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How to Make Aluminum Shine Like Chrome [3 Simple Steps]

Aluminum is appealing and sparkling. But it can get faded and discolored with time. Do you ever wish to make your aluminum so shiny that you could even see your face? Well, this is a wonder, and you can actually do it. But how to do it and get the best result out of it!

How to make aluminum shine like chrome?

You can actually make aluminum shine like chrome in 3 easy steps. First, you have to clean the aluminum properly. Then you need to sand the aluminum which is an important step. Finally, you can finish off by polishing the aluminum.

Don’t think this is all you need as information. I have got a few more tips in the article.

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How to Make Aluminum Shine Like Chrome?

Restoring the shine of aluminum is not that tough to be exact, similar to cleaning cast aluminum. But people actually fail to do it properly. 

I have got the information here in 3 different steps. You may do it one at a time to have a better concept of how to accomplish it. Take a look at the steps below to get started:  

Step 1: Clean Aluminum

Using a moist towel and cleaning detergent, cleanse the whole aluminum area. You must ensure that all debris, filth, and dust are removed. 

In most circumstances, basic dish soap will suffice to clean your aluminum. 

You might use a liquid solution and vinegar if you like. Commercial cleaners might also be used if wanted. 

But it’s better to avoid abrasive cleaners. If you still want to give it a try, take proper knowledge of when to use which one!

It’s also possible that a strong scrubber or paint thinner will be required. 

Any oil or grease that has collected on the surface will be removed.If you’re having trouble removing stubborn filth, try using a screwdriver. 

A stainless steel wire brush can also be used to remove it.

Trying to get the ideal paint thinner for this? Well, if you are confused about it, take a look below to get a few suggestions:

Product 1
Product 2

Remember one thing. Do not ever use carbon steel for this since it can produce after-rust.

Step 2: Sand Aluminum

This is the phase that the majority of people are either unaware of or overlook. This is especially important for cleaning chalky metal siding.

Remember that sanding is quite an important step to do. Because this flattens and balances the irregular substances. 

And this helps to polish the surface better to get a shinier look!

To begin, get harder grit sandpaper and work down to finer. You can have deep gouges that need to be removed. In that situation, you might have to drop down a grade. 

But I do not suggest using abrasives with grits lower than 180. You’ll start with the lowest grade, which is 180-320. 

Many experts advocate starting with 320 grit, then moving up to 400 grit, and finally to 600 grit.

Relatively small aluminum parts can be sanded by hand with lube and sandpaper. When working on larger jobs, though, you’ll want to utilize an abrasive and a power tool.

Don’t try to do it too fast as it would disrupt the expected outcome. But that doesn’t mean you would spend hours after hours on this. I recommend you to go steady on this.

Step 3: Polish The Aluminum

After you’ve finished sanding, it’s time to polish it. And you are on the verge of seeing your aluminum surface shine like chrome. Now, get ready to polish the surface. 

For this, you just need a clean cloth along with aluminum polish.

Begin by rubbing a little bit of aluminum polish into the affected region. Using little, circular motions, proceed to scrape it into the surface. 

Wash away all of the polish with either a new cloth or a paper towel. 

When all of the polishing remnants have been removed, grab another clean towel. Then, using the same circular motions as previously, wipe the surface.

I’d want to add something to it.If you wash any food pan, then don’t use this aluminum polish. Because this would turn out to be quite dangerous in no time.

Perhaps, you can take water and tartar instead of aluminum polish. This can also be a good solution to bring back the shine of aluminum.

And here are the steps to making metal look like chrome. Get started now and make your aluminum surface shine brighter than ever!


Question: Is chrome polish good for polishing aluminum?

Answer: Yes, using chrome polish on aluminum is okay. But you must know that a certain polish would not work similarly on different materials. Nevertheless, using chrome polish for aluminum would surely give it a shiny look.

Question: Is it okay to use turtle wax polish for aluminum?

Answer: Yes, using turtle wax to polish metal is quite safe. You can also use it for alloy, steel, painted wheels, and many more. However, before you use them to the surface, make sure you read the directions on the package. Because not all the materials are similar.

Question: Can I polish aluminum with chemicals?

Answer: You can actually polish aluminum with chemical products and make it look new. Chemicals are available in a wide range of forms. You are free to select any of them. Use the product according to the directions included in the package.

The Final Words

Now you know how to make aluminum shine like chrome! I hope the above information I shared was useful to you.

Let me give you a bonus tip before the end. Rub metal with a mixture of sodium carbonate and lemon juice. This would restore the sine of your aluminum!

All the best!