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How To Install Towel Bar On Glass Shower Door? [Step-by-step Instruction]

To place a bar on the glass sounds intimidating. But having one might come in handy. Many people avoid this thinking it to be a hassle. 

How to install a towel bar on the glass shower door?

Start off by positioning each holder. Peel the backing and press them into the place. Then, you have to apply steady pressure when pressing to ensure a steady grip. After that, look for air bubbles and smooth them out. Lastly, you have to place the brackets and then slide them down into place.

Are you still confused? Well, fret not! We have a whole article to guide you through and through with easy steps to follow.

Stay tuned and keep reading for more!

Installing A Towel Bar On Glass Shower Door: 5 Steps To Follow

The towel bar is a fantastic addition to the bathroom. It’s convenient, useful, and aesthetically pleasing. The fun part is, it doesn’t need the genius to install. You can just do it yourself with little help. A few tools are also required.

Tools needed

Before starting, make sure you have them all-

  • Towel bar (of course)
  • Cleaner
  • Cloth

Very small list, but very important to finish the action.

Step 1: Selecting a special site

To choose a proper placement of anything in the bathroom is necessary. Be it for installing a towel bar on the shower door or removing the shower riser rail, placement is necessary.

Now, imagine going through all the hassle but ending up not being able to use them properly for misplacement. To avoid such incidents, we first have to make sure its placement is accessible but not complicated. So, you don’t face difficulties while opening the door. 

Also, you have to make sure the selected area is clean. Then, find out the location of the certain brackets making the template that was included with it. 

Step 2: Positioning each holder

For this step, we have to peel the backing from the towel bar and press them to its place. For those who don’t know, the backing is a sticky patch, used to glue things on any surface. 

It is important to make sure the backing sticks properly. Or you will lose sleep thinking about how to get the towel bar attached when it falls off constantly.

To be remembered, you have to do this twice for these bars. Because these bars use two supports for each radical.

Step 3: Ensuring optimum grip

Now, you have to apply even pressure when pressing the bars. During this time, smooth out any air bubbles. Use your finger to position them to the outer edge.

Air bubbles equal weak towel bars and hence lose the project. We don’t want that now do we? So to ensure zero bubbles in the stickies you can also use microfiber cloths. It will increase friction and reduce unwanted bubbles.

Here are some of our favorite brands to choose from:

Product 1
Product 2

Step 4: Removing any remaining air

Any kind of air in the bracket might cause damage to the glass door. As sensitive as it is, we need to make sure it is never in such a state.

So, to attach the bar, you simply have to place it on the brackets. After that slide it down into place.

But, if you ever have to remove or reposition the bar, all you have to do is to slide it right up and move it out of the holders.

Step 5: Putting pressure equally from all directions 

As we know, a towel bar is used to hold towels both wet and dry. Now wet towels are heavier hence may demand a stronger bar. Even with equal distribution of weight, sometimes the towel bar might not support the towel.

It is because, during the placement of the bar, there was a difference in pressure. So, start with the edges. Press them hard as they hold the backings. Then in the center to even out the pressure one last time.

But hey, don’t press it too hard. Because now you’ll be stressing about how to remove stains from fiberglass doors. So, be gentle and things will work out for you.


We have blabbered enough on how to install a towel bar. But, there are some external factors or precautions that you need to take into consideration even before that. They are:

  • To make sure the door is made of fiberglass. Neither tiles nor stone could be used instead.  For that, a different route has to be followed.
  • To make sure the quality of the towel bar is good enough to hold wet towels.
  • To make sure the area stays moisture-free and dry. For this, make sure the showerhead is far from the wall where the towel bar is installed. Or else, you will have wet towels and damaged walls.


Question: Can I use window film on shower doors?

Answer: Of course. In fact, using frostbite frosted window film is a unique way to bring your glass shower door seclusion.

Question: Do I have to drill a hole in the glass to install a towel bar?

Answer: No you don’t. There are various ways of installing a towel bar that is safer and better.

Question: How high should the towel bar on a shower door be?

Answer: Typically, standard towel bars are 42-48 inches above the floor. But go ahead and put it according to your convenient height.


We really hope this article helped you. Now maybe you will be the first one to get a call if someone needs advice on how to install a towel bar on the glass shower door.

But if it doesn’t help, don’t lose heart. For once not everyone will know everything and that’s ok. Contact professionals for further queries. 

Other than that, I hope you learned something valuable. 

Until next time!