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How to Keep Mice Out of Boat: The Quick and Easy Solution

Mice are one of the curious creations of nature. These pesky little animals use their quickness and biting capabilities for two reasons.

Discomfort and annoyance!

Unfortunately, the problem is more pronounced during the winter season. These rodents get inside your leisure boats. The rest is just too sad to say out loud.

So, how to keep mice out of boat?

One of the first and important parts of boat storage and maintenance is to keep rats out of the boats and other such places. And we are here to help you with that today.

Although we did promise to give you a quick and easy solution, we will be talking about a set of solutions that can save you from harm’s way. Not only that, but we will also be providing answers to some frequently asked questions as well.

Mice in my bass boat: What sort of damage am I looking at here?

Remember a few moments back where we talked about ‘sad’ things? These are the things rats or mice will do to your boat.

The most annoying thing is the part where the rats make holes in the boats. We can understand that they need a place to crash in the winter. But that is no way to ruin someone’s expensive bass boat.

Not just that, they also eat away ropes and other clothing as well. Furthermore, mice in outboard motor can cause damage that may cost you a fortune. Especially, if it gets into the boat live well, the chance is even more severe. 

How to keep mice out of boats during winter storage: Things to have at hand

There are certain things you need to keep your boat safe and today during the winter. And if that task involves keeping rodents at bay, then some thinking needs to be done.

But, in order to save you the trouble, we took it upon ourselves to find out a few things you may need:

Poison pellets or powder

These are excellent options to keep in your boat to keep mice away. But you need to be strategic about its placement.

For instance, you wouldn’t want the pellets or powder to be all over the floor. You would want them in tactical positions like the nooks and corners.

And if you can’t find the sweet spots, you can always check the user manual and go from there. The packaging often has instructions as to where and how to put the pellets or spread the powder.

Owl Decoys

These are both fun and disturbing at the same time.  

Owls are known for their predatory taste towards mice. For this reason, rodents tend to save their skin and peel off a place if they see owls sitting somewhere.

Some clever folks out there took advantage of this and brought owl decoys to the market. You may be able to find them in your local stores.

But they can be a bit disturbing to some users. In the end, it all comes down to taste.

Ultrasonic devices

When it comes to boat maintenance tools, an ultrasonic sound emitter is a must-have item.

Ultrasonic emitters are specially designed devices that emit a sound signature only select species can hear. And rats are one of them.

So, if you have a rodent problem, then all you need to do is place an ultrasonic sound device at a deliberate location. Once it’s on you won’t hear a thing.

But all the rats will be out of the boat before you know it!

Boat Maintenance Tips: Keeping mice out of the boats during winter

Pest control requires perseverance and planned execution as long as boat maintenance is concerned. And when it comes to rodent control, there are certain plans that you could execute and get instant results.

Conduct an in-depth cleaning  

It is the first thing anyone should do to avoid any kind of mice intrusion. If you do things like:

  • Take out the sugary food items and other associated elements.
  • Wash off the floor with water pressure washing is very helpful in such cases.
  • Check the cubby holes and tiny corners for any small holes and other possible disruptions.

Once all the checks are done, you can rest assured that the rat problem will either diminish completely or reduce down.

Precautionary Measures

There are certain things you need to do after you finish up with the cleaning process.

  • Spread mothballs or poison pellets at strategic points. Peppermint soap may also work wonders here.  
  • You can use dryer sheets to cover up the holes or the boat itself.
  • Set up traps in predetermined positions to catch rodents red-handed.
  • If you have a pet cat, then leave it on board the boat and be done with it. But remember, if you have poison pellets set in place, then you may want to rethink this decision.

These are the basics of rat control in your boat. Although it’s not rocket science, it’s easy to do them properly.

So, you may want to be mindful of that.

Answers to some common questions

Q: How effective is shrink wrap?
Ans.: If you’re talking about eliminating the rats on board, then that’s a no. Shrink-wrap doesn’t do much when it comes to rat problems.

Q: How exactly do rats get on board?
Ans.: That’s easy.

The utility lines and mooring cables are their paths to your boat. And there’s no real thing that can stop them in this case.

Q: Are rat guards effective?
Ans.: Yes, they are most of the time. 

Rat guards are circular pieces of metal placed on mooring lines. They offer good obstacles for mice to get on board.

Q: Do rats climb?
Ans.: Only if the surface is rough and has some incline.

Final Thoughts

We offered a lot of insight today on the matter of how to keep mice out of boat.

If you’re looking for answers about how to keep mice out of boat motor, then our guidelines should be more than enough for you. But you can always go out of the box and come up with some unique ideas of your own.

We showed you the way. It’s all up to you from here on out.