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Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring Around Bathroom Toilet Bowl [Become A Pro!]

A toilet can be fixed and made new by taking some simple actions into account.

You can definitely do the job by yourself when you are focused enough.

The art of installing vinyl plank flooring around the bathroom toilet bowl is easy. 

The first step involves checking for any cracks while also cleaning the toilet area. By placing cardboard onto the drainage, you will be doing some measurements. This will make the cutting process easier by ensuring perfection. Placing the new woods by bonding it will not be a big deal. 

I ask you to be patient and have enough time to complete the process precisely. You should be a happy man by the end of it. 

Easy Guide To Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring

Knowing how to install vinyl plank flooring around the bathroom toilet bowl is easy. This means you have to install a whole set of new plank wood onto the surface. You also have to do some work by cutting out the round toilet bowl area. 

The process of installing vinyl plank flooring around the toilet involves a handful of tools. I will list the tools at the end of this article in a table. 

As a beginner, the bathroom vinyl flooring installation will take some for you to adjust. By following a 5 step process, you can thoroughly make out what to do. 

Without stretching further, let me dive into the following steps. 

Step 1: Check For Any Cracks In The Drainage

The first thing to do is to remove the toilet bowl. You can do that easily by removing the tank first. Then you will remove the screws on either side of the gasket. 

These sides attach to the toilet bowl. When they are loosened, remove the plug that connects the tank. When the tank is off, you can simply take out the toilet bowl. 

After the removal, check for any cracks in the drainage. If there are cracks, use the dap caulking to seal around the circular drainage area. 

You can ask if you have to remove the toilet to install vinyl flooring. This is to avoid any hassles. However, you really have to remove the bowl in order for the plank to fit in. 

Make sure you clean the area. This is before the application of caulking around the bottom toilet area. When the floor is clean and smooth, applying bonding adhesives would be much easier.

After the sealing is done, take off the rubber gasket. When the area is cleaned properly, the gasket removal would be easy. Make sure you clean the rubber as well and set it aside for now. 

Step 2: Place A Cardboard On Top Of The Drainage

Take a scrap piece of cardboard with two holes parallel to each side. Measure the size of the circular bowl area that is fixed with screws. Place the cardboard on top of the drainage, inserting the screw inside the two holes. 

Use a mallet to tap onto the cardboard, to let it fit in. When you take out the cardboard, you will see a nice circular mark there. Since you have a template, mark it top and bottom using a marker.

In this scene, you have the right measurement for a circular cut of the cardboard. This will help you to find which direction to lay vinyl plank flooring in the bathroom.

Do a circular cut according to the right measurement of the round drainage area. Place the circular cardboard again through the screws onto the drainage. 

Make sure the cardboard is not moving around. By now you know how to seal vinyl plank flooring in a bathroom. In this context, ensuring that the cardboard doesn’t destroy the seal is needed.

It probably won’t if you have the measurement right. The next step involves going to greater heights in measuring the floor area. 

Step 3: Measure The Flooring That Is Needed To Be Installed

You have to install around 4 to 5 pieces of plank wood in the area. The plank woods around the drainage should be cut accordingly. This is to make the woods fit in with each other. 

In order to do that, a lot of measurements are needed all around the area. This is to ensure that the round drainage area is fully covered. 

Understanding how to cut vinyl flooring around the toilet would do the job. You can definitely work like a pro in this DIY scenario. 

Measure the flooring that you need to install, before placing the new plank wood. Take out the measured vinyl flooring. 

At this point, you will be fixed with a question. This is how to fit in the new plank wood around the drainage.

Make sure that the new plank wood is fitting nice and straight. You have to place it on one end and push it against the drainage. This is on the other end where you will have to make a half circular cut. Before that, take a marker to mark different ends around the plank wood and the cardboard.

Mark around the middle of the wood alongside the cardboard. This is to make a perfect alignment for a smooth and perfect cut. 

Step 4: Cut The New Woods According To The Measurement

Right after the completion of marking and measurements, you should be ready for the cut. Make sure that the measurement is nicely aligned to the template. As you have marked the half moon circle, you will have to start cutting from there. 

You should be good with installing vinyl plank flooring around the vanity. This is when you are working on the steps. It will make you a pro to work perfectly around the toilet area. 

Some other day, you would be equipped with replacing the toilet wax seal scenario. You can do that here before making any new plank wood adjustments. This is where you will know how to seal vinyl plank flooring in a bathroom

Take a jigsaw to cut down the marked areas. The marked areas should be half-circular at a perfect distance. This is between the wood and the template of the round drainage. 

You can nicely fit in the cut wood right over the drainage. 

Step 5: Fit The Plank Woods Around The Toilet Bowl With Adhesive Bonds

By now you have understood how to cut vinyl plank flooring around the toilet. As the wood is adjusted to the drainage, remove the cardboard. Working with the template is done for now.

You will require another piece of wood to fit on the other side of the drainage. The process outlined in the previous steps should be performed here again. Place the vinyl flooring all around the drainage area.

In this process, you have to use a strong glue that ensures strong bondage. The idea of sticking vinyl flooring on toilets should be explored effectively. You may also have the option of fitting laminate flooring around the toilet bowl

You also take another two pieces of wood to cut into half. You will be making circular cuts on the left and right sides. You will be fitting them accordingly on the left and right sides of the drainage.

You should be applying glue to the stick or bonding the adhesive. You will see good results when applied on the back of all woods. 

You should be done for now!

Tools That You Need Before Installment

The whole idea of plank flooring around the bathroom bowl is time-consuming. However, it can be perfectly done with a proper approach. Using the right tools is mandatory here. 

Here is a recommendation table listing all the things you need:

Vinyl Flooring Installation KitRoberts 10-43 Installation Kit
Craftsman Box KnifePush button blade change features
Black+Decker Jig SawHigh-performance electric jig saw
Rexbeti Laminate Wood Flooring Installation KitIdeal tool for faster installation

Make sure you acquire these products, before taking attempts on the flooring. The best tools would help your work to be more efficient. 


Why is it important to remove the toilet bowl for the flooring?

It is important to remove the toilet bowl to make the wood fit perfectly. A different approach has to be taken without the removal of the toilet bowl. This is a more hassle-oriented process and is not recommended. 

How does the flooring process go under the toilet flange?

You should make sure that the bottom part of the flange is parallel to the drainage. This will make the vinyl plank fit perfectly around the system. Usually, the flange sits on top of the tile. 

What is the procedure to follow where the toilet is installed with wax rings?

The process is similar to the first step suggested in this article. You have to remove the wax rings and clean them alongside the area. Re-installing it will be easier after the flooring is done.


You can be a pro through installing vinyl plank flooring around the bathroom toilet bowl. Hope this article has helped you to find some success. 

Let us know if you have followed our instructions when installing the plank flooring! Wishing you all the best.

Bye for now!