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2 Way Solution For Killing Pokeweed Plants

A major number of gardeners from the US face a poisonous plant, pokeweed. Pokeweed is really harmful to both animals and humans. So, whenever you find some pokeweed plants rising up in your garden, take steps instantly.

What are the ways of killing pokeweed?

To destroy the pokeweed plant from the root, you have to use weed killer. But that’s harmful to other plants as well. So, you can uproot the plant by plucking the tiny plants by hand. Then remove the larger ones with a garden fork. Finally, pick out the leftovers using a rototiller.

This was just a sneak peek. We are about to discuss the whole method briefly. So, stay with us and learn how to extinguish pokeweed’s clan. 

Now, let’s get started!

What Is A Pokeweed Plant?

Pokeweed is an absolute noxious weed that rapidly multiplies. It is also known as Phytolacca americana. One pokeweed plant can grow up to 50,000 seeds throughout its lifespan. 

This harmful seed is then carried through animals like birds when eaten. This leads to a massive distribution of this seed all around the country. The most dangerous part of this seed is its stability power. It can stay viable for around forty years under a saturated condition. 

This plant is mostly seen in the US hardiness zones. Yet it can grow in disturbed areas like fields, pastures or probably in your garden. Having a plant like pokeweed in the garden is like petting a beast at home. It can destroy your whole garden as well as harm your health. 

As a result, it becomes a necessity to remove this poisonous plant from your garden.

How To Kill Pokeweed Effectively?

When your garden is already filled with pokeweeds, your first task is to destroy them. For that, you can apply a weed killer. It can work as a lifetime solution for those stubborn pokeweeds. Moreover, plucking out from the root can be another effective solution.  

So, let’s discuss both ways broadly-

Way 1: Use Pokeweed Killer

Water softener salt might kill your yard grass but it’s not easy to kill pokeweed. But weed killer is an effective method to kill those pokeweeds. Although, you have to use this solution with full precautions unless you might harm yourself. Because this solution holds hazardous chemicals in it.

Anyways, we are offering some most beneficial weed killers. This list will help you to choose the right one and make your decision easier-

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You can choose any of them to overcome your garden’s current condition.

Anyways, let’s get back to our work session-

Step 1: Apply the Killer Solution

Grab a pressure sprayer first and fill it with a weed killer solution. Because weed killers need to be applied through a pressure sprayer. Otherwise, it won’t work. Anyhow, apply the solution on the weed plants, mostly to the leaves.

Then wait for about 10 days. After the days have passed, pluck out the plants from the roots. Don’t leave any loose root pieces behind. 

By the way, wear gloves and a mask before spraying the solution. Because the weed killer mixture is harmful to your body.

Step 2: Observation Is the Key!

After plucking is done, you’ve to keep an eye on your garden. Try to observe the garden if there’s any new growth, for a few more days. If yes, reapply the killer solution as per needed. 

Hopefully, spraying the weed killer will help you to get rid of those killer plants. But this chemical-based weed or grass killer can put your health at risk.

Are you looking for a more natural solution now?

Keep reading!

Way 2: Pluck Out Pokeweeds From Root

Using a chemical is a quick solution to remove pokeweeds from your garden. Yet weed killers are harmful to other plants and your health. 

That’s why we’ll be sharing a 5-step technique to remove the plant throughout the roots. It’s more soil-friendly as well as causes no harm to you or your plants.

Before we begin our task, we will need some gardening tools. These are-

  • Protective hand gloves
  • Garden fork
  • Tarp sheet
  • Rototiller
  • Soil screen 
  • Garden rake

Prepare all these needs before you start your work. 

Step 1: Pluck Small and New Roots Using Hands 

We will start with removing the small roots. To do so, put on your protective gloves. You use the same gloves as the ones while fixing discolored grout. Once your hands are protected, firmly hold the bottom area of the plant. 

Pull straight up like reaping a carrot afterward. If you’re doing it correctly, a thick taproot along with a thin root will come up.

But try not to break any root from the soil as it’ll regrow a new plant. If you find the soil is really dense, it’s better to wait for rainfall. Or you can water the weed planted area with your garden hose.

Step 2: Remove the Main Plant Manually

Sometimes you’ll find larger pokeweeds in your garden. In that case, you have to remove the plant manually as pulling up won’t work. Dig a deep wide circle around the plant. 

For that, use a garden fork so you can avoid shredding the roots. Dig a hole measured around 12 inches in diameter and depth. Continue the digging process until the root is totally uprooted. 

Be conscious not to leave any part of the roots behind. As you already know, it’ll regrow and your hard work will go in vain.

Step 3: Use a Rototiller 

Once you’re done with removing the plants manually, it’s time to collect loose root pieces. Use a rototiller in the desired area and churn up the soil. 

A rototiller is capable of losing soil up to 12 inches. Accordingly, you’ll loosen the soil. By the way, you can extinguish monkey grass from your garden by using this tool too. 

Set the soil screen on the top of a wheelbarrow. Scoop one batch of fresh soil onto the screen and shake it. 

As a result, the fresh soil will fall off and the remaining pokeweed will stay on the screen. Pick out the previously torn roots, berries, and plants from there.

Step 4: Sun the Plant to Extinguish Them

We have already uprooted the killer plant. It’s time to remove the residue from the soiled area. To do that, grab a tarp and gather all the pieces of pokeweed in it. Be careful not to leave any seeds behind.

Leave the tarp afterward and wait till the plants are totally dried out. After a few days, when residues have dried, discharge them in a garbage bag for disposal.

Step 5: Regular Observation Is a Must!

We’re done with our cleaning process. Yet you have to keep an eye on your garden on a regular basis. 

Whenever you notice a newbie is emerging from the ground, cut them off immediately. If you maintain this process on a loop, your garden will be fresh and fine.


Question: Can I touch pokeweed barehand?

Answer: No, don’t touch the pokeweed plants bare-handed. Because, each part of this plant, especially the root area, is really poisonous. If you touch them with your naked hand, harmful chemicals will pass through the skin. As a result, it’ll cause severe harm to the body.

Question: How do you get rid of pokeweed naturally?

Answer: If you’re up to killing the pokeweeds naturally, place them under the sun. Replace those plants on a tarp or a work surface from the soiled area. Afterwards, they will dry out and die due to dehydration. Lastly, when pokeweeds are dead, pluck them out and throw them into the dustbin.

Question: Is pokeweed a narcotic?

Answer: Well, once Native Americans used the pokeweed plant as a narcotic. It was also used as a heart stimulant even if it’s poisonous. Although, this plant shows a positive impact on HIV. Also, a precursor to the AIDS virus. 

End Note

Let’s wrap up here. We expect you got all your answers for killing pokeweed. Just apply these techniques accordingly and your garden will be pokeweed-free soon.

Good Luck!