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How To Install Drop In Sink On Granite Countertop [8 Easy Steps]

Having a well-designed and well-equipped kitchen is a must in any house. The fittings in the kitchen are fundamental to its aesthetic appeal. Drop in sinks are pretty popular these days for home improvement.

How to install a drop in sink on a granite countertop?

Measure the sink aperture in your granite countertop with extreme precision. Drill holes according to your measurements after that. Install your undermount sink once done drilling and cleaning. Use wingnuts in your drilled holes. This will secure the sink in place. Fix the drop in sink under your countertop afterward. Finish the installation process by sealing and caulking.

Don’t worry! This is just the teaser. This article has a comprehensive guide to assist you.

Let’s get started now!

2 Major Benefits of a Drop In Sink 

There are many benefits to installing a drop-in sink in your kitchen. It’s time to take a closer look at some of the advantages of installing a drop in kitchen sink:

Easy to Maintain

Drop in sinks are easier to maintain. Because you don’t have to carry garbage away from the sink. Granite countertops may be cleaned with a wet cloth and flushed down the drain. 

When it comes to washing your dishes, under-mount sinks give you more room and comfort. They are typically deeper than standard sinks. If you don’t mind the splashing and the clutter surrounding the sink, you’ll have no problem.

Classy Look

With a granite countertop and a drop-in sink, the aesthetic is slick and contemporary. Compared to other sinks, this one looks like a piece of art because of its clean and simple design.

How to Install Drop In Sink On Granite Countertop?

It’s simple to put in a drop in sink on a granite counter with the right tools. Despite its resistance to water, granite is also permeable. The pros and cons of a granite countertop are quite clear.

But that’s a discussion for another time. You need to follow some step-by-step instructions to complete the installation process. To begin, you first need some tools.

Necessary Tools

You’ll need a few tools at your fingertips to make the process as simple as possible-

  • Drop in Sink
  • Granite drop in sink clips
  • Drilling equipment
  • Screwdriver
  • Sealant made with silicone gel

After arranging the needed tools, you can start the procedure. Let’s get into the instructions for completing the process-

Step-1: Measuring the Sink 

The project’s success is dependent on accurate measurements. If you get the sizes wrong, you won’t be getting the desired results. As a result, be cautious and take the measurements.

Start measuring from the granite countertop opening where your sink needs to locate. Standard dimensions for the sink are 33 inches by 22 inches or 33 inches by 33 inches. 

When measuring the sinkhole, just measure around the rims of the hole. Make a list of the information and bring it with you. Once ready, go to the local shop to buy the sink.

Step-2: Choosing Sink’s Design

While you’re replacing your granite countertop sink, inspect the drop in sink’s design. Drop in sinks are found in a variety of designs. 

You are free to decorate your kitchen in whatever color scheme that you choose. To help you out, here are the most popular types of reveal sinks-


It’s up to you, but most individuals opt for a design that doesn’t show through. This is because it gives a contemporary image or look to your kitchen. The counter is also much simpler to clean and wash.

Step-3: Drilling with Following the Measurements

Set the sink in the position you’ve chosen now. The installation of under-mount sinks is not tricky. You must have precise measurements. Use the measures you’ve taken as the areas to drill in the holes. 

Your countertop with the kitchen sink won’t seem as good unless you’re pretty precise.

Remove the sink and use the drilling machine to make the holes. To complete the process, apply a cleaning chemical to the ridge. Let it dry for a while afterward. 

Abrasive cleaners could also be used for this cleaning purpose. But you can still go with the non-abrasive ones. Just put some extra effort while cleaning.

Step-4: Installing an Under-Mount Sink

You’ll now put in an under-mount sink. But first, you’ll need some sealant or silicone glue to keep it in place. 

To begin, gently apply the adhesive (silicon glue or another sealer) to the edges. Make sure that you have applied enough to keep the sink in place before. Remember to use clear or transparent waterproofing. This will give your counters a clean look with sinks.

Step-5: Fitting Wingnuts in the Drilled Holes

Once you’ve inserted the bolts, you can secure them with wingnuts. Keep the sink in place by making sure the screws are properly fastened.

Once you’ve made it this far, you’ll have to wait a few days. After that, you can complete the installation process.

Step-6: Caulking and Sealing the Sink

First, make sure that your drop-in sink is connected to the plumbing beneath your countertop. It’s mainly located under the cabinet.

Once done, caulk and seal the drop in sink now. You can use the same sealer that’s used to seal grout. But you’ll also find sealants used for sealing countertop sinks. It’s best to use those instead. 

Caulking must be applied to ensure a watertight seal. This caulking will help prevent further leaks.

Step-7: Pressing the Sink to Get Rid of Air 

Check for the presence of air between the areas around the sink’s edge and the countertop. If there is air, press the sink from the top to seat securely.

Step-8: Cleaning the Entire Surface

You will now use a clean towel to wipe along the borders of the surfaces. Do it in the last step to remove any excess caulking or sealant that has built up between them.

How to Properly Maintain the Drop In Sink on Your Granite Countertop?

After installing the drop in sink, you should take good care of it. We’ve got a few simple tips for you-


Make sure the waterproofing lasts for a lengthy period of time. Using a high-quality sealer will help you in this case. Sealing the counters is another option, as well.

The sealer you purchase should not have expired before purchasing it. Remember, countertop sealers can go bad just like grout sealers go bad

The spaces between your countertop and the edge of the sink should be filled in with sealers. Sealing makes your granite countertop more effective.

Filling Up the holes

To keep your under-mount sink in good working order, ensure that the gaps are filled. They should be filled every 4-5 years.


It’s also important to keep your surroundings clean. Sealing granite countertops makes them super easy to clean and maintain. You just need a mild cleaning agent and a cloth to wipe up any dirt. 

Well, that’s it! Try to maintain the instructions as mentioned above. It’ll help you to complete the whole installation procedure.


Question: Is there a need for clips for granite sinks?

Answer: Granite composite sinks are an excellent addition to a wide range of kitchen layouts and decors. Installing a granite composite sink is comparable to installing a drop-in sink using clips and caulk. Any countertop material can be used for these sinks.

Question: Cutting a sinkhole in granite costs how much?

Answer: It costs around $300 to $500 to cut. But installers include granite fabrication services in their labor charge. As a result, the cost increases. Doing the work yourself can save some extra cash. But it’s still a better option for the experts to do the job.

Question: Is it possible to switch from an undermount to a top-mount sink?

Answer: Yes, it’s possible. Just replace the sink later on with another top-mount model that fits the opening. This will easily do the trick for you.


You now know how to install a drop-in sink on a granite countertop yourself. These sinks go great with any countertop. 

Whether you have a marble or granite countertop, a drop in sink is a great option.

We’ve discussed the DIY method. But you might have difficulty performing this yourself. Do not hesitate to seek help if necessary. 

That way you’ll at least get your desired results. 

Good luck with the work!