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How to Jack Up Zero Turn Mower: Simplified

If you are a zero-turn lawn mower owner, you certainly enjoy a lot of perks from using it. It is large and can turn a full circle without any sort of radius. But as it has the blades set up at the front of the mower, replacing the blades seems like a nightmare.

How to jack up a zero turn mower?

To jack up a zero-turn mower, you need to park it somewhere and raise the deck to the highest possible setting. Then place a jack as near to the middle as possible and slowly raise it. You should leave a piece of cardboard in the middle of the jack and the mower to avoid scratches.

Did you enjoy the overview? If you are interested in reading more about it we have an exciting segment just for you. We will be discussing different types of jacks and give a detailed guide about jacking up your mower.

Jack Up Your Zero-turn Mower

It is tough to do a regular maintenance check on a zero-turn mower due to its large size and weight. It is almost unimaginable to change the blades of the mower without jacking it up first. That is why knowing how to jack this puppy up is important.

There can be different methods of jacking up a mower. None of which is necessarily bad. Here is our detailed step-by-step guide on this particular topic –

Step 1: Park the Mower

First, you need to park the mower and turn it off. To park it, choose a place where the surface is flat. While setting up the jack, a flat surface will be very crucial. Also, when the mower is lifted up it may tip over if the surface isn’t even.

You must turn the mower off as well. Please refrain from keeping the key engaged in the mower. Take it off completely and set the parking brakes properly. This small stuff can help to avoid big accidents.

If you have ever conducted a safety switch bypass on your mower. Make sure that it is set back to normal and the mower has no power.

Step 2: Lift Up the Mower Deck

After parking the mower safely, now you need to raise the deck of the mower to its highest possible position. There is a deck lift lever in the mower that can be utilized to lift up the deck.

This step will be absolutely instrumental as the jack will need to be placed deep within the mower. It is necessary to raise the mower deck as high as possible. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to set up the jack.

If you have an electric zero turn mower, you should test its battery charger from time to time.

Step 3: Place and Raise the Jack

To lift up the mower, the jack is to be placed almost at the center of the mower frame. The closer to the center it will be, the better it will lift up and stay steady. Place the jack accordingly and slowly start raising the jack-up.

Raise the jack-up slowly until the mower gets about 2 feet elevated from the ground. It will give you enough space to move stuff under it. Now, you should slip one jack to each side of the mower deck and then slowly lower the jack.

Lower the jack until you feel that the mower has been securely and firmly placed on the jack. That eliminates the chances of it falling down. One pro tip in this step would be not to use any car jack to lift up the mower. It’s not the perfect tool and may cause damage to the mower.

Step 4: Carefully Handle the Mower

As mentioned earlier, the mower is quite big and heavy. All the steps need to be brought out very carefully. Ensure your safety, your helper’s safety, as well as avoid causing any damage to the mower by distracted acts.

Now, the mower is perfectly positioned to conduct maintenance activity. You can easily replace the blades now and bring out any necessary changes required for the superior performance of the mower. Who doesn’t enjoy a good zero-turn mower!

Pro Tip: Through this entire process the lawn mower must be placed on level ground. If it is jacked up on an uneven surface, the jacks will remain unstable and the mower can fall at any second.

Types of Jacks That You Can Utilize

At this age of technology, many people still are using an outdated method to lift up their mower. Using cylinder blocks or concrete to lift up a zero-turn lawn mower can be deemed very primitive and it damages the mower as well.

We always recommend you to use gadgets that are designed to fit a mower perfectly. Without the use of the right tools, it is difficult to expect smooth work. You must use jacks that are suitable for a zero-turn lawn mower. 

We have identified three types of jacks that are quite good in terms of handling lawnmowers. These are:

Hydraulic Lift Jack

These jacks are one of the most stable and controllable jacks out there on the market. You can lift or lower it by pressing the paddle that comes with it. It ensures smooth and sturdy operation.

If your zero turn mower has 

Pneumatic Lift Jack

Powered by air compressors, these types of jacks are extremely easy and hassle-free to operate. It has powerlifting options, so you don’t need to invest much of your energy to jack up your mower.

Drill-Turned Lift Jack

To utilize this lift jack, you need to own a drill. It takes the power from the drill and uses that to lift the lawnmower up. You can also use a lever with this tool without any issues.

Here are some of the recommended lift jacks that we high rate:

Product 1
Product 2


Question: Does weight have anything to do with jacking up a mower?

Answer: Definitely. You should always use a jack that has a lifting capability of at least half of your mower’s total weight. Anything lower than that is a bit worrying.

Question: Is Scissor-Action Lift good for jacking up a mower?

Answer: Scissor-Action Lift has lower lifting capacity. That makes this lift jack a bad option for jacking up a lawnmower. Always use jacks that have high lifting capacity.

Question: Can I use car jacks to lift my mower?

Answer: You can but it is not recommended. Car jacks are not the right tool to be using on a lawnmower. There are dedicated jacks for zero-turn mowers that work superb.


Thanks for reading up to this point. We hope this article was helpful and contained information that made you understand how to jack up zero turn mowers. If you still have a problem, call a professional to help you with this.

Happy days!