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How To Install A Lock On A Bedroom Door? [A Detailed Guide]

Are you feeling unsafe in your bedroom or do you think having a lock would be safer? Well, it’s actually safer to install a lock on your bedroom. But a few know how to install it. This might often even lead you to not install one. 

But don’t worry, today, we’ll tell you all about the installation.

How to install a lock on a bedroom door?

Well, you can install different types of locks for your bedroom door. But the installation steps are similar. First, take the measurement and then drill to make holes. Finally, set up the lock as per the respective installation process.

We know this has given you a vague idea of the installation process.

We have a detailed guide awaiting you, so read along!

How To Install Different Types of Lock on a Bedroom Door?

There are a number of lock types you can install for your bedroom door. Each one is different from another. Keep in mind to cut the door jamb properly for the strike plate.

We have prepared a guide on installing 4 different locks on your bedroom door. Check it out-

General Or Traditional Lock

The popularity of this form of lock is high among users. Locks are divided into three categories. These are available in single, double, and lockable configurations. The most basic lock is the one known as the keyed entrance lock. 

These are the locks that you can also paint to change the look.

They have a cylinder on the outside with a key. The double lock has double cylinders, one on the interior and the other on the exterior. 

The lockable locks have an inside thumb turn and an exterior cylinder for the key. The locking plate is combined with the two previous ones. This type of lock is frequently recommended because it offers more security.

The methods are simple as installing door trims on uneven walls.

Here’s how to install these locks!

Step 1: Take The Measurements

First, you have to take the measurements. Begin by taking measurements of the door space where the deadbolt will be installed. On the knob, make a 6 cm mark. 

Step 2: Make A Hole

Make a hole for the lock with a hole saw if the door doesn’t already have one. Make sure the screw holes are open. Drill a second hole through the door edge’s center with a spade bit. Install the bolt. With a wood chisel, chisel the faceplate into place. 

Step 3: Drill The Pilot Holes

Drill pilot holes secure the bolt with the provided screws. If you have no drill machines, you can drill manually too! 

But make sure the cylinder and the turntable are in line. Check to see if they’re firmly attached. Install the outer section of the door on top of the section inside. 

Confused about which one would be the best lock cylinder for this? Have a look at our recommendations given below-

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These products are long-lasting with their noticeable quality.

Step 4: Tighten The Screws

Inside the lock, double-check that mounting holes and the screw are lined up. The screws should be used to secure the deadbolt. With the spade bit, drill double pilot holes in the frame of the door. 

Securely tighten the screws, and you’re done.

Door Knob Locks

These are frequently used to secure homes with a deadbolt. The cylinder is positioned in the knob, and it is quite easy to damage or violate. 

They can be harmed with a hammer as well. As a result, it’s not suggested for use on primary entrance doors. A push-button lock is used on other knob locks. And this can easily be unlocked without a key.

The installation steps of this lock are mentioned below:

Step 1: Align The Plate With Door

Remove the old lock using a screwdriver if you’re replacing it with a new one. Get off the latch along with the plate as well. Align the plate with the door mortise and replace it. 

Now, secure the new latch to the inside of the door with the screws that came with it. 

Step 2: Fasten The Screws

Align the long shaft connecting to the doorknob on the inside of the knob. With a screwdriver, secure the screws into the plate to complete this task.

Chain Locks

They’re usually found on bedroom doors, and they’re designed to open without letting anyone in. 

As a result, the door is partially opened. And you can penetrate the lock like breaking into a keypad door lock.

In comparison to the previous locks, this one is relatively simple to install. Look at the steps for the installation.

Step 1: Secure The Template

Using sticky tape, strengthen the template. Make sure the door handle is 3 to 6 cm above the template. With a graphite pencil, mark the points on the template. Mark drill holes in the ground. 

Step 2: Make A New Mark On Template

Using the screws, adjust the locking plate to the door. Now, make a new mark on the template. Open the holes and use the screws to fasten the chain bracket.

You need to install the chains now. 

Step 3: Install A Latch

Install a latch. Close the door and calculate the height where you want the padlock to be installed. Use a graphite pencil to make your mark. Locate the loop plate along with the latch in the same location. 

Step 4: Secure The Latch Loop

Keep in mind that the loop must fit snugly into the latch’s groove. Using a screwdriver and screws, secure the latch loop to the door. You can use deck or wood screws, whichever you prefer.

Step 5: Secure The Plate

With the padlock of your choosing, secure the latch plate. On a bedroom door, you can use a variety of different locks. The ones listed here are the most common and straightforward to set up. 

Electronic locks, cylindrical lever locks, and key locks are all available. Rim latch locks, combination locks, and hook locks are among the others. Choose a lock for your bedroom door and put it in place.

Deadbolt Lock

This lock is also a quite popular one like the previous ones. This lock has to be activated by a thumb turn or a key. Let’s see the steps to install this lock.

Step 1: Tape The Template

Tape the template to your bedroom door to install a deadbolt lock. You will receive the appropriate instructions for this. Make a mark on your door where you want the deadbolt to go. This should be approximately 6cm above your doorknob. 

Mark the landmarks on the template and use a hole saw to poke a hole through your door. Repeat this until the device’s indicator light appears on the other side of the bedroom door. 

Step 2: Drill A Second Hole

Now, place the outer piece on the door first, followed by the internal piece. Then drill another hole penetrating the door edge with a spade bit. After that, screw in the bolt. 

Lastly, drill double pilot holes in the door frame. For this, you may use a spade bit. To achieve a proper fit, mortise the area. Screw the strike plate in place.

These are the different types of locks you can install for your bedroom door. Make sure to follow the steps properly to avoid any unwanted consequences. If you can install a clothesline tightener, then you can install a lock on a bedroom door as well.


Question: How to secure the door of the bedroom?

Answer: Install a door reinforcement lock that does not require a key. Then you should utilize a security bar. From the inside, this is the quickest way to reinforce a door. A keypad door lock is also a good option. This would increase the bedroom door security without keys. But if you use keys then use a strike plate lock to keep your keys safe. This is an easy and long-lasting solution.

Question: How to stop someone from entering your room without permission?

Answer: Tell them that they are not welcome in your room. Especially if you’re not present. If all they want is your attention, try to spend some time with them outside of your room. When they barge in, immediately march them out. In another room, do something with them.

Question: Can I use a broom to lock the door?

Answer: To begin, bind the doorknob to a nearby heavy object with a rope, belt, or power cord. Then tape a broom handle to the door frame perpendicularly. To do so, tie the handle to the doorknob. 

The Final Words

Now you know how to install a lock on a bedroom door

We hope you find our instructions easy and simple!

Best wishes!