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How to Install Pot Lights in Living Room Ceiling

Pot lights are a great way to create ambient lighting in your living room. The installation process is not too hard either.

How to install pot lights in the living room ceiling?

Installing pot lights is one of the easiest tasks to accomplish. You just have to follow a set of steps. Just disconnect the power and remove the existing light. Install a ceiling mount and bracket and attach it to the power cable. Then you can easily set up the pot light.

Does this seem easy enough? I guarantee that it will be crystal clear to you once you start reading this article. 

So what are you waiting for? Just hop in!

Why Install Pot Lights?

Pot lights are commercial and residential lighting fixtures that mount to the ceiling. They provide a diffuse beam of light. It can be focused on an area by changing the bulbs. 

They are used as ambient lighting, backlight, and general illumination in both commercial and residential spaces. It looks great if you have 

Many people choose this type of fixture over other types. It’s because it doesn’t have visible cords or halogen bulbs. So it can’t become hot enough to start a fire.

Pot Light Installation Cost

Before I guide you through the installation process, I want to tell you about the cost. If you hire electricians, you might have to pay around $90 per hour. But expect to pay around $250 or more for a few hours of labor.

The average cost of a pot light is about $9 per light. The average cost varies by about 50¢ when you add the installation labor. This depends on whether you hire electricians and buy the lights yourself. Or buy them from someone who already installed them.

The cost for installing one pot light can vary by as much as $15. Or more on different store shelves. This depends on which store you buy it from and how many lights you buy.

Installing Pot Lights in 10 Steps

Now we are at the main segment. Here are 10 detailed steps to install lights on the living room ceiling. I will also mention the tools required to do each step.

Step 1: Disconnect the Electrical Supply

This is more of a precautionary step. By disconnecting the electrical supply to the light fixture you can easily remove the light fixture. You must remove it from its mounting bracket and place it onto a suitable work surface.

Tools required: Electrical Supply Tester

Step 2: Remove Light Fixture from Mounting Bracket

Remove the old light fixture before installing the new one. You might need to loosen some nuts that hold your lighting set in place. This depends on how it is installed. 

With your electrical supply tester in hand, proceed to unscrew and remove the light fixture. The way is almost similar to removing or replacing light from the ceiling.

Many mountings are secured by a single screw. You should not be in any doubt about whether or not a mounting is secure. You can always try prying up on it with a flathead screwdriver before using any tools.

Remove any other items that are needed for easy access. Like house fans, ceiling fans, chandeliers, or any other electric gadgets near or above the light.

Tools required: Flathead Screwdriver

Step 3: Mounting the Cordless Drill to Opposite Side of the Ceiling

You must first determine the distance between your drill and its ceiling mount. Do this before mounting the cordless drill onto the mount. Write down these measurements on a piece of paper. 

Next, you need to find an equivalent screw size. It should fit tightly into your ceiling hole and also attach securely to your cordless drill.

Tools required: Multi-Fit Screwdriver

Step 4: Install Ceiling Mount on Cordless Drill

Once you have a suitable screw size, proceed to screw it into place onto your cordless drill. Then, mount the cordless drill onto its ceiling mount.

Be very careful not to over-tighten the screw and break it off. Try not to cause any harm to the outlet by mistake.

Tools required: Cordless Drill with Multi-Fit Screwdriver.

Step 4: Install a Light Holder on a Stud 

Installing the light holder isn’t as hard as installing drywall around pipes. Figure out where you want your pot lights mounted. Then check the height. Measure the distance between the ceiling and the desired pot light. 

Divide that number by two to get the stud height. In other words, if you need a 25-inch drop for your lights, measure 25/2 = 12 inches.

Step 5: Connect Electrical Supply to Light Fixture

Now the cordless drill is mounted to the ceiling. So it’s time to connect your electrical supply to your light fixture. You can make a cordless drill holder organize your work.

Measure down from where you can reach (approximately 10-12 inches below). And plug your electrical supply into the light fixture’s electrical receptacle. 

After mounting your power wire, attach the power cable for your light fixture. You can find the cable just below or next to it.

Make sure that you attach the power wire to the receptacle in a permanent manner. It’s so that you may remove them easily in case of any damage for future use.

Step 6: Attach Power Wire to Bracket

Next, connect the power wire from your electrical supply to the light fixture’s power cord. You must use a wire connector for this step. It’s so that you can remove them easily if necessary.

Step 7: Mount Power Cord to Ceiling

This one is much like the previous step. Attach your light fixture power cord directly below the mounting bracket of your cordless drill. 

