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How to Keep Gnats Off Window Screens [5 Solutions]

I understand how disturbing it is when gnats keep coming through window screens.

It gets difficult to sit comfortably at home as these insects keep pestering you.

How to keep gnats off window screens?

You have to remove the wet mulch piles that are near your window. You can also place apple cider vinegar. It will work like a trap. There’s the red wine trap as well. You can use insect repellant spray on window screens. Besides, you can turn off the lights of the yard or the front porch.

I have skipped the details here. But no worries. Because I have described everything in my article. 

So, read along if you wish to know more!

What Are Gnats Attracted Towards?

It is imperative that you know what gnats are attracted towards. That would make the reasoning behind the solution I’ll offer much clearer.

Typically, moisture and sweet smells are attractive to gnats. Flowers, fruit trees, vegetable gardens are excellent sources of food and water for them.

So, gnats tend to gather around homes with flowers and trees. Also, gardens that are watered too much create the perfect moist environment. That’s why gnats come to your gardens.

Also, did you know possums might also wander in your garden? In that case, you might want to know how to scare away possums.

Plus, fungus and mold grow in flower beds that are overly moist. Actually, these are food sources for some gnats. 

Vinegar, honey, vegetables, fruits are sometimes left out in the air inside homes. Gnats may be attracted to these.

You now understand what attracts gnats. Next, let’s see how to keep them away from window screens. 

How to Keep Gnats Off Window Screens?

Gnats can get inside your home even if you carefully open doors and windows. It’s because of the small openings in the net. 

Gnats can squeeze through the holes as the size is correct for them.    

Now I’ll show you how to keep gnats off from your window frames in five different methods. I can vouch for them because I’ve tried them.

Solution 1: Remove Wet Mulch Piles

Wet mulch can accumulate around the window sometimes. It can lure gnats to your place.

Actually, gnats will be attracted to anything that holds water around your windows. Just like you see cockroaches in the microwave, gnats can also enter your home. 

So, you need to remove the wet mulch piles very quickly.

The wet mulch heaps can also be turned. It will allow them to dry faster. As a result, gnats will stay away.

Solution 2: Place Apple Cider Vinegar

Fill a small cup halfway with apple cider vinegar.Now, place that near your window. This can also help to keep away the insects.

This vinegar has a sweet smell. That smell will attract gnats. But this vinegar is also extremely acidic. The gnats will be killed instantly if they sit in the vinegar.

Solution 3: Make Red Wine Trap

This solution is also effective. Start with pouring red wine into a container. Then cover the container with plastic wrap.

Make a few slits inside the container next.As a result, the red wine’s smell will come out. This will draw the gnats towards the container. 

They will become trapped and drown in red wine.

Solution 4: Use Insect Repellent Spray

You can use insect repellent spray on the screen of your window. Make it a habit to do it at least once a day. This will deter gnats from landing on your window screens.

Do you live in a humid climate? If that’s the case, you’ll need to spray twice. First, do it in the morning. Then do it at night.

If you are having a hard time choosing a insect repellant spray, take a look at my suggestions- 

Product 1
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You’ll be amazed by how effective it is.

Solution 5: Turn Off Lights

Usually, there are lights in the yards or front porch outside the window. Don’t keep them on at night. Because gnats are attracted to lights. 

They won’t come to your window since there isn’t enough light. So, you won’t find them in window screens if you keep the lights off.

These are all the ways I knew of.

Are There Any Tips to Follow?

Yes, I have some tips for you. Follow them and it will help to keep gnats away.

Tip 1: Repair Window Screen

Examine the window screens for rips, tears, and holes. Do you think you can find any? If you said yes, I’m afraid I have some terrible news for you.

You have to repair or replace your window screen immediately. Did you decide to fix it yourself? Then you should know how to put a screen back in the window

Tip 2: Dispose Waste Properly

You must appropriately dispose of your garbage. It will prevent gnats from coming to your place. 

Ensure that discarded food or trash is not lying around in the open. In this case, use garbage bins that have lids. Also, don’t keep garbage bins near your kitchen windows. 

Tip 3: Avoid Sweet-Smelling Plants

Gnats are attracted to such plants, particularly flower and fruit ones. So, avoid planting them outside your windows. Otherwise, gnats will keep coming.

That’s about it.


Question: Is it possible for gnats to live in my hair?

Answer: Yes. But that’s only a specific type of gnat called buffalo gnats. Their bites are strong. They can get in your hair and bite the scalp.

Question: Can gnat bites be considered harmful?

Answer: No, gnat bites aren’t harmful. They don’t contain any diseases that may be passed to humans with bites. Anaphylaxis can happen but that’s extremely rare.

Question: Are there any scents that gnats hate?

Answer: Yes. Gnats hate the scents of vanilla, lemon, peppermint. They will also be repelled by the smell of citronella, lavender, and eucalyptus.


That was my take on how to keep gnats off window screens. I hope the suggestions were helpful.

I understand that it will not be simple. Still, you can keep these insects at bay with the proper techniques. But if nothing works, then probably it’s time to contact a professional.

Have a good day!