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Mapei Grout Shelf Life [How To Preserve Them]

You’re done with your grouting project. But some grout remains unused. Naturally, you would want to preserve them for later use. Because this is going to save you some extra money.

How long is Mapei grout shelf life?

Most of the unopened powdered grouts last for 1 year. But it has to be stored in a controlled environment. Epoxy grouts have longer shelf life than normal grouts. It can last up to an indefinite amount of time. But it can’t be exposed to extreme temperature,

Want to know more about Mapei grout shelf life? We have explained the grout storing process in detail to you.

Stay with us to learn more!

Shelf Life Of Mapei Grout

Mapei grouts are well known for their performance. Like any other grout, they have a shelf life of 12 months. Once you open the package it can last for up to 1 year. But that depends on how you preserve the grout.

Grout’s condition depends on many factors like temperature, humidity. This is why it’s important to test your house’s humidity and temperature. So, you can store it in the right place. 

Some of the Mapei grouts even last over 2 years if maintained well. Sealed epoxy grouts have longer shelf life than normal grouts. If they’re not exposed to extreme freezing temperatures, they last for an indefinite time.

How To Preserve Mapei Grout Properly?

Wondering how to preserve Mapei grout for the longest time? It’s easy. You just have to follow the right instructions. 

Storing the grout this way will surely prevent problems like grout discoloration after using it. So, you won’t have to worry about fixing blotchy grout afterward.

To help you out, we’ve shared the perfect plan to preserve your unused grout-

Instruction-1: Store In A Grout Container

It’s best to preserve the unused grouts in the original container. For a smaller amount, save it in a plastic air-tight box. For bigger amounts, like 25 pounds bags, use air-tight containers. 

You would want to preserve the grout in a plastic container. Because they have great air-tight lids.

You can preserve it in a bag as well instead of a container. Just neatly fold the bag and use a plastic sealer to seal the bag. Make sure the bag doesn’t have any holes.

Ready-made grouts stay well for 18 months in original unopened packaging. The product will stay well for 6 months after opening. You’ve to seal the container well. Sealing it with a plastic cover directly on the product will keep it fresh.

Instruction-2: Maintain The Right Temperature 

Temperature is a really important factor while preserving grout. Maintain the temperature according to the instructions below.

Unopened Package

Preserve the grout at 73 degrees Fahrenheit or 23 degrees celsius. The storage spot should also be a well-ventilated place. For epoxy grout, keep the temperature between 10°C (50°F) and 30°C (85°F).

For ready-made grout read the user manual to know the exact temperature. It should be in a cool and dry location.

Opened Package

Opened grouts can stay well up to 2-3 weeks without coverage. Store the leftover powdered grout using the same process as unopened grouts.

The temperature should also be the same. If you don’t follow these instructions, the grout might go bad

Things To Look Out For Before Using Preserved Grout

Before using stored grouts, there are some things you should check. Firstly, after opening the container check if there’s any lump in the powder. If there’s not, you can attempt to use it.

Grouts can be lump-free for many years but still turn out bad. It’s not the only symptom to look out for ascertaining bad grout. This is why you should run a little test on your grout.

First, make a little amount of grout mixture. Apply it to fill the gap between the tile and wall. Wait for 15 minutes. See if it hardens well like it was supposed to. 

If the grout hardens, it’s still working. Otherwise, it has gone bad. A good way to understand this is the muddy texture of the expired grout.

To be on the safer side, it’s better to wait for a day. Even if the grout hardens something could go wrong. So, wait till it hardens over a day. Then check if it has hardened properly. If it cracks with slight pressure, it’s not in a good condition.


Question: How do I know how much grout I need?

Answer: Necessary information is provided in the manufacturer’s guidelines. You will need basic information like the size of the area you will be grouting. Also, the size of the grout joint and the tile’s thickness.

Question: How long does grout last in the shower? 

Answer: Usually shower grouts last between 8 to 16 years after applying. It deteriorates over time by water exposure. That’s why after that time, it’s important to regrout.

Question: What is ready to use grout?

Answer: Ready-to-use can be used right out of the bucket. It doesn’t need any mixing procedure. The mixture is always ready to use once opened.

Final Verdict

That was all about Mapei grout shelf life. Hopefully, you have got your answer and learned something new.

See you next time!