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LG Freezer Not Freezing [10 Guaranteed Solutions]

LG refrigerator is now a common home appliance. They are trustworthy and long-lasting. They keep the foods fresh for a longer time.

But the main problem starts when the LG freezer is not freezing properly. It affects the foods in the refrigerator. In that case, it is very important to fix your LG freezer.

Why is the LG freezer not freezing?

There are many reasons for the LG freezer not freezing. Every solution’s different for every reason. And you should follow them one by one. Like, checking the power supply, freezer temperature, seal, start relay, and many more. You should also clean condenser coils to keep the process properly.

Wait, I have many more to share with you. To know them in detail keep on reading the article!

10 Things to Do When LG Freezer is Not Freezing

The LG freezer is an important part of the refrigerator. So you should fix it immediately if you see such problems as the LG freezer not freezing properly. It’s quite easy, like making your mini fridge colder.

But why is my LG freezer not freezing? There can be many reasons behind that.

I’ve explained all the reasons here with solutions. You should go through them one after another. 

Check Power Supply

Is your LG freezer not working but the fridge is fine? Then you should check the power supply port. 

Any kind of interruption with the power supply may cause the freezer not to freeze

For better results, you can unplug your refrigerator and then plug it in again. If after opening or closing the door of the fridge, the control panel lights up, then the power supply is alright.

Fix the Freezer After Power Outage

Is your LG freezer not freezing after a power outage? Then I have solutions to solve it. Do follow the process properly.

Ways to Fix the Freezer after A Power Outage

First, you should check the wall socket of the fridge to ensure that it is giving the required voltage.

If it’s okay, then check if the power cord of the freezer has got burnt or not. It can happen sometimes because of power surges.

Then check if the refrigerator is properly plugged in or not.

If all is okay, then unplug the refrigerator and turn off the circuit breaker. Wait for about 30 seconds. This is the process of how to reset the LG freezer

After resetting it, make it plugin again.

You should also give some time to the refrigerator after a power outage. It’ll take about one to two days. Then you can follow the above steps.

Set The Proper Temperature

Is your LG freezer not freezing ice cream? Then check the temperature of the freezer. LG Freezer temperature is very important to cool the LG freezer.

The freezer temperature should be from -22°C to -24°C.

Steps to Set the Temperature of Freezer

Here are the ways by which you can set the temperature of the freezer:

  • There is a ‘Lock’ button on the control panel. Press it to unlock the control panel
  • Then press the ‘Freezer’ button to lower the temperature and set the temperature.

Shut the Freezer Door Appropriately

If you have not closed the doors of the fridge properly, then the freezer will not work properly.

So check if you have shut the doors of the refrigerator. Keep the food items in such a way so that you can shut the door easily.

Rearrange the Food Items 

Keep the food items in such a way so that they don’t block air vents. Better air circulation is very important to keep the freezer cool.

Clean Condenser Coils

Condenser is very important to keep the freezer cool. You should clean to maintain the cooling capacity of the LG freezer.

Steps to Clean Condenser Coils

Use a portable vacuum cleaner in this case. Attach a soft brush on its head. Then you can clean the coils.

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner at home, then you should use a soft brush to clean the coils.

Here I have recommended some top vacuum cleaners for you to buy:

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I hope these are helpful!

Replace the Damaged Seal

There’s a seal or gasket in the refrigerator. If it gets damaged, then it may be the reason for your LG freezer not freezing ice cream.

Ways to Replace Damaged Seal

You should always try to fix the damaged seal of the freezer. Ways to fix it are:

First remove the door trim. Then pull back the seal and take away the gasket retainer from there.

You can then remove the damaged seal from there and install a new one by pushing it there again.

Lastly, you should attach the gasket retainer and door trim like it was.

Replace Defective Start Relay

Your freezer will not freeze at all if it has a defective start relay. The freezing process will stop or become slow because of this.

That’s the reason you should replace it with a new one.

How to Check Start Relay?

Before replacing it you should check if it’s okay or not.

You can check it through a multimeter tester. Use a multimeter tester to test the continuity among its start and run terminals.

If the multimeter doesn’t show any continuity, then replace the start relay with a new one with the same features.

If a start relay gets damaged, you can also feel a burnt smell while checking it.

Replace Malfunctioning Evaporator Fan Motor

Evaporator fan motor is important too. Because it circulates cold air in the refrigerator from the freezer. So without it, the freezer will not cool properly.

That’s why you need to replace the malfunctioning evaporator fan motor.

How to Check an Evaporator Fan Motor?

Before replacing the evaporator fan motor, you should check if it gets damaged or not.

First, you can check it like the way you have checked the start relay through a multimeter. If it doesn’t show continuity, replace it.

You can check it another way too. Spin the blades of the motors by yourself. If they don’t spin, then they need replacement.

If the motor sounds too much, then it needs replacement too.

Replace the Condenser Fan Motor

A Defective Condenser fan motor can also be a reason for the freezer not freezing properly.

You check if it gets damaged or not, just like the way you have checked the evaporator fan motor. Follow the three processes, as I have mentioned above.

If all the processes above don’t help you, then do also check the temperature thermostat and compressor too. Check them through a multimeter like a start relay.

That’s all my friend. Follow the processes above one by one serially to get the proper solution.


Questions: Do all freezers have a reset option?

Answer: Not all freezers can reset directly. So, there can be a reset button on the refrigerator. You need to click the button to reset the freezer.

Question: Can I run a diagnosis on the LG refrigerator?

Answer: Yes, you can. It helps you solve the issue with the appliance. You can do it through your refrigerator and your smartphone too.

Question: How should you defrost the LG refrigerator?

Answer: In order to defrost it, open your refrigerator for 8 to 10 hours after removing all food items. When the melting of all ice is complete, wipe it with a clean towel.


Hope you know the reasons and solutions for the LG freezer not freezing. From my exclusive guidelines, you can solve the problems.

That’s all my friend. It’s time to say farewell. You can share any kind of problems regarding the solutions in the comment box.

Until then, all the best!