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How to Keep Copper from Oxidizing: 7 Efficient Hacks

Who doesn’t love the peachy bright metallic shine of copper? From jewelry to home decor, it’s a quite popular choice among people. People also use them in pipes, stairs and railings.

But we know it’s so disappointing when the glow fades away due to oxidation. And obviously it’s not looking the same as before.

How to keep copper from oxidizing?

Well, there are several ways to keep copper from oxidizing. Like, such as coating with lacquer, waxing and greasing the material. We can also use anti-tarnishing coating products on the copper items. But some of them make copper dull. So, it’s better not to use them on expensive copper items.

That’s a quick overview. I’m assuming you have a whole lot of questions.

What’re you waiting for? Let’s get in!

Why Does Copper Oxidize?

Oxidation of copper is nothing but a chemical reaction. It happens when copper comes in contact with oxygen. 

Oxygen can be present in the form of water or moisture in the air. High humidity makes the process faster.

Because of oxidation, a bluish-green outer layer appears on the surface. This outer layer protects the copper from further deterioration.

Though it protects copper, it also takes away the shine from copper. This is why we should learn how to stop copper from oxidizing.

By preventing the oxidation process, the copper will glow forever. That’s the secret of how to keep copper shiny.

Now let’s discover how you should save copper from oxidizing. 

Protect Copper From Oxidizing: 7 Effective Hacks!

If you wish to know how to prevent copper from oxidizing, then you’re at the perfect place. Because we’ve explained all the necessary directions for you below in the article.

Here we go:

Hack 1 of 7: Greasing

Greasing is a very good option for preventing oxidation. Grease like oil, vaseline, etc is also handy. They are cheap too.

The coating of grease helps to develop an airtight seal on the copper’s surface. That layer also blocks all the air and elements which enable oxidation. So, grease can help you a lot in preventing oxidation. 

But greasing on your favorite antique copper item can damage their beauty. So it’s not a better pick for them.

They are good for your copper fittings like pipes as people can’t see them. Grease’s best remedy if you want to know how to keep copper pipes from oxidizing.

Do you know connecting PVC with copper drain pipes will make them clogged-free? 

Hack 2 of 7: Sealing With Wax 

Wax is also a promising sealer to avoid oxidation.  A good quantity of wax will stop copper from turning green. You need to apply them every month.

You can try honeycomb wax on copper stairs, blocks, and other building materials. It’ll prevent oxidation. 

Car wax is also popular. It’ll help to save your copper jewelry from tarnishing.

Do you want to know how to protect copper jewelry from oxidizing? Then Renaissance Wax is the solution. It’s a must-have product for you.

Paraffin wax is not for avoiding oxidation, but paraffin wax has other benefits too.

Hack 3 of 7: Anti-Tarnishing Coating

There are many anti-tarnishing coatings available in the market. Many of them are cheap. You can use them at home with a guideline provided by them.

The best advantage of them is that they don’t reduce the glow of copper. And you can use them on anything. 

From copper jewelry, pennies, decor items to stairs and pipes, you can use them on anything. For this, they’re very popular.

You can get your anti-tarnishing from these recommended products below:

Product 1
Product 2 
Product 3

These products are very effective to stop tarnishing in copper. You can test them by using small copper items like pennies. 

Well, if you stick oxidation-free pennies to wood, they’ll give an antique look to your furniture.

Hack 4 of 7: Anti Tarnishing Lacquer

Lacquer is very acceptable to many people as an anti-tarnishing sealer. A thin coat of lacquer will help your jewelry and decor items avoid oxidation.

Some lacquer will make your copper items less shiny. Then you need to re-polish them. That’s why many people use transparent lacquer. They’ll stop discoloration by sealing the surface from the atmosphere.

Many jewelers love to use them as they also last longer. Now you know the rare secret of how to keep copper jewelry from oxidizing.

You need to apply two coats of lacquer with a brush. After the first application, wait for a little to dry it. They’re also available in a spray can.

Hack 5 of 7: Cleaning Regularly

Do you know cleaning is also a part of preventing oxidation? Yes, cleaning and polishing can help you to prevent oxidation.

You need to clean at a fixed time gap. By this, the surface is away from the elements of oxidation for a good duration. This delays the oxidation process.

Hack 6 of 7: Coating With Linseed Oil

Though it’s not so popular, linseed oil also helps in preventing the oxidation of copper items. 

Linseed oil is best if you wish to know how to keep copper from tarnishing naturally. They’re good for outdoor items.

You need to coat the copper surface with linseed oil with a soft cloth. Apply a thin coat. Then polish the surface until it shines.

Hack 7 of 7: Preserving in A Vacuum Environment

The main reason for oxidation is oxygen which is available in the air. So to prevent oxidation, you can conserve your favorite copper items in a vacuum or air-tight box.

Though it’s not valid for every copper item, it’s possible for small ones like jewelry, coins, etc.

Here we’ve told you all the hacks of how to stop copper from oxidizing. Depending on the item you like to protect, you can choose your favorite solution. 

Expert Tip: Coating with clear nail polish can also prevent oxidation. Clear Nail Polish is a good choice if your query is how to keep a copper ring from oxidizing

Be careful while using it because you may drop it on the floor. Because getting your nail polish off from the tile floor can be very tricky.


Question: What does Patina mean?

Answer: For the oxidation of copper, you can see a bluish-green layer on the surface of copper. People call this layer Patina.

Question: How do you make copper turn green?

Answer: White vinegar and salt can help you in this. If you soak copper items in them, copper will turn green.

Question: How long does it take to oxidize copper?

Answer: It can vary from days to months. It depends on the atmosphere. If the factors of oxidation are adequate, it’ll be faster.


I hope that you don’t have to struggle anymore worrying about how to keep copper from oxidizing. Our 7 step simple guide will give you all the information you need.

Though the steps are good in preventing oxidation, try to use them monthly. It’ll be a problem if you miss any of them. 

That’s all my friend. If you encounter any kind of trouble while trying them, let’s know in the comment box.

Until next time, have a great day!