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How to Level Ground by Hand [4-Step Solution]

Do you have a spare space but you can’t build anything on it because it’s not level? You might think it’s costly and impossible to do it by yourself. Well, this might not be the case. 

How to level ground by hand?

To begin, draw a rough contour of the terrain you wish to level. Then you should excavate the soil by digging it up and flipping it.  Make sure to break up any huge clusters of soil using the back end of your shovel. Then fill up any low places you may have. Now, spread the soil so the ground becomes even. 

Still, it seems like a hard job? Well, don’t worry. I have a complete article waiting for you. 

Let’s have a read! 

What Do You Need for Ground Leveling? 

Consider a situation in which you must remove centipedes from drains. To begin, check to see if the drain is infested with centipedes. The same thing goes for leveling grounds.

Maybe you have got some DIY energy yourself. And you might want to level your ground yourself. 

These are some of the tools that you will need:

  •  Hammer 
  •  Two 3 ft. long stakes
  •  100+ ft. String 
  •  Carpenters level 
  •  Lawn Mower
  •  Sand 
  •  Topsil 
  •  Compost 
  •  Hand rake 
  •  Thatch rake 
  •  Large push broom 
  •  Plastic leaf rake 
  •  Shovel 
  •  Edger 
  •  Wheelbarrow 

With these tools and some of your DIY patience, you can level your ground in no time. But also you need to follow some steps. Here are some guidelines to follow. 

Leveling Ground With Hand in 4 Easy Steps

Leveling the ground by using your own hands can be a little tricky. First, you need to consider which portion of the ground needs to be level. It’s a dilemma: tile floor staggered or straight.  

Maybe you have some open space and you want to cultivate the land or build a patio. But for that the first thing you need to do is level the ground. 

For common folks like us, it’s better to level the ground manually. 

Although this can be a tricky one, I’ve made it a lot simpler in this article. If you follow the steps accordingly, you will be good to go.

Step 1: Outline The Area

To build a border, use stakes and twine to draw your area. Place pegs in the ground at each of the land’s four corners.

Attach one end of the string to the top of a stake, then twist it twice or three times around the stake. 

Move the thread to the next stake and tie it around the top the same way you did previously. Proceed in this fashion until you get to the first stake. 

Lastly, tie a knot at the top.

Step 2: Excavate the Soil

Leveling the ground is kind of like retiling a shower. The first thing you need to do is mark the ground. 

After you mark the land, you’ll need to dig up the soil. First, you should begin at one side of your area and dig mid-way into the dirt using your shovel. 

Take it out and flip the dirt over. Break up any huge clusters of soil using the shovel’s tip. Return to the previous stage and redo the cycle until the entire plot has been flipped over.

This can be said to be an important step. And for this you will need a proper shovel. Otherwise, the ground will be left with big clusters of soil.

Now, Don’t be confused about what kind of shovel to choose. Here, I’ve got a shovel recommendation so much effort is not needed:

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These are the most popular and good quality products on the market. It will also make your job much easier and less costly.

Step 3: Clean the Area with a Hoe

Take a look around the area. To further split up the dirt, use cutting movements with the hoe. Move large mounds of earth to lower spots as you go to gently level the land. 

Any clusters bigger than a golf ball should be broken up.

Step 4: Spread the Soil

Sweep the area to even out the surface. Over the terrain, move the rake forward and backward. Make sure the dirt is uniformly distributed around the plot. 

Loosen apart any remaining clumps using the rake’s teeth. To very uneven level sections, use the rear of the rake.

So, we hope you got the idea of how you can level your ground by using your hands. Now you can level your garden beds or your backyard. 

But you need to be a little bit more cautious to level your ground yourself. Here are some precautions you need to take before you start. 

Precaution regarding leveling the ground 

  • You need to wear gloves Because you are doing it yourself. 
  • Inspect a shorter area for proper leveling. 
  • Use a measurement tape vertically to properly measure. 

Follow all these steps accordingly and you will be done with leveling the round in no time!


Question: What is the precision of a string line level?

Answer: It has a 25-foot operating radius and is quite accurate. You’ll be able to work alone and at different angles as a result of this.

Question: Is it easy to level a lawn?

Answer: Yes, you can do it easily. Remove the topsoil and regrade the subsoil. Low places emerge and bare patches occur. There are a few things you may do to level your lawn if it has a lot of low places or tiny ripples.

Question: How difficult is it to flatten a lawn?

Answer: Flattening an established yard is a rather simple task. Many people consider leveling a yard to be a challenging job. As a result, they frequently procrastinate on the work. 

Final Word

By now you should already have the answer of how to level ground by hand? I hope it was helpful for you in the end. 

Well, you might think that you can do this pretty easily. But if you decide to take on this project make sure to have a day or two in hand. 

Good luck with leveling your ground!