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How to Make a Plumbing Snake Turn Corners [4 Amazing Steps to Follow]

Turning corners with a plumbing snake is a simple task. You must know how to accomplish things in everyday life or you may run into complications.

To avoid this situation, we must take action to enhance it in whatever way we can.

How to make a plumbing snake turn corners?

There is mainly one main problem to overcome the blockage. First, you have to select the right snake for the task. You must be concerned about encountering the blockage at the point where it should be rounding a corner. Clear the normal blockage and the thick garbage trash.

Do you want more in-depth details? I’ve also got you covered!

Come along and learn all you need to know!

4 Steps to Make a Plumbing Snake Turn Corners

In this section, we’ll talk about the 4 steps for making a plumbing snake turn corners. I will go through these 4 steps in depth so that you can comprehend the procedure.

Step 1 of 4: Choose the Correct Snake

Drain augers are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate plumbing pipes of different diameters. 

Sewer Auger

A sewer auger is the biggest, with a width of 1/2 inch or more. Also, It’s a length of 50 feet or over. When you use one of these in your bathroom, the snake may not go down the tubes. 

Also, it won’t make it beyond the first bend in a sink P-trap without causing some damage.

Toilet Auger

According to the experts, toilet augers are normally 3/8 inch in diameter. And the range in its length from 3 to 6 feet. They are intended to make their way through the toilets inside clogs. Doing so helps to unclog the toilet.

As far as the sewage entrance and perhaps a little beyond. 

Sink Auger

Sink augers fit 1 1/4-inch and 1 1/2-inch sink pipes. They typically have a 1/4-inch diameter and are larger than toilet augers. They are sometimes twisted into a coil in a plastic container with a hook.

Step 2 of 4: Insert & Push the Snake Head

Inserting the snake’s head into the drain and carefully pushing without turning. It is the right technique to utilize a snake. 

If you push it, it may fold backwards on itself and fall out of the drain. Force it gently and carefully. And the auger should move easily through the pipes if it’s the proper one. 

If you can’t expand the snake any further, it’s typically because it’s struck an obstacle. For showers with no P-trap, you need to figure out a different strategy.

Also, you need to crank gently to work the head through the muck. When you do this, stuff collects on the snake’s head, you must pull the snake out. And you have to wash it on a regular basis. 

Again, if you push it out and nothing comes out, the barrier may be made of a substance. And because of that, the head cannot penetrate. When you believe the snake has become trapped in a spot, try turning the crank backwards. 

This causes the head to sway back and forth, but because you’re rotating counterclockwise. In that case, no dirt can gather. 

If the curve in the pipe is the culprit, the snake’s head bobbing should clear the corner. Even if there is a barrier, the snake will become trapped.

Step 3 of 4: Clear the Blockage

A snake cannot always be used to unclog a sink. Many blockages are produced by things that harden in the drain. And make it impossible for the snake to enter. When a snake fails, plunging is likely to fail as well. 

Thus the best technique is to detach the P-trap and clean it.

After removing the trap, it’s a good idea to insert the auger straight into the waste pipe. By doing this you can check if there are any obstructions or not. If you hear water running pipes without leaks maybe it’s because of blockage. 

The snake may not have been capable of reaching the blockage via the sinkhole before. But it may now be able to.

Step 4 of 4: Clear the Thick Grabbing Trash

This is because you’re attempting to create an obstruction that can’t be grasped and dragged up. Clogs that respond nicely to the drain snake’s metal corkscrew end are easily grasped.

Drain snakes may readily trap hair blockages. Cooking grease and other soft things won’t grab the corkscrew. Unless the trash also contains hair.

If you looking for some corkscrew here are some good deals you can try out: 


This product has good recommendations and is also reasonable in price. 

Some blockages are simply too thick to get through with a standard hand drain snake. In this case, the only options are to rent a power auger or employ a plumber. But don’t quit too soon. Being patient and not yanking on the auger cable may be enough.

If you can’t get any garbage out of the drain, it’s likely you’re filthy. Otherwise, it can be a clogged drain snake. 

This won’t apply if you are using a fresh drain snake, as the end should be clean. Just like the water-softener drain after cleaning the washing-machine drain.

However, formerly utilized drain snakes may still have the original blockage stuck in the corkscrew end. This end must be completely cleaned for it to be functional. 


Question: Which way is the best to unclog a 90-degree pipe?

Answer: For nearby clogs, snake the piping with bent hangers. Using pliers, straighten out a wire coat hanger and twist the tip to a 90-degree angle. The hook’s size should be short enough to fit through the sewer. Pull the hooked end as far down the sewer and into the pipe as possible.

Question: Is it possible to plunge a pipe?

Answer: Plungers are used to unclog toilets. They may be used to clear small drain clogs. Just make sure your plumbing fixture has water in it. Since using a plunger on a dry surface might harm your pipes.

Question: Can Coca-Cola be used to unclog a drain?

Answer: Coke is a lesser-known remedy that you may find in your fridge. Pour a 2-liter bottle of soda down the clogged drain- Pepsi, Coke, or inexpensive brand equivalents. Coke is highly acidic and excellent in removing buildup in your drains.


I believe I answered your question in-depth. If you’re still reading, you know how to make a plumbing snake turn corners

Battling with it is quite typical. In those circumstances, seek expert counsel and assistance.

That’s all for now, guys. Ciao!