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How To Open A Deadbolt [4 Tested Methods]

We often face difficulties where we misplace our keys and get locked out.

You know what I’m talking about if you believe you have a Goldfish memory.

But what can you do after misplacing those keys? You can’t just break the door.

How to open a deadbolt? 

There are mainly four ways you can open a deadbolt. The first way is by lock bumping. You need a bump key for this. The second and third method makes use of bobby pins and a screwdriver. Twist them around to unlock the deadlock. And your final resort is to use a drill machine to break the lock.

We’ve gone into further details in the article. Interested? 

Let’s go down to the article and read it! 

4 Ways to Open A Deadbolt Without A Key

It’s only normal to feel angry when you can’t find a key you’ve been searching for. You become anxious and feel sore. 

And if it’s an emergency, you just have to find a way to break that lock. Be it a deadbolt or a deadlatch; you can break in with the following methods. 

Without any further ado, let’s see how you can open a deadbolt without a key-

Method 1: Lock Bumping

The lock bumping technique is the most frequent and has been around for a long time. This method uses a particular type of key called a bump key. 

These keys are made especially to pick locks. With this, you’ll be able to unlock your bedroom door without a key. It’s done by first inserting the key into the lock. Then use something like a screwdriver to bump the key around. 

The lock will open up eventually as you bump around using the screwdriver. Don’t use a hammer, though. They might do more damage than good. 

The issue with this strategy is that no evidence of forceful entrance is left behind. Making it a pretty common choice to be used by robbers and thieves. 

If you use this method, we suggest changing the locks afterwards. It’s possible that this procedure won’t leave any evidence of forced entry. But it can still damage the deadlock due to all the bumping. 

You could have a hard time getting the original key to function. 

Method 2: Bobby Pins

It’s finally your turn to feel like you’re in Uncharted. You’ll be picking locks using bobby pins. 

You’ll need two bobby pins for this method. And one of them needs to be broken in half. 

Take up the new bobby pin in your hands first. Place the looped end of it into the lock’s bottom section. 

Then take the broken bobby pin and insert it in the upper portion of the lock. Move the broken pin up and down and take it in and out. You should be able to open the deadbolt if you keep up the motion. 

Remove the first pin if you’ve already been doing it for a few minutes. Put it back in and start over. You can use the same method to open a sliding glass door.

Substitutes of bobby pins can include heavy-duty paper clips and fragile pieces of metal. 

Method 3: Screwdriver & Bobby Pin

This method is almost the same as the last one. Instead of using two bobby pins, you’ll be using one bobby pin and a screwdriver. 

The bobby pin needs to be broken. Insert the screwdriver at the lower portion of the lock. But the bobby pin goes in first. 

You’ll be inserting the flat hole of the screwdriver. Don’t insert it too much, though. You might make it difficult to move the bobby pin around. 

Continue to move the bobby pin in the same manner as previously. While you’re at it, slide the screwdriver in between the pins. 

Once you feel tumblers inside have locked up, twist the screwdriver. The feeling will be like the bobby pin and the screwdriver falling into place. 

Method 4: Drilling Through The Keyhole

This method should be your last resort. Because drilling the lock means you’re entirely damaging the lock. Here’s a list of drill machines that’ll help:

Product 1
Product 2

These drill machines will be suitable for the job. 

We’d suggest you get a locksmith instead of using this method. Unless you know how to install a door lock, only use this method when it’s an extreme emergency. 

The only thing you’ll need for this method is a drill machine. Point the drill machine strictly at the lock. Then drill your through until you’re in. 

Use a screwdriver or a thin knife to twist the lock now. If it doesn’t open, you haven’t broken all the tumbler pins. Drill again and try to open the lock.

Be prepared to change the lock as soon as possible. And be careful with the drill machine.

Follow any one of these methods to open your deadbolt lock. 

The processes are more straightforward than opening a Honeywell Safe after you forget its password.


Can a credit card be used to unlock a deadbolt?

Answer: No, you can’t use a credit card to unlock a deadbolt. A standard spring bolt lock, which can be found practically everywhere, can be opened. 

Can you force open a deadbolt?

Answer: Yes, you can. There is only one technique to force a deadbolt lock open. And that is by drilling the deadbolt lock. 

How can you open a deadbolt with a knife? 

Answer: Place your knife in the gap between the door’s crack and the doorknob. Produce the knife a little bit, and you’ll find a latch. Push it in. 


These are all the methods you can apply how to open a deadbolt.

Follow all the instructions correctly, and you won’t face any problems. 

If you damage your lock, get it changed as soon as possible. 

Good luck!