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Mansfield 210 vs 211: The Ultimate Debate

A flush valve is a device that permits water to flow into the toilet bowl. If you’re looking for a traditional, yet water-efficient valve, Mansfield is a good choice. But here stands the debate-

Mansfield 210 vs 211, which one is better?

Despite their similar appearances, Mansfield 210 and 211 are quite different. The 210 flush valve has a 3.5 gallon per flush capacity. Whereas the 211 has a 1.6 gallon per flush capacity. 

This is just the root of the entire comparison. We will provide you with a detailed and informative discussion so you can make your decision.

Are you willing to find out? Then let’s start reading!

Mansfield 210 vs 211: Quick Comparison

Most individuals don’t want their toilet to draw attention. But there is more than that when you want to make a decision like this. 

Before we get to the detailed discussion, you can take a sneak peek at the summary. This can help you significantly if you don’t have a lot of time on your hand:

FeatureMansfield 210Mansfield 211
Flush Capacity3.5 gallon per flush capacity1.6 gallon per flush capacity
InstallationComparatively easier and simpleComparatively less easy
Durability4-5 years4-5 years
CostReasonable price Most economical in the line

You can understand the basic characteristics of these two flush valves. However, we advise you not to make a decision immediately. This can lead you to pick the wrong flush valve. Which results in problems like water leaking between the toilet and bowl.

Mansfield 210 vs 211: Head-To-Head Comparison

Mansfield has quite a reputation in this field. It can be hard to choose between 210 and 211. That’s why we’ve prepared this head-to-head comparison to help you make the perfect decision.

Flush Capacity

The Mansfield 210 is made from a flexible polyethylene material. It allows them to conform to the shape of your toilet flush valve. The 210 flush valve has a flush capacity of 3.5 gallons each flush.

The Mansfield 211 has a capacity of flushing 1.6 gallons per flush. It’s a gravity flush toilet. It has the same engineering quality as its larger models.


There is no complicated procedure in installing the Mansfield 210. This flush valve is designed to fit snugly into your existing toilet. If you can replace ductwork on the floors, this is a piece of cake for you.

All you need to do is follow the instructions in the manual. Cut off any excess water supply line once it’s inserted. You should then flush your toilet and make sure that the Mansfield 210 has been installed correctly.

Installing the Mansfield 211 in your toilet isn’t too complicated either. The process is straightforward and simple with just two steps. First, remove the old flapper valve from the toilet tank. Then replace it with the new flush valve. It’s that simple!

We can see that none of the flush valves are too complicated to install. However, installing 210 is slightly easier than installing 211.  

If you’ve never installed an appliance before, you shouldn’t try it right away. The products come with a non-returnable guarantee, so any mistakes you make are your responsibility. 

To install the Mansfield flush valves, however, you’ll need the following items-

  • A rubber mallet and drill
  • A screwdriver or wrench for turning screws
  • Pliers for pulling tabs on the pre-installed anchors

You might want to consider between the m7 and m42 drill bits before you use the drill. If you don’t know where to find the best product, here are some for you:

M7 drill bitM42 drill bit
Product 1Product 2
Product 1Product 2

We hope you enjoy the best efficiency while using these products.

Cost Efficiency and Durability

The Mansfield 210 is very cost-efficient. And it lasts about 4-5 years before you need to purchase another one. 

The 210 can replace two flush valves in most cases, instead of just one. It’s also durable so that you don’t have to worry if you drop something heavy inside. It’ll work fine even if you flush too much at once.

The Mansfield 211 is the most economical and compact of their line. It features a 1/4″ copper tubing which helps to reduce the cost of plumping. The valve has an overall height of 4.2 inches and weighs 3. It can also endure high pressure and freezing temperatures for many years without failure.

These are the features that set Mansfield 210 and 211 apart.

Mansfield 210 vs 211: Final Verdict

We can say that both the Mansfield 210 and 211 flush valves have high efficiency. They can work for a long time without any failure. Their installation is very simple and their style is unique. 

All these come to this verdict that you can choose either one of them. 


Question: How do I discover which Mansfield toilet I have?

Answer: You can search by the model number found on the bottom of your tank lid. You might also find it on the back wall of the tank. By doing this you’ll be directed to a page with only your model’s parts and seats.

Question: Is Fluidmaster compatible with Mansfield?

Answer: The Fluidmaster K-400A-023 Mansfield Toilet Fill Valve and Flush Valve Seal Repair Kit is particularly designed to repair Mansfield toilets. So is the 400A toilet fill valve and a universal anti-siphon design for a quick refill.

Question: Why does my Mansfield toilet flush twice?

Answer: The most typical cause of a toilet flushing twice is a stuck flapper. This leaves the flush valve open. And so, it allows too much water to flow from the tank into the bowl. The toilet flappers may need to be replaced occasionally.

Bottom Line

You shouldn’t have any more doubts about choosing between Mansfield 210 vs 211 now. A small piece of information- toilets with dual flushes use a lot less water than regular toilets.

We hope you were able to choose the right flush valve for you. Let us know if you have any queries. 

We wish you all the best!