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How to Kill Holly Bushes [2 Easy Methods to Eradicate!]

I know holly bushes might enhance the look of your yard. But, it’s poisonous to humans. These stubborn holly bushes regrow quickly even if you trim them short.

How to kill holly bushes?

Whittle holly bushes down to a stump using an ax. Tie the rope to a vital portion and pull the root out. After that, trim the shrub using an ax. Drill a metal stake into the tree’s trunk. Pour peroxide and salt into the open root. These will kill the holly bushes permanently.

This little sneak peek won’t be enough to help you. Read this in-depth article to learn the proper way of killing holly bushes.

Got some time in your hand? Let’s jump in!

Why is it Necessary to Kill Holly Bushes?

There are multiple reasons why you would wish to remove a holly shrub from your yard. This also includes the stump and roots. 

Some people may desire to get rid of them merely for cosmetic reasons. But there are some other reasons why it’s necessary to kill holly bushes:

Enhancing the Look of Your Yard

The exterior appeal of your property is greatly influenced by landscaping. And you might be thinking about bringing some changes to the outlook of your yard

Overgrown holly bushes clash with the new landscaping scheme. So you must eradicate the bushes from the roots.

Sickness Or Death

Another reason for removing holly bushes is due to different diseases. 

Some diseases render the bush affected beyond any chance of restoration. In that case, eliminating them from the yard is the best option. This applies to the whole bushes, as well as the roots. 

The infection may travel to other areas of your grass. If the whole bush is entirely dead, you’ll want to get rid of it as well.

Aggressive roots

The roots of holly bushes have a tendency of growing vigorously. They spread out in search of food and risk damaging buildings and subsurface services.

The origins of the holly bush may conflict with the root systems of other plants. So, it’s preferable to remove as many of them as possible.

To avoid such nuisance, you must kill any visible patch of holly bushes.

Two Alternative Methods to Kill Holly Bushes

Even after removing the limbs, holly bushes have the ability to regrow. To remove the holly bush, you may use a shovel to uproot it and its roots. 

Pull it out by ropes with your automobile, or poison it, it’s a time-consuming affair. 

In the following segment, I’ll discuss two different methods to kill holly bushes. Choose as per your convenience. 

Essential Tools to Kill Holly Bushes

The root of the holly bush that’s been left behind is hard to extract. The timber is quite thick. The branches are extensive. Those little branches can be readily clipped away.

You’ll need a few pieces of equipment to get rid of the root itself:

  • A water supply hose
  • Ax with a pointy end Shovel
  • For traction, a thick piece of metal 
  • Drill
  • Hand Gloves

You can find these instruments in any nearby local shop. By using similar tools, you can also eradicate oleanders

Finished gathering the tools? Let’s get straight to the methods:

Method 1: The One-Day Attempt

This is the easiest method between the two. As the name suggests, it takes less than a day.  But it doesn’t take long for the holly bushes to regrow.

Here’s the required step for the method:

Step 1

To tear the bush up by the ground, rent a shovel. You can also chop it down to a stump that can be dragged away by automobile. 

Start by whittling it down to a stump using an ax.

Step 2

Drill more profoundly into the roots to create a space under the stump. The space has to be large enough to tie a rope around. 

Thread the string all around the root and beneath it.

Step 3

Attempt to pull the root out by tying the rope to a sturdy part of your automobile. Try accelerating suddenly to jerk the root off the grown.

Step 4

If the initial effort fails, use a chainsaw to chop through portions of the holly bush. These roots need to minimize their resistance and attempt again.

That should take care of it!

Method 2: The Long-term Effort

Some might prefer to get rid of holly bushes permanently. But you need to put in a little more time than usual. 

This method involves using chemical root killers. People often hesitate about using chemical root killers for killing holly bushes. You need to weigh up the comparison between root-killer and CuSO4.

That said, here are the following steps required for this method:

Step 1

Cut the bush as near the ground using a pruner or a chainsaw. Drill a metal stake into the middle of the tree’s trunk from the top down.

Step 2

Wrap the root of the holly bush with a transparent sheet. It is to keep it out of the sun for as long as possible.

Step 3

Pour peroxide into the root and surround roots for many days. You can also pour salt into the open root.

Quality peroxide is hard to find in the market. Lucky for you, I took my time to pick up the best peroxide on the market. Here’s what I recommend:

Product 1
Product 2

Peroxides are a very effective, yet dangerous chemical component. Use them carefully to kill holly bushes.

Some use water softener to eradicate grass permanently. But be careful. Excessive application of chemical components can harm the soil.

And that’s two alternative ways you can kill holly bushes. Keep an out not to harm other plants in the yard. Take safety precautions before using chemical products.


Question: How do you kill holly bush roots?

Answer: Numerous holes may be drilled into the root and filled with corrosive toxins. Cover the gaps with Epsom salt to destroy the root over time. The toxins will take a long time to work and damage the root. But it’s a less time-consuming form of root eradication.

Question: Do holly bushes have deep roots?

Answer: Holly bushes have thin root systems. You won’t have to drill very far to access the root bottom. Transfer the holly bush to its new site as soon as possible once it has been pulled out.

Question: How far can holly bushes be cut back?

Answer: Although Chinese hollies are recognized for their propensity to recover. They may be cut as close as 1 foot to 6 inches from the surface in springtime. It will refill within several years.

Final Verdict

That’s everything. Hope I was able to cover all the methods about how to kill holly bushes

Be careful while handling chemical components. They are highly toxic for humans and pets  If you find it risky to follow the steps yourself, seek professional help. 

Good luck!