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How to Make Laminate Floors Less Slippery [3 Useful Tips]

Laminate floors are great and make the home even more presentable.

But we all know the drawbacks of it.

The main one is getting slipped and falling off. The slippery surface can make it awkward and problematic for us at times. 

How to make laminate floor less slippery?

First comes first which is, you must always keep the floor clean. You can also try using anti-slip for the floor to prevent slipping. And do not forget to use runners and mats for your house. This can help to keep away the dust from the floor.

I have got more information in detail in the article. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know!

Get started now!

How to Make Laminate Floors Less Slippery

Laminating floors can be quite expensive. Although it has a lot of perks, it still has drawbacks. And getting slippery is the main drawback of this.

Preventing laminate floors from being slippery is not actually that hard you think. You can keep it less slippery if you have the proper knowledge and maintenance.

I have got the instructions in detail here. Take a look now!

Tip 1: Keep The Floor Clean

Having to clean the laminate floor will undoubtedly make it less slippery. However, cleaning it shouldn’t be limited to preventing slip and fall accidents. 

For an amazing appearance, you must also take care of your laminate floor. And removing the build-up of your laminate floor is the first thing to do.

To eliminate any dirt, clean or vacuum the area completely. Use a gentle attachment other than a beater bar for vacuuming. It would prevent shallow finish cuts. 

Cleaning a laminate floor might help to cut down on the quantity of dust that builds up over time. And the floor will become slick as a result. 

To clean this, combine 1 cup of vinegar with 2 cups of water in a bowl. Then use the mixture to wipe the floor. 

This solution will get rid of old wax remnants as well as other cleaning chemicals that make the floor slick.

When you are done wiping the floor with solution, dry it off. Make sure to clean the spills in no time. See, if you accidentally spill any water under the floor and fix it if required.

Tip 2: Use Anti-slip for The Floor

Only a few laminate flooring options are as shiny and durable as others. Even after a thorough cleaning, these can leave the floor sticky. 

You might want to think about using it. 

Anti-slip mats are another technique to make your laminate surface less slippery. These treatments are popular for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

Anti-slip products require a double coat that is applied thinly. You may apply an anti-slip floor treatment or an anti-slip spray. 

Test one of them either on a tiny section of your floor before applying it to the entire floor. This will reveal whether it adheres properly and alters the look of the floor in a way that you dislike.

Remember that you can only use this spray on sticky areas. The coat has to be dried for 10 hours. If you want to apply this anti-slip, you must have a well-ventilated place.

Not sure what type of anti-slip to use? Get an idea here:

Products 1
Products 2

These products would be worth using!

Tip 3: Use Runners And Mats

A few materials to put on laminate floors can be helpful. Using runners on the laminate floors is a very good idea. 

Always, put a rug and runner on the floor where the house members walk often. 

Under each rug, you also need to keep a non-skid pad. This would help to prevent slipping on the floor.

You must also keep a doormat at the entrance of your house. That implies that you should have mats in front of each and every entrance.

All the members can wipe their feet or footwear to get rid of any dust. This would keep the surface clean and less slippery.

Remember one thing! Try to have ideal footwear instead of walking barefoot on laminate floors. 

But never ever wear socks or high heels to walk on this surface. This can lead to hazardous situations at any moment.

This doesn’t mean you can not walk barefoot. But try to adapt footwear that suits the best with the surface.

These are the suggestions I have for you! These suggestions will undoubtedly assist you in making your laminate floors less slippery. The process is easier than repairing a laminate floor that is separating.


Do all the laminate floors have a slippery surface?

Answer: Yes, laminate floors are always slippery. The slippery surface of laminate floors is generally a feature of it by default. But, if you like, you may make it less slick. Manufacturers nowadays try to lessen the slippery feature so that people find it easier to walk on.

Does a laminate floor become more slippery gradually?

Answer: Well, the use of the floor can make it more slippery gradually. But it does not itself turn slippery if it has proper maintenance. To prevent the surface from becoming slippery, keep it dust-free. You may use relevant cleaning products too.

Is it expensive to install laminate flooring?

Answer: Yes, installing laminate flooring can be quite expensive. You need to spend about a minimum of $8 per sq. foot for labor and material. Based on a few conditions, it may reach up to $16 per square foot. The expense basically increases if you go for better materials.

The Final Words

Now you know how to make laminate floors less slippery! I have got here all the necessary information that you would find relevant

Before I conclude, I am willing to share a tip with you. You can actually use a few drops of vinegar and water for this. Clean the floor with the mixture and watch the magic happen!

All the best!