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What is the Purpose of a Male-Male Extension Cord: 3 Purposes

You are out on Christmas for the first time and you have never used a male-male extension cord. I can understand the dilemma as everyone gives confusing reviews. But I have just what you need. The perfect answer. Here the question is, 

What is the purpose of a male-male extension cord?

Users can use a double male cord during a power outage. By this their home’s electrical wiring can be “back-fed.” It accomplishes this by connecting a generator to an electrical outlet. Also it is used for using a generator, lighting Christmas lights, and for powering power strips. 

But that’s not all; I’ve included some additional details for your convenience. Keep reading!

What is a Male Cord?

A male cord is a connector. It is linked to a cable, wire, or a small piece of hardware. It has one or more visible, unprotected electrical terminals. 

It is designed in a way, where it can fit perfectly in a receptacle. A receptacle is a female connector. The male connector fits into the receptacle to guarantee a stable physical and electrical connection. But, if it gets hard to plug in the outlet, don’t force it. And, call an expert. 

You understand what a male cord is. Hence, I will move forward to the next segment. 

What Does a Male-Male Extension Cord Do?

A male-male extension cord is a cord that has two male ends. During a power outage, users can use a double male cord. 

In this way, it can “back feed” their home’s electrical wiring. It accomplishes this by plugging a generator into an electrical outlet. Instead of attaching extension cords towards each item that requires power.

Three main uses of male-male extension cords are,

For Using a Generator

You can use a male-male extension cord for using a generator in your home. In this scenario, you can connect one end into the generator after disconnecting the mains. 

The other end is attached to a wall outlet in your home. The generator will power your home once it is started.

For Lighting Christmas Lights 

You all know Christmas lights have both male and female ends. That is why we must make the most of it. The idea is to position the Christmas lights expertly. In order for the male end to be plugged into a wall socket.

But, sometimes people set them up incorrectly. And by the time they’re finished, the female end is nearest to the wall outlet.

This is when they utilize a male-to-male extension cord or converter. They use it to fix the situation. Because the female end cannot fit into the wall outlet. 

For Powering Power Strips 

It works by plugging one male end of the extension cord into a wall outlet. And, the other male ends in the power strip’s sockets. And for that, it can send power to the power strip. 

By connecting the equipment to any outlet on the power strip, it’ll be ready to use. But, this setup is only required in a few cases. 

In this case, only one standard power strip is needed. A standard extension cord with male and female ends can also be used. It is more convenient and secure.

For your convenience, I’ve gathered some quality and durable power strips for you. Check them out!


By using these power strips, you can be safe and tension-free!

You can see, these are the main usage of male-male extension cords. But, the article is not over yet. I’m about to go over one of the most crucial aspects of this cable usage. Stay with me, pal!

What Makes the Male-Male Extension Cords Dangerous? 

The cords can cause harm to anyone for their uncovered and unshielded electrical terminals. It can easily electrocute any passerby if they come into contact with a conductor.  

It can be water or pieces of metal. If they come in contact with the male cord, people can get electrocuted. This is why water and gas lines must be distant from electrical outlets. 

The male and female endpoints are found on a standard extension cord. When the male end plugs into a wall outlet, power transmits to the female end. On the other hand, the active bits of the female end are situated inside the socket. 

They’re not only hidden, but they’re also tough to get to. That is why they don’t represent enough of a threat.

A male-to-male extension cord, on the other hand, does not have this problem. If one end is plugged into the wall receptacle, another end will shock anyone after touching it. 

Because they hang from the plug, they are far more dangerous than a female socket. This is why male-to-male extension cords are referred to as death cables. 

This is why they are quite dangerous. Severe injuries can happen if anyone comes in touch with a live cord. This is why you must be careful with a safe outdoor extension cord.

Male-to-male wires are advised not to be used since they are a potential source of electrocution. These can shock anyone who happens to come into contact with them.


Why are there no male-to-male extension cords anymore?

Because it is dangerous. As a result, male-to-male household plug adapters are no longer made. Because they can induce electrical sparking. And, the sparking can cause a fire and burn down your home and yard.

What is the difference between male and female cables?

Gender is used to differentiate “mating connectors” in electronics components. Mating connectors are identical in size, configuration, and pin count. A “male” connector usually has one or more “sticking out” pins. And those pins are supposed to be received by the “female” connector.

What causes an extension cord to melt?
Overheating is the main reason for an extension cord to melt. The terminals are capable of producing enough heat to melt the plastic faceplate. It happens if the wires providing an outlet are too tiny for the load.  


The article has come to an end. I hope now you know the purpose of a male-male extension cord. It is popular for outdoor Christmas plans.

But it can also be dangerous for your home and can cause electrocution. 

This is all from my end. Till we meet again mate!