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Installing And Wiring Outdoor Light Fixtures [The Best Installation Ideas!]

You probably have been wondering about it for a long time.

Installing the perfect lighting system outside your garage is not difficult.

Mainly to impress people around you!

Sufficient insights on installing and wiring outdoor light fixtures are needed here.

The process starts by turning the main power switch off to be safe and secure. You will connect the wires and install the junction boxes in the next two steps. Installing the light fixtures is also necessary after that. Test your project’s success by turning back the power.

Keep reading this article to see how successfully you can do the job. I have a feeling you are going to love the ideas presented in this article.

Easy Ways To Install And Wire Outdoor Light Fixtures

The process of installing outdoor lighting is exciting. You must have acquired a pair of elegant, modern-looking light fixtures. After the instalment, the light on an evening day would look fantastic!

Knowing how to install and wire outdoor light fixtures is an excellent deal. A 5 step process has been broken down to make things easy for you.

You only need a day off to complete the process within a few hours. It is also important to note that you can take the help of any certified electrician. This is to do the job in confidence and with excellent care.

Step 1: Turn Off The Main Power Switch

As you work with electric components, you must take safety measures. A pair of gloves should be your best friend to do the job. Having eye-wear glasses is also an option for you to ensure the best safety measures.

As I have broken down a few simple steps for you. Be aware that you first have to initiate outdoor wiring lights in series. Adding an electrical outlet in the house would empower the association of the process.

Before working with any electricity inside your home, you must turn off the main power switch. Locate the circuit breaker to turn the main power.

This must be a 20 amp system. For this, you will need the 12/2 100 feet cable.

Step 2: Connect The Wires

The process will teach you how to wire outdoor lights to a switch. In this step, locate the main switch to connect the wires. This will be done by feeding the wires through the holes inside the drywall.

Locate the attic inside to let the big cable run through the inner compartments. This is to make the wires connect with the cables. These are coming through the main switch.

Knowing how to install junction boxes for exterior light fixtures is vital in this context. The wires would connect the junction boxes for the power outlet to distribute electricity.

In general, you can ask what the 12/2 cable does for you.

The 12/2 cable would allow you to bring out the ground, neutral and hot wires. This will connect the light fixtures’ ground, neutral, and hotlines. This will further help to spread the cable to connect the main power outlets. Combining the three lines would help you light up the light fixture.

To make the cable spread through, connect them by hammering staples. This will prevent the wires from falling and spreading unevenly. This is on the wooden surface inside of the attic.

Step 3: Install The Junction Boxes

You will be installing two junction boxes on the exterior of the wall. Make sure that the cables have come out through the inside holes.

This is precisely where you will be installing the junction boxes. For this, you will know how to install outdoor light fixtures on brick.

You will also install a junction inside the attic where the cables are spreading. The process involves connecting light fixtures to a switch of the main outlet. You need to join the wires from the main electric outlet.

You will be feeding the cables through the holes of the junction boxes. The white and black wires will connect the hot and neutral lines.

Also, you will be connecting the ground to the ground lines. You can make the connection by taping the wires accordingly.

After you are done, it is time to move on to the next step.

Step 4: Install The Light Fixtures

After working on the first three steps, the cables should come out of the main wall. This is through the holes of the exterior. This is where you will fix the junction boxes to install the light fixtures.

Wiring an outside light with a sensor will be explored here. However, you probably won’t need it to save time, effort, and cost. This is to ascertain how to install outside garage lights with no previous holes.

Locate the exterior surface to drill through the area; by doing that, you will connect the junction boxes that will fix the lighting.

The lighting system should be perfectly installed with proper screwing. You have to ensure the light switch and outlet have the same circuit. Make sure you seal the junction boxes with some caulking.

The sealed caulking needs to be made waterproof. Otherwise, there can be sparks.

In the process, the 12/2 cable would come out through the little hole in the box. It would help if you let the ground, hot and neutral lines come out.

The use of pliers and wrenches is beneficial here. This is to cut the wires to make them sharp. The exposed sharp ends of the wires would connect to the wires of the light fixtures.

Wiring an outside light to a plug is easier than you think. The back area of the light fixture should be detached now. This is to let the wires come out.

By connecting the three wires’ lines, you will seal the light. This is to attach the light fixtures to the junction box. On the inside, the wires are connected in the same method.

Step 5: Turn On Back The Main Power Switch

At the end of it all, you have to make some screwing of the light. This is into the wall. Make sure the screw is deep and robust.

After you are done, it is time to go to the main power switch.

You will be turning it back on! The simple step of how to install outdoor wall lighting is going to do the job. You will see how it works by turning on the main light fixture switch.

The new lighting system will reflect an elegant presence on the house exterior. Your neighbors would love it as well! Improving the LED light fixtures can assist you with durability-ensured instalments. 

Make sure you invest in cleaning the whole area regularly. You will love how the lighting makes the entire place look so beautiful.

With the help of the right products, you will make your work successful. You will be safely satisfied after completing the project by making the right purchases.

Here is a table that attempts to feature some valuable products:

LPINYE LED Outside Wall LightingBeautifully designed LED light product
Romex 12/2 Indoor Wiring100 feet NM-B durable cable
DEWALT Impact Driver KitCompact, lightweight easy to use product
Junction Box RoundRound old work electrical box
Junction Box SquareSquare box for the correct voltage

These products are better reviewed and work fine in the durability department.


Should I ground the outdoor light fixtures?

Yes, it is essential to ground the outdoor light fixtures. Earthing the light fixtures will prevent the system from having short-circuiting issues.

How do I test the light fixture before installing it?

First, turn off the main switch and remove the power outlet. You would do the same with the wires at the back end of the light fixture. As the wires will be coming out, use a screwdriver tester to test the power distribution.

How do I understand the voltage of the lighting fixture?

You have to set up a voltmeter to read the voltage reading. You are going to do that by removing the electric outlet. You will place the voltmeter in the area that connects the light fixture.


There you have it! I hope you find success with the installation process after reading this article. The process involving installing and wiring outdoor light fixtures is explained sufficiently.

I wish you all the best in your journey. Leave a comment below if you have any questions for us.

Bye for now!