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8 Ways on How to Keep Birds off the Deck Railings

Birds are wonderful, but that doesn’t mean you want them to make your deck their favorite place. In a matter of minutes, a flock of birds can spoil your deck.

How to keep birds off the deck railing?

To get rid of this problem you can keep feeders away from the deck, maintain your hedges. You can also use pinwheels or mirrors alternatively. Similarly, you can also use fake birds,  sprinkler systems, fishing lines, and bird repellents. These ideas will help you to sort out the problem.

To know more, let’s get started!

What’s With Your Deck That Draws Birds?

Birds flock together for a variety of reasons. They won’t come alone if they decide to hang out on your deck. Your new feathered companions may be drawn to your outside space. Because you have placed items there.

There are some of these changes that are more obvious than others. Here are some of the things that could be making the problem worse.

The water features: You may have put them up for decoration at first, but a bird will see it as its new favorite place to bathe.

Feeders: Feeders also attract birds to push up the problem.

Vegetation: Birds like to build nests in large shrubs. If your deck is surrounded by vegetation, it could be making the problem worse.

It’s difficult to say why birds seem to enjoy your deck so much! It is time-consuming power washing your deck when they visit!

The following are some of the best ways to keep birds away from the property.

Bird-proofing Your Deck in 8 Easy Steps

It’s possible to utilize the following methods to maintain your deck free of bird waste. As a result, they are both valuable and easy to use.

1. Keep Feeders Away From the Deck If You Have Them

Your feeders can be a great distraction as well. Birds may be deterred from nestling on the deck when they are situated away from it.

2. Maintain Your Hedges

Overgrown hedges and shrubs are ideal for birds. Because they provide excellent nesting sites. If your garden isn’t in good shape and you don’t propagate it decoratively, you effectively invite birds to live there.

3. Use Pinwheels or Hanging Mirrors

Fast-moving colors and light do not appeal to birds. Hanging mirrors or pinwheels are effective at keeping birds away. This is primarily due to two factors:

  1. Birds will be more likely to avoid your garden if the flickers of light and color are viewed as a threat.
  2. If they see themselves in the mirror, they may be afraid of it and will not land.

4. Get Fake Birds

A plastic predator decoration, like a scarecrow, can fool birds into staying away from crops. It’s a two-for-one deal!. Decorations can be added as showpieces and also can solve your bird problems.

5. Place a Sprinkler System with Motion Detection.

Motion automated sprinklers are a handy option. Keep the birds away while also keeping your garden hydrated.

Birds may enjoy the water, but only on their terms. When the sprinklers turn on, the birds get afraid and fly away. This solves the problem.

6. Using Bird Repellent

You can use commercial bird repellent. They are formulated in gel and spray both. for gel repellent, apply it on the border of the railing in a zigzag motion. for spray repellent, spray the repellent on the surface of the deck and railing.

Don’t worry about the damage to the surface. Because most of them are non-toxic and harmless. 

To help you, we tried mentioning some bird repellent- 

Product 1
Product 2

Use the bird repellent properly. Keep checking if there is any breakage in the nozzle or there will be a lack of required tension.

7. Use Fishing Line Trick

For this, tie a fishing line on railing posts, in your patio or garden. Tie them about one or two inches above the rail. 

Tightly tie them to stop the birds from coming.

This will not only prevent the birds but will also work as a fairy lights hanger. decorate the fishing lines with a few showpieces and fairy lights.It will give your deck a magical look.

8. Decorate Your Water Feature Away From the Deck

Fountains can be a beautiful addition to a garden. But they also serve as an open invitation to a wide variety of birds.

If a bird has access to water, he or she will drink from it or take a bath in it. They don’t care if you don’t have a specific birdbath; as long as there’s water in it, they’ll be happy. To get their attention, try relocating your fountains away from your deck if you’re tied to them.


Question: How do I stop birds from pooping on my deck?

Answer: To deter birds from pooping on your patio or deck, use shiny, moving objects. Hang wind chimes, mirrors, old CDs, fairy lights. Birds will be frightened as they blow in the wind.

Question: Which spray will keep birds away?

Answer: You can make several types of bird repellent sprays at home. Use a mixture of vinegar, chili peppers, and water. Mix all the crushed dried red peppers, water, and vinegar together and make this spray.

Question: Do wind chimes scare birds away?

Answer: Yes they do work to keep birds away. birds are afraid of the noises chimes make and they stay away.


That’s everything we had regarding how to keep birds off deck railing

Bird repellents can also be used in porches and garden furniture. If troubleshooting fails to resolve the issue, contact a professional.

Good luck with fixing the problem!