pipes.

So, how’re you going to do that? Well, you’ll have to open the lowest hot and cold outlet in your house. Usually, the lowest taps you’ll find are the bath taps in your washroom.

Step 3: Remove the Old Tap Washer

If you have an old tap, you’ll have to remove it.

You’ll need to undo the old handle, flange, and spindle. Also, you must make sure that you have removed the fiber body washer and the old tap washer.

However, there’s a chance that your old tap washer is swollen. In that case, you’ll need to use a pointed nose pillar. It’ll surely make your removal easier. Also, there can be some grout that you need to clean as well. 

Step 4: Prepare Your Ceramic Disc Tap

Now, you’ll need to check your new ceramic disc tap that you’re going to use.

First, remove all the items that are included in the box. You’ll need to make sure that you’ve got all of the parts. 

Now, here are the parts that should be inside that box:

  • Handle

  • Dress Flange

  • Locking Nut

  • Fiber Washer

  • Ceramic Cartridge Spindle

If you’ve got all of these parts, then you’re ready to disassemble your new tap.

Step 5: Disassemble Your New Tap

You’ll have to start with disassembling your tap parts before you install the new one. Removing the handle will be the first thing in that case.

Do you notice a screw right under your tap handle? Well, you might need to use an Allen key in order to unscrew your handle.

You see, your whole tap is compacted because of that one screw. So, unscrewing it will help you to separate other parts as well.

Next up, you’ll have to unscrew the dress flange. Now, what you see inside is the main functioning part of the tap. 

Simply put, the dress flange you removed now was just the cover of your tap.

Step 6: Separate Locking Nut 

Now, you must make sure that you separate the locking nut from the ceramic cartridge spindle. This part is the most crucial. 

Here’s why.

You see the nylon seal at the base of your ceramic cartridge? Well, you should be aware that it must be sealed against the existing tap seat. 

That is why we recommended you to separate your ceramic cartridge spindle and the locking nut. You don’t water coming out of the new tap and flood your house. 

Step 7: Screw in the Ceramic Cartridge

Now, if you’ve passed the crucial step, you’ll also need to make sure that you set the ceramic cartridge right.

So, let’s screw the ceramic cartridge by hand. You’ll have to do that till it reaches the tap seat. Then, gently tighten with an adjustable wrench. 

Don’t use too much force while using your adjustable wrench. Because it’s too soon for you to break your tap.

Here’s a simple but effective tip for you. You can apply some grease to the thread of the locking nut and top section of the tap. It’ll help your tap to work better and last longer in the future. 

Step 8: Place the Fiber Washer

After you have set the ceramic cartridge in place, you’ll need to place the fiber washer over it. 

Then, remember to tighten on the lock the nut firmly. You’ll probably need an adjustable wrench for adjusting it. However, you should check to see if the nut is in place or not.

You see if your nuts are loose or a bit cranky, the tap might cause you some extra headache for you in the future. So, don’t be lazy and check every part you’re putting in. 

Step 9: Put on the Dress Flange

Now, it’s time to dress your tap. Grab your dress flange and screw it into the locking nut. This is as simple as it sounds. 

However, you won’t need anything to tighten the dress flange. More like, you shouldn’t. Because your dress flange is made of ceramic and too much pressure can break it apart. You’ll just need to use your hand to tighten it.

Step 10: Place the Handle

You have only one part left to put into work. The handle. So, grab your handle and put it into the position you want. Then, you should fasten it firmly and perfectly. Use an Allen key to do that.

Also, apply your taps hot or cold symbol if you have one. Now, check to see if everything fits fine or not. You should do some adjustments if needed.

Step 11: Turn on the Water Supply

If you’ve placed everything perfectly, it’s time to turn your water supply on. So, turn on your main lines.

Nevertheless, you should keep towels in place in preparation for any leakage. Now, you should do a test run. Moreover, if you’re satisfied, congratulations to you. You did it.


By now you should know how to install ceramic disc taps. Well, if you’ve followed this article, you’re more capable of changing your tap than you think. 

A word of advice, maintain your tap carefully. You see, ceramic can be really fragile at times. And you don’t want your tap to get ruined.

However, there’s always a chance of everything getting ruined. Your installation might not work out the way you want it. 

In that case, it’s best for you if you consult a professional and they’ll take care of the rest. There’s no harm in seeking help.