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9 Home Security Suggestions To Make Your House Impenetrable

Being a homeowner, burglary is one of the most concerning safety issues. We know how stressful it is to always stay alert to ensure your and your family’s safety.

How to make your house impenetrable?

We have listed all the possible ways to make your dwelling place an impenetrable fortress. You can reinforce the possible entry points of an intruder. You can install surveillance systems, both biological or electronic. If you want to go a bit extra, Home Automation System is there for you too.

These are just 3 of the ways to secure your home out of the 9 ways we’ve provided. If you don’t want to compromise your safety, keep reading with us.

Let’s keep our house safe!

9 Ways for Making Your House Impenetrable

Often it is thought that taking security measures for your house is really troublesome. But it is actually the opposite. You can make your dwelling place intimidating to potential perpetrators quite easily. 

We have listed 9 effective suggestions for you here-

Option 1: Reinforcing the Doors

While thinking about potential break-ins, we think about the door first. It is safe to say that the entrance door to your house should get the most priority.

You must firstly think about strengthening your door lock. Because most of the intruders tend to use brute force to break and enter.  The reason behind this is that lock picking requires a bit of skill. 

You can totally reinforce your door while installing a lock. Reinforce it with rugged strike plates, security hinges, and door jamb reinforcement set. Remember to use screws longer than 3 inches.

If you want to reinforce an installed lock, use a mending plate. You just need to screw the mending plate between the frame and the door casing. It must be on top of the deadbolts installed previously.

By the way, for more safety, you can try installing a lock in your bedroom door as well.  

Option 2: Reinforcing the Windows

Windows are another simple way for a burglar to enter. Intruders can easily open the latches on hanging windows.

The easiest solution to this problem is to install bars inside the window frame. It might not be aesthetically pleasing but it’ll effectively keep intruders away.

You can also install glass breakage sensors on your windows. Reinforcing your windows with security glass or window film can also do the trick. 

Moreover, to secure your second-floor windows, you can plant thorny bushes under them. 

Option 3: Securing the Garage

The amount of attention a garage door gets is nothing compared to the entrance door. But they both can be the main entry point of your home invader. As a result, you must secure the locks of the parking space properly.

You should also cover the windows of the garage. This way nobody can see what goods you have hidden inside your garage.

You can use home automation for locking the parking door.

You might also want to use a remote to control the door. In that case, make sure you keep the remote in a safe place.

Option 4: Creating Outer Barriers

Barriers are not prevention measures, they are often used to give the intruder a hard time. Outer long barriers can also be used to block your neighbors’ security cameras.

Barriers can intervene in the movement of any intruder. They will cost the criminal time and alert you. They help you to get enough time to respond. 

But long walls can be also a hiding spot for the intruders as well. That’s why make sure to consider this point while making walls and fences.

Option 5: Illuminating the Landscape

Lights give out a strong message to potential criminals. Putting lights on your lawn or back and front yards can be a really effective deterrent.

You should use bright LED lights along your walkways and beside the steps (if you have any). This type of setup serves two purposes at once. This will obviously intimidate the intruders. In addition to that, it will reduce the hazard of tripping at night-time.

You can use solar power lights to save energy. Using a timer to control the lights is also an effective way. It helps to keep burglars away when you are not at home.

To help you with your selection, we have mentioned some good quality LED lights-

Product 1
Product 2

These are easy to use and maintain!

Option 6: Eliminating Hiding Places

Trees can be ornaments for your lawn. But they have their drawbacks too.

Perps may hide behind these trees and shrubs while waiting for the right opportunity. That’s why we suggest that you go for smaller shrubs and flower trees. This will increase the aesthetics along with eliminating the hiding spots in your yard.

Finally, take regular care of your lawn. There can be unwanted monkey grass to make your lawn look untidy. Make sure to get rid of the monkey grass

In a word, keep your lawn tidy.  Because this will convince the burglars of how serious you are about your house. As a result, they will know your regular presence in your house and stay away.

Last but not the least, make sure you trim the branches close to your roof or your second floor. This way no one can climb the tree and land your roof. Or enter into the second story.

Option 7: Keeping Biological Alarms

Many animals have a gift to sense danger. They often act out towards strange behavior. As a result, this helps the owner to notice any unusual things happening.

Having birds is the most inexpensive way to keep intruders away. You might not fancy petting birds. In that case, knowing how to Install bird feeders will help you a lot.

A dog is often mentioned as a human’s best friend. You can use different breeds of them to do different actions. 

For example, Bullmastiff, German Shepherd, and Komondor are quite the guard dogs. Whereas, Chihuahuas, Jack Russel, Pomeranian can be kept inside the house for guarding.

Option 8: Installing Electronic Surveillance Devices

Cameras, microphones, motion detectors are the most used security devices. The main hindrance to these devices is that without electricity they become completely useless.

Moreover, experienced criminals know the ins and outs of these electronic devices. This contributes to their advantage sometimes.

Peephole cameras are nowadays a must-have. Security cameras can capture high-resolution images and videos even at night. They use a motion detector to keep record of everything happening in its range.

Microphones can be grouped with other sensors and detect alarms. These can be kept at blind spots of the camera or places where you don’t want cameras.

Motion detectors are expensive. But they are also the most effective security technology. 

They are independent of electricity as some of the models can work on batteries. The cost of them varies depending on their range. You need to buy them according to your needs.

Option 9: Using Home Automation 

Home Automation is the most advanced way to secure your home. It gives you total control over your house even when you are out.

Home automation gives you automated programmed lights, door locks. Surveillance cameras, alarms, and other security devices can be automated too. You can receive instant signals about suspicious behaviors around your house parameters.

What if all these gadgets are becoming too complex to handle? Or the person you kept to look over all of these are not doing their job properly? What if the cost of the maintenance staff is too much?

No worries! A cheaper alternative can be the home security robots.

These robots have all types of mixed sensors, motion detectors, and even security cameras. If they see any discrepancies from regular behavior, they will instantly notify you. As a result, you can take quick actions.

The cameras are used to notice the intruder by going through samples of “Known” people.

The mixed sensors will directly notify you about smoke, temperature, or other abnormal situations. You can thus take proper actions before a disaster can take place. They are also integrated with digital assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, etc to help you.

These are the suggestions we could provide to make your home impenetrable. Hope we helped!


Question: What can I use instead of a mending plate to reinforce a door?

Answer: You can use an angle iron 8-10 inches long as well to reinforce the door. If you don’t have a mending plate, this can be a really good alternative.

Question: How to prevent hacking of my electronic surveillance devices?

Answer: You have to make sure you buy unused devices and keep the software updated. In addition to that monitor the users, make sure to change the password frequently.

Question: Can a small dog be effective as a big dog for guard duties?

Answer: Yes, a small dog can be as effective as a big guard dog. They are similarly effective to sense abnormal behavior. But you must not use dogs as a weapon.


We must say goodbye to you now. That was everything we could provide to help you to make your home impenetrable

We hope it helped you. Now it’s your turn to apply these at your house.

Hope to see you soon! Goodbye!