As in the previous step, you have to use a wire connector. This is done so that you can remove them easily if there is a problem in the future.

Step 8: Thread Electrical Supply Through Hole in Ceiling

It is now time to thread your electrical supply through the hole in the ceiling.  It’s a very easy thing to do. You just need to pull out the electrical supply. Then secure the end of it with a wire connector. And then pull it through the hole in your ceiling.

Step 9: Secure Cordless Drill to Ceiling Mount

It is time for you to attach your cordless drill to its ceiling mount. You just need to attach a single screw to the bottom of your cordless drill. It’s for it to stay securely mounted on your ceiling mount.

Step 9: Attach Light Fixture to Ceiling

Next, attach your light fixture to the mount of your cordless drill. Mount the light fixture onto your ceiling via a bracket. Then, mount the light fixture onto its ceiling mount. Do this by connecting its power cord to the wire connector.g

Tools required: Wire Connector

Step 10: Attach Cordless Drill to Ceiling Bracket

The last step is to connect the cordless drill’s ceiling bracket securely into place. You just need to attach a single screw to the bottom of your cordless drill. It’s for it to stay securely mounted on your ceiling mount.

Then finally attach the light fixture power cord directly below the mounting bracket of your cordless drill. 

Tools required: Multi-Fit Screwdriver

How to Reinstall Pot Lights: 6 Steps

If you already have a pot light installed, it will be much easier for you. Just start with removing the old light and see what steps I’ve noted down.

Step 1: Removing Old Pot Lights 

If you still have your pot lights in place, then removing them will require a little bit of effort. You’ll need to use a flat screwdriver to remove the screws, and then pull them up carefully. Remember to turn off your power source!

Step 2: Prepare New Pot Lights Installation 

Disassemble the new pot lights from the compact packaging and remove all the protective guards from all sockets. Then screw them firmly into the ceiling.

Step 3: Connecting Lights

Next, connect the wires of your new pot lights to the existing electrical wiring of your house. Use wire connectors and turn on the power to check if everything works.

Step 4: Installation Of Canopy

The installation of canopies is slightly different for various types of lights. If you need help then watch this video on youtube. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, then call an electrician who will do it for you at a minimal fee.

Step 5: Installing New Pot Lights

Now it’s time to install the new lights. Make sure that the base of the bulb is pointing straight down (or at 45 degrees). It’s so that it can be held in place by gravity alone. This will make it easier when you attach the wires coming out of each socket.

Note: The manufacturer suggests using two people for installation. But I was able to complete this project with just one person.

Step 6: Connecting Wiring Between Ceiling Junction Box and Neutral Switch Boxes (If Required) 

Is your new pot lights on a separate circuit from the old ones? Then you’ll need to connect the new wire to the existing ceiling junction box. And also possibly to a neutral switch box. This is a very basic wiring connection and you can do it yourself. You can also set up a pole switch on the same light fixture.

Tips for Installing Pot Lights in Living Room Ceiling

Here are some tips that will help you while installing pot lights in your living room ceiling-

Drill with an Adjustable Guard

If you have pets, it is recommended that you get a cordless drill with an adjustable guard. They like to chew on these cords and can cause damage.

Fix the Cord

It’s a must if you don’t want to accidentally break the cord. Make sure you fix it well. You can wrap a rubber band around it and fasten it to your furniture

Tie It to Appropriate Hardware

Your cord should be attached to some hard wearing brackets. For instance, you can use staples or nails as they are sturdy. You will also want to make sure that they are not directly under the hanging lights.

Measure before you cut! Or think of how much space there is between your ceiling and the outlet in your wall.


Can the present ceiling be altered with pot lights?

Yes, it is possible to incorporate pot lights into existing ceilings. Although they are the simplest to install when starting from scratch. However, remodeling won’t be a tough undertaking if you intend to do it.

What distinguishes recessed lights from pot lights?

Pot lights may give a property a neat, modern appearance. Recessed lighting may provide complete illumination in the basement. They are also an excellent way to utilize the floor space that my lights would typically occupy.

Are pot lights becoming outdated?

There will always be a place for pot lighting. Many individuals prioritize having aesthetically pleasing lighting in their homes. But as time passes, the sizes and finishes will shift and vary.

Winding Up

I hope now you know how to install pot lights in the living room ceiling.  However, before you decide to go for it, analyze if it goes with your room design. And also the wall color.

Till then, all the best!