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How to Make Slipcovers Stay in Place [Complete Guide]

Wanting a change for your sofa is a normal thing. For this, a slipcover comes to the rescue. At first, it seems like such an easy task. You simply drape the sheet and you’re done. 

But with time you start to realize how annoying these sheets can get. It’s okay to not know what to do with this peculiar problem. 

How to make slipcovers stay in place?

Slipcovers can stay in place using straps, velcros, non-slip pads, or grips. You could also tuck several things inside the gaps between the cushions and the sofa. There are also other things like upholstery pins which are probably the easiest. There are tons of solutions to this problem.

We’ve discussed it briefly. Even though it is easy you still have to follow a few steps. 

Read along to know how to stop these slipcovers from slipping so much!

Ways to Make Slipcovers Stay

Slipcovers never seem to stay in place. Make sure to have clean couches before thinking about slipcovers. It’s a matter of hygiene. 

But with the several solutions presented below, one will definitely make your cover stay. 

Solution 1: Straps

You can find ready-made straps in some of the slipcovers. But if not you can always buy straps separately and attach them to the slipcovers 

Cover the couch with your sheet as tightly as possible. Then push the excess amount of sheet into the gap between the backside of the cushion and couch. Therefore ,the couch does not have any wrinkles. 

After this tie, the couches leg with the straps. 

Solution 2: Magazine/rubber/tubes

Any type of pipe-shaped material will do. For instance a rubber non-adhesive shelf liner or a pool noodle, or a PVC pipe, etc. 

And if you do not have anything of this shape. Simply take a newspaper and roll it into a pipe shape. Then tie it with a rubber or hairband so it does not roll open. 

Make sure you have 3 pipes for your couch, one for the back and two for two sides. Three of them would be of different lengths. Make sure to adjust the lengths according to your couch. 

Now that you have your tube-shaped material. Lay them on the couch parallel to the back and the two sides. 

Once they are in their positions, insert them deep into the gap between the cushions at the back and two sides. 

Make sure to push them as deep as you can. The deeper they are the more steady the covers will be.

Solution 3: Upholstery Pins

These pins are strong so they can hold onto the covers. These pins are of two types. They can be like plain straight pins or twisted. The twisted pins sound complicated but are very easy to use. And they can hold the covers better. 

Here are some suggestions for upholstery pins to assist you in the process:

product 1
product 2

These pins can secure the covers just by slightly pushing them. Put them over the excess parts of the sheet. And if you are afraid that these pins will look out of place on the sofas. 

You can just get the same color upholstery pins so they get camouflaged with the couch. 

As much as these are helpful they can also be damaging. They tend to damage the couch over time. 

Solution 4: Putting In The Dryer

Put the couch cover into a dryer alongside a damp rag. Put the temperature of the machine to warm or cool but not hot. After running it for about 10 minutes you’ll see the wrinkles are gone. And this results in the covers not moving so much. 

If you have any smell on the couch, you shouldn’t put it in the dryer like that. Remove vomit smell from the couch first if any.

Solution 5: Velcro

You can install velcro onto the slipcovers very easily. Just put a few lines of velcro on the edges and the middle of the cover. Then put velcros onto the sofa aligning with the velcros on the couch. 

After this, the cover is supposed to fit just perfectly onto the couch. But be sure to get high-quality velcro because velcros do tend to get detached quite easily. 

Solution 6: Correct Fit

One of the biggest reasons for your cover moving so much is not getting the right fit. Because of this, there is more cover and not enough sofa. 

The cover starts to get baggy in places which not only feel uncomfortable to sit on but also look very unpleasant. So make sure to fit the cover properly.

Solution 7: Tie The Strings Properly 

Some slipcovers come with strings at the bottom. Always make sure they are tied properly. If needed, give them a double knot. 

Solution 8: Non-slip Pads And Grips

Place strips of a non-slip pad over the couch’s seating area. You can use rug grips or non-slip mattress pads by cutting them to fit your sofa’s dimensions. 

The best way to prevent gaps between the couch cover and the furniture is to pull the fabric as you normally do when putting them on. There is another thing you have to keep in mind- you can also get static off the couches.

The excess material can be tucked into the gap between the sofa cushions and the frame at the back by pushing it to the side.

Solution 9: Drape Properly

This process is probably the first thing that you already did. But we are mentioning it just in case. Because sometimes it does happen that people forget to do the simplest things and skip to the harder processes. 

First, drape the cover properly on the whole sofa. Make sure it is done evenly. Then push the excess fabric into the crease.  

After pushing with your hand, grab a spatula or wooden spoon and start tucking the sheets even further using them.


Question: Can I make my armchair covers stay in place?

Answer: Yes, you can. At each of these points, attach a loop circle to the arm of the recliner to keep the arm covers in place. In order to ensure that the arm covers stay in place, press the hook and loop circles together tightly.

Question: How do I make my leather sofa slipcover stay?

Answer: Fill a spray bottle with lukewarm water and store it in the refrigerator. Using a spray bottle, wet the slipcover. Keep the material dry by misting it with water rather than saturating it. For 15 to 20 minutes, dry the cover in a dryer at a low temperature.

Question: Can a fitted sheet be used as a couch cover?

Answer: Yes, A fitted sheet can be used as a couch cover. But you need to alter it according to your couch.


If you’ve read this far we hope you use our tips and tricks on how to make slipcovers stay.

Don’t forget to try the easy ways before going into the hard ones. Because the easy ones are supposed to just work fine but some sheet covers can be very stubborn.

Good Luck!