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How to Make Concrete Countertops Look Like Marble: 8-Step Guide

It is normal to get bored of your concrete countertops.

But guess what?

You don’t have to replace the whole thing every time. Just some makeover is enough until your next mood swings. 

How to make concrete countertops look like marble?

With products like a marble garage floor and a marble countertop, you can simply modify the look of your concrete. If you don’t like using epoxy that’s not an issue. Use marble contact paper to create the effect on counters, walls, and furniture. You can make concrete look like marble for your next DIY home project. You may try an epoxy kit or contact paper.

Let me make the process easier for you! Let’s get into it-

How to Make Concrete Countertops Look Like Marble

Countertops are a must-have in any kitchen, large or small. They’re made of concrete initially. Which might get boring, drab, or ugly after a few years. 

Let’s dive into the steps. You all will be amazed how easy this is!

8 Steps to Use Marble Contact Paper

Marble contact paper is a terrific method to refurbish an existing countertop on a budget. Check out these imitation marble contact paper countertop steps. It is easier to glue marbles on concretes than wood.

Things You Need

First thing first, gather all the essential things you’d need to process with the steps. Try not to miss anything while ordering them.

  1. A tape measure and a pencil
  2. A tool for smoothing
  3. A tiny utility knife with blades that can be snapped off
  4. Scissors

Step 1: Select Your Marble Paper

There are several different types of faux marble contact paper available. Select the one that goes well with your interior. 

Step 2: Cleaning and Preparing Your Countertop

You have to make sure your countertops are clean and totally dry before applying it. Or else it won’t stick properly. Soap and water mix does a great job in cleaning any dirt.

Step 3: Cut Contact Paper to Size After Measuring

Measure the length of the area you’re going to cover. Cut your contact paper a few inches longer than you think you’ll need. While measuring the countertop surface, remember to look for the edge as well. 

Step 4: Lay Down the Contact Paper

The most crucial aspect of putting contact paper to your countertop. Make sure you align it up properly with cheery paper right from the start. 

So initially just pull off some of the adhesive part of the contact paper part.

Step 5: Use a Smoothing Tool

After pasting the contact paper it’s time to smooth it out. If any air bubbles remain, use the smoother to push them toward the outer edge.

Step 6: Time to Paste it

Begin removing the remaining backing from the contact paper, a little at a time. Glue it to the countertop and smooth it out as you go.

Before going on to the next part, make sure each section is smooth (no bubbles!). Since bubbles might be tough to remove after your complete sheet is down. 

Step 7: Remove Any Excess Paper

After you’ve finished covering your countertop, trim the excess paper. The sides where the countertop meets the end are extra.

Step 8: Fold the Ends of the Paper

Fold the contact paper over the edges at this point. Starting with the front edge. Wrap your contact paper around it. Smooth down as you go (press the paper into any dips in the edge design).

The next segment is all about taking care of the contact papers

Marble Contact Paper Countertops: Care and Maintenance

After you are done sticking the paper you should also know how to manage them. Even though they do not cost as much as the real one. 

Proper maintenance will make them long lasting. It is not as hard as wiping grout from marble tiles.

So let’s know the instructions below properly:

  1. Follow through any care instructions that came with your contact paper. they will vary somewhat from one paper to the next.
  2. White marble papers should be used carefully. As they stain easily.
  3. Clean with gentle soaps
  4. Buy some extra at the beginning. In case it gets very dirty over time you can change those sections.
  5. If you’re using it in a kitchen or bathroom, think about the material. How well it holds up to water.

These are some great contact papers for you to spend money on:

Product 1
Product 2

These have amazing durability and are long lasting. Give them a look!

Do’s and Don’ts for Contact Paper Countertops

We all know how countertops papers are for the most used furniture. This is used in both kitchen and washrooms. So there are certain do’s and don’ts for them.

Let’s give it a read!


  • Clean it right after you spill something it would come off easily unlike cleaning carpets.
  • Underneath hot plates and kitchenware, use coasters or silicone mats.
  • Clean surfaces with mild detergent on a regular basis.
  • Use trays or boxes for toiletry products


  • Drink glasses should not be placed directly on marble since they will leave rings.
  • Acidic and alkaline cleaning must be avoided
  • Try not to keep hazardous toiletries items on top of countertops

If you can refinish countertops made from concrete, then you can make your countertops look like marble as well.


Is it possible to make concrete countertops look like white marble?

Answer: The answer is yes! All you have to do is buy contact paper which is white in color. Follow proper steps to apply them and maintain proper care.

How to clean contact paper?

Answer: Cleaning contact paper is very easy. All you need is some mild soap, water and a soft cloth to wipe off any dirt or spills

Does contact paper come off countertops?

Answer: This depends on your usage. They are not permanent but with proper care and maintenance they last for a long time. But no they don’t if you buy some good quality ones.


And that is how to make concrete countertops look like marble. These techniques can help you transform your home’s concrete floors, walls, and countertops into fresh marble.

Hope these tips were helpful. Happy home renovating!