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How To Make Your Mini Fridge Colder: Effective Methods Explained

You have been enjoying drinks during your work time from your tableside mini-fridge.

But the drinks don’t seem to be cool enough.

Don’t worry because this happens a lot.

How to make your mini fridge colder?

This problem occurs as the fridge gets older, accumulating dust in the condenser coils. Cleaning them up should be good enough. Ensuring proper airflow and keeping them away from direct sunlight also solves the problem in many cases. Also remember to keep them level, and airtight.

This is how you can make your fridge work better. But if you want to know more then read along. We’ve prepared an article for you explaining the process in detail. 

Why Do You Need To Make Your Mini Fridge Colder

Mini fridges are essential if you spend a lot of time in your room on a hot day. They provide you with a  quick refreshment while you’re working or gaming.

But sometimes you might face issues with your mini-fridge about its temperature control. 

Often the fridge seems to take very long to cool down things. Sometimes it is unable to cool down at all.

These problems can be found when the fridge has been working for some time. But new fridges can also show these issues.

Wrong orientation, bad placement, leakage, and many other things can cause this.

Whatever the issue is, after this article you’ll be able to handle those on your own!

Methods That You Can Try Out

There are a few solutions that you can try. And most times they fix the problem at hand.

Let us look at some of them down below:

1. Make Sure The Fridge is Level

When placing the fridge in your room. Make sure it is upright and level with the ground. 

This can cause the door to not seal properly. Also, the oil inside the condenser might leak and the fridge will not cool. 

The feet of the mini-fridge are often adjustable. You can use a screwdriver to readjust them. 

If they are not adjustable, use anything else that will stay in place and level out the fridge.

2. Keep Space Between The Fridge And Walls

When placing the fridge make sure there is at least a 2-3 inches gap between the fridge and the wall.

If you need you can plug your fridge into an extension cord. That will allow you to move the fridge freely.

Not having enough space will not allow proper airflow. Which will cause improper cooling by the fridge. Thus the fridge will be inefficient and won’t be able to cool down as much as it should have.

Here are some of the extension cords that you can look at:


These are some of the options which will save your time while choosing an extension cord.

Make sure your fridge is getting proper airflow for the best results.

3. Keep It Off The Carpet 

Keeping your mini-fridge on the carpet can result in improper cooling.

Carpet acts as an insulating material that traps heat. And the airflow cannot be cool enough near the carpet. 

To get optimum results, keep your mini-fridge on the floor. At least place something over the carpet then put it in the fridge.

4. Keep Out of Direct Sunlight 

Direct exposure to sunlight will heat up the fridge. This will result in inefficient cooling.

Store your fridge in a relatively darker place with good airflow.

5. Don’t Store Hot Things Directly

When storing something in your mini-fridge, make sure it is at least at room temperature. 

Storing hot things directly will stress the fridge more. As a result, its cooling capacity will decrease with time.

6. Don’t Run The Fridge Empty

Running the fridge empty stresses its condensers. 

When the fridge is empty at least keep a water bottle in it. That way you ensure a longer life out of your fridge.

Mini fridges don’t consume a lot of power. You don’t have to worry about the excess bill. Keeping the fridge running will ensure better efficiency and lifetime.

7. Cleaning The Fridge

The condenser coil and vents in your fridge might accumulate dust over time. That will work as an insulator and your fridge will not cool down easily. 

Once or twice a year clean your fridge and it will keep cooling normally.

Following these methods solves the problem most of the time. As you have read them in detail you should not have any problems while trying on your own.

A Few Tips To Remember 

Sometimes new fridges don’t have the thermostat set according to your room.

Your fridge should keep the things inside at a temperature of 4 degrees celsius. If your thermostat is increased then it will not keep the things inside it cool.

Check the thermostat in your fridge, set it to low because the lower it is set the colder it will be.

You might also be able to help your fridge by regulating the temperature of your room.

Because if your room is hot then your fridge has to work harder to cool down. This will shorten the lifespan and cooling ability of your fridge.


Question: Why do fridges make a boiling sound?

Answer: It is nothing to worry about as it is made by the refrigerant and compressor. This is normal and happens in most fridges. But modern fridges don’t have them.

Question: How long will it take my mini-fridge to get cold?

Answer: Mini fridges usually take around 4 hours to get to the temperature they are set to. But for a new fridge, you should let it cool down with a bottle of water for 24 hours before using it.

Question: Can a mini-fridge store food?

Answer: Mini fridges aren’t capable of storing food for a long period of time. They are mainly for drinks and consumables.  


As you have reached the end of this article, you now know how to make your mini fridge colder.

We hope all your confusion has been cleared and you can apply these tips fruitfully 

Have a wonderful day!