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Why Is The Light Switch Crackling [The Answers You Need]

Are your family members scared to turn on the lights for strange crackling or popping sounds? This can be a terrifying experience. Fortunately, the problem can be solved. But you need to know why it happens and how to fix this!

Why is a light switch crackling?

Generally, I’d tap the switches tons of times a day. At times, the current flow gets blocked when switches fail to make appropriate contact. The contact between two terminals gets disrupted. It’s likely to hear crackling noises as a result of the current arcing out. 

Not enough information to help you fix this issue? No worries! You’ll find a detailed guide regarding the scenario that you are concerned about!

Let’s get started!

What Is The Reason For This Light Switch Crackling Sound?

All the flow of electricity produces heat. But this heat is contained in the insulated wire. The power may be disconnected from the wiring. In this case, heat builds up rapidly and can pose a fire hazard. 

An arc discharge can occur if the circuit connection is loose. This happens when the current tries to jump over the gap. The lamp switch is used numerous times a day. 

This can cause the components in the switch to wear and fail over time. The switch might be disrupted to make the interaction between the two terminals. And this would disrupt the flow of current as a result.

This can cause the current to arc out and you may hear hiss and crackles. 

It’s ideal to replace the switch when you experience these noises. You must not carry on with these faulty light switches. 

This could be the probability of your 2-way switch malfunctioning as well.

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Now, you may try to figure out what happens if you continue using those lights? Well, I can tell you that you may have to go through deadly consequences for this! I would like to advise replacing the light switches in no time!

How Do I Replace The Light Switch?

Due to these crackling issues, you must replace the light switches immediately. You may wonder if it’s way too complicated to replace these switches? Well, it is not! 

And for your convenience, I’ve listed down the steps you need to go through to replace them. Just simply follow my instructions and you should be sorted!

Tools Required

You can not progress an action successfully without the supplies. You can not even start the action properly. That is why, before going to the steps, you need the required tools. 

Take a look here to know what you need:

  • Multimeter Tester
  • Screwdriver
  • Hot Wire
  • Neutral Wire

Step 1 of 7: Turn Off Circuit Breaker

Ascertain turning off the circuit breaker box circuit prior to performing electrical work. Use the switch’s multimeter tester to make sure the power is off. 

If you fail to do it properly, there would be tripping in the circuit breaker. Remove the switch plate with a screwdriver. 

Step 2 of 7: Remove The Screw

Take off the screw that secures the switch to the wall. Gently pull out the switch and check the wiring. 

If you have those switches, loosen the screw and release the wire. 

Step 3 of 7: Remove The Wires

Now, you must remove the attached wires. Do this while carefully loosening the wires. 

Keep in mind that if the wires are not color coded, it is important to note which wire goes where. Please attach a temporary label if necessary. 

The “hot” wire is either attached to a brass screw. Or it goes into a hole on the same side as the brass screw.

Step 4 of 7: Connecting The Wires

Before you connect the wires, I want to make sure of one thing! You must know the color codes of the wires. Because this is really important as inappropriate uses would cause disruption.

At this moment, attach the neutral wire to the silver screw. You may also connect it to the corresponding hole. The ground cable can be connected to the green terminal screw on the switch. 

Alternatively, it can be attached directly to the screws of the electric box. If it is attached to the switch, loosen the screw. 

Both hot and neutral wires require approximately 0.5 inches of exposed wire. 

If necessary, use a wire stripper to remove the end of the cable jacket. Look for the on / off label of the new switch to see the correct orientation. 

Step 5 of 7: Connect The Hot Wire

Put the hot wire into the upgraded switch. To do this, twist the exposed wire clockwise  around the brass screw and tighten the screw. The end of the wire should point to the other side of the room. 

Step 6 of 7: Thread The Cable

To install a back wired switch, simply thread the cable through the appropriate hole. 

Step 7 of 7: Attach The Neutral Wire

Attach the neutral wire to the new switch using the same procedure as before. If you have a back-wired switch, attach it to the silver screw or guide it through the proper hole. 

It’s possible that the ground wire isn’t connected to the power supply. Connect it to the switch’s green screw if that’s the case. Return the switch to the electrical box once the wiring is finished. 

To fasten the box to the wall, replace the screws. To test the switch, turn on the electricity to the circuit again. Replace the switch plate if it is working properly.

Finally, you are done replacing your switch!

These are the steps you can follow to replace a crackling light switch. But make sure you’re confident enough to work with all these. Because I do not recommend in any way to work with these mechanics if you are an amateur.


Question: Will a faulty light lead to fire?

Answer: A defective switch is usually the source of the problem. When you flick the switch, though, a snap or crackle could indicate that live electricity is arcing. This is likely to lead to a fire hazard. To diagnose the problem, contact an electrician.

Question: What is the reason for the spark while turning on the light?

Answer: This can happen if the contacts on the light switch are worn. Spark light switches occur when one of the light switch contacts simply wears out. This can occur due to aging and wear of the light switch due to repeated use. So, what you must do now is replace the light switch.

Question: Does a light switch break?

Answer: Yes, it does. It happens due to a broken mechanism. If the light switch does not work, it is often due to a flaw in the mechanism. In such cases, the problem can only be resolved by completely replacing the light switch.

Question: Is it risky when the lights flicker?

Answer: Small changes in voltage in your home are normal. However, the blinking light may indicate anomalous fluctuations. Rapid voltage changes from low voltage to high voltage can damage electronic devices. In rare cases, an electric fire can also occur. In a brief, it is better to replace the flickering lights right away!

Question: Is it mandatory to call an electrician to change a light switch?

Answer: It is actually not mandatory to call an electrician for this. But only if you’re an expert or confident enough, you can do it yourself. But if you are an amateur, it’s better to avoid doing these!

The Final Words

Now you know why your light switch is crackling! I believe that you can fix this issue quickly now. 

I hope you will not panic over it as you already know how to handle all these by now!

Wishing you good luck!