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How to Measure Asphalt [5 Easy Steps]

Fixing up the pathway is a frustrating and tuff job to do.

It can feel worse if you don’t know how to calculate asphalt.

How to measure asphalt?

You can measure asphalt in a very easy way by measuring the length, width, and height of the area you will cover. Then knowing the weight density of the asphalt is also needed. Then you need to multiply the calculated volume with the weight density of the asphalt and it will give you a result, the total amount of asphalt. 

You might still be very blurry about the matter. Don’t worry. Here we have described the total doing in 5 easy steps. 

So what are you waiting for? Hope up and read the detailed article!

How To Measure Asphalt: 5 Easy Steps

Measuring asphalt is a simple task for you. If you are going to fix your pathway with asphalt

Then knowing the calculation of how much asphalt you need, can be the best thing for you. 

The asphalt is generally measured in tons to buy from any general marketplace.  

And without knowing the total calculation you can’t determine the whole cost or how much you need to buy. 

To calculate asphalt you need to know about the weight density of asphalt and also the volume of asphalt.

Volumes mean how much area can a 1 pound of asphalt occupy. The proportion of volume is generally cubic feet. 

To calculate the amount of asphalt, an equation you need to follow. And to fulfil the total equation you need to follow some steps. 

And by calculating the equation you will get the results of how much asphalt you need 

So let’s hit the detailed steps to calculate the amount of asphalt you need.

Step 1: Measuring Length, Width and Height 

Firstly you need to measure the length, width, and depth of the space like measuring the roof. That you will fill with asphalt. It’s easy to measure the factor in inches.

Because most of the measuring tools have inch indicators on them. And it’s easy to make the conversion of inches to feet. 

So all you need to do is grab a measurement tape and measure the total area. 

Here we have collected some measurement tape for you to try:

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These tapes are of high quality. And you would be benefited for a long time. 

Step 2: Converting into Feet 

Secondly you need to convert the length, width, and height from inches to feet. You need to divide the length, width, and height by 12. 

Because 12 inches make 1 foot. So dividing it by 12 will bring you the result in feet.

Step 3: Converting into Cubic Feet 

To measure the total amount of the asphalt you need to know the cubic feet it was going to cover. 

To calculate the cubic feet you need to multiply the total length, width, and height that were converted into feet. By multiplication of the 3 items, it will convert into cubic feet. 

Converting into cubic feet means the step it’s going to be paved by asphalt. 

Step 4: Multiple the Weight Density of Asphalt with the Volume

You need to solve the equation by multiplying the weight density of the asphalt with the volume. And it will give you the amount of weight needed in pounds. 

Most of the time the weight density of asphalt is 145 pounds. That means the weight of 1 cubic feet asphalt is 145 pounds. But it can vary from type to type. 

You need to consult your asphalt manufacturer to know the exact weight density. To calculate the exact amount you need the exact weight density. 

Step 5: Converting Asphalt Weight to Tons 

In step 4 the amount you have calculated is in pounds. But in general, most of the asphalt sellers use to calculate tons. 

That means if you need to buy some amount of asphalt then you should give the instructions in tons, not in pounds. That’s why you need the amount in tons rather than pounds. 

In order to convert into tons, you need to divide the weight of asphalt in step 04 with 2000. Then the result will be the required amount of asphalt in tons. 

Here’s a thing before calculating you need to dig the whole pathway like digging a pond. Then you need to measure the whole space to be exact. 


How much is asphalt a ton? 

Answer: Asphalt is on average cost $40 to $80 per ton. Or 0.75 $ to 2$ on every cubic foot. 

How thick an asphalt layer can be in a driveway?  

Answer: Residential driveway topically uses 2 to 3 inches of asphalt. Where you can say 3 inches of asphalt is considered safe for large trucks or heavy equipment. But there should be 6 to 8 inches of granular base underneath the asphalt. 

How many wheelbarrows are in a ton of asphalt? 

Answer: Topically the asphalt weighs around 2000 lb a ton. And on average a wheelbarrow labelled 300 lb – 500 lb. Then you can conclude that there are 4 to 7 wheelbarrows. Make equal to a ton.


Thank you for reading the whole article. Hope now you are well known about how to measure asphalt. 

Calculating asphalt will give you an advantage in calculating the total budget of your pathway. And it’s an easy process that you can easily complete in no time. 

Best of luck fixing your pathway!