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How to Make Concrete Patio Look Like Stone [6 Steps]

A simple concrete slab doesn’t look good on your patio. But it is costly to use stone. So, what to do? There are ways to make a concrete patio look like stone.

How to make concrete patio look like stone?

If you follow a few simple steps, your patio concrete will look like stone. You can apply stain, so that it looks like stone. Just clean the surface, make some patterns, apply the stain. Afterward, apply sealer. Or you can use molds and sand to make it look like stone. Professionals use this method. 

The above discussion will give you a slight vision of the whole process. There are multiple steps of this process. I have given full details of every step in this article. So, read on!

Steps to Follow in Order to Make Patio Concrete Look like Stone?

To make your concrete patio look like stones I have to use stain. This is an afterthought method. You could do it when you were making the patio. Though this method will last a long time. 

There are a few steps involved.

So jump right into it!

Step 1: Clean the Concrete

Before doing anything, cleaning the concrete is really important. The dust will prevent the stain from sticking to the concrete. 

If there are any previous coatings of paint, stain obstacles like bird poop, you must remove them. You can remove them with a scraper. 

Afterward, clean the patio concrete with pressured water. Using a pressure washer is best in this scenario. There are pressured washers for rent if you don’t have one. 

Step 2: Apply Tape and Overlay Material

After washing the surface, you can apply the tape to the places. Apply tape where you want it to be stained. 

Apply the overlay material after you taped. Make sure the surface is a bit wet when you do so. If the surface is dry, spray some water onto it. It will help the overlay material not to dry. 

Afterward, let it dry. You’ll know it’s dry when you see a lighter color of it. 

Step 3: Scoring and Make Textures

Without some pattern, the patio will look like a big stone slab. To make patterns or shapes, use a bit more-overlay material. This time I used more than the first time. 

Apply an even coat of overlay throughout the patio. Otherwise, it might look ugly.

To score the concrete using an angle grinder is best. The angle grinder will score the concrete like a stone pattern. 

If you are in the market for an angle grinder, you can give these two products a look. 

They are used by professionals:


These are some really good angle grinders to work with. They will last you a long time. You can use the angle grinder else were as well. 

Step 4: Prepare the Surface for Staining

But before applying the stain, it is better to give it a last clean. There might be dust or leaves on the surface. The stain will not stick to a dirty surface. 

Don’t use water though. It will clean out the overlay material. Dry clean the concrete.  

Step 5: Stain the Surface 

It is time to apply the stain. Stain is like paint. But stains stay above the surface. It doesn’t get absorbed by the surface.

Mix the stain with water. It is best to apply the stain through a spray. The water will thin out the stain a bit.

A single coat will show a really light color. At least apply two coats of stain. If you want it darker, apply a third coat of stain. You can also use a different shade of stain this time. It will give some variations. 

Whether it’s a fiberglass door or surface, removing stains is really easy. 

Step 6: Apply Sealer

The sealer will make the stain at least for 3 years. I recommend applying the sealer every 3 years. 

You can use a paint roller to put the sealer on. The sealer will weatherproof the stains. 

By following these steps, your patio concrete will look like stone. These are not easy steps. But with the right tool and this method. I believe you can do it.  

Pattern Method to Make your Patio Concrete Look Like Stone

The pattern method has to be used when you are applying concrete to your patio. It can be a bit hard. Professionals use this method.

After pouring concrete on the patio, let it dry for a bit. Don’t let it dry completely. Use lower grit of sand and throw them on the concrete. Let the sand sit, then smooth it with a scraper. 

Afterward, get your mold and dust them with sand so that they don’t stick to the concrete. After 30 minutes pull them off. 

After 30 days, when it is completely dry. Apply sealer to the surface. This will make sure it lasts a long time. 

These steps take more effort and manpower though.


Questions: How long does it take the stain to dry?

Answers: It takes around 24 hours to dry. If you want it completely dry, let it sit for 48 hours to be safe. 

Question: What is the overlay material?

Answer: It is a thin-color concrete product. It goes on top of the concrete for decorative reasons. 

Question: What is the water to stain ratio in mixing?

Answer: I recommend using a 70/30 ratio of stains and water. Make it like this as long as it sprays. 


That should be everything you need to learn how to make concrete patio look like stone. This should. 

Be Careful of dust being on the surface. Clean it properly before staining.  

Till then, good luck with your home project!