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4 Methods On How To Open Whirlpool Washer

It is frustrating to discover your whirlpool washer won’t unlock after a busy day. Now you have to open all of it to know the exact problem. 

How to open Whirlpool washer?

The lock on your Whirlpool washer may be damaged or malfunction if it won’t unlock. A faulty actuator motor could also be the problem. Defects in the lid switch and drain pump could also be the cause. In no time, you can open a Whirlpool washer if you know the problem and the solution to it.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why your washer won’t unlock.

Let’s look at the solutions!

Whirlpool Washer Won’t Unlock: 4 Useful Methods To Try 

Occasionally, a Whirlpool washer will lock the door. You will be unable to open it. 

If this occurs, it signifies that something is amiss with one of your washer’s components.

Brace yourself and go all over the method I’ve mentioned just for you.

Method 1 of 4: Open After A Finished Wash Cycle

The process to reset the speed queen commercial washer is similar to the first method.

Most modern washers require 2 to 3 minutes after the wash cycle has been completed. Only after then, the door may open.

Try the following steps if your washer still won’t unlock after you’ve waited long enough.

Before attempting to unlock the door, wait a bit after the cycle has completed. 

Because the washer requires a few moments for the motor to totally stop. 

After that, it sends a signal to the control board to open the door.

If your machine has sat in the middle of a wash, the door won’t open. It is most likely full of water that has to drain before the lid opens.

The lid should open properly after the cycle has finished. If it’s not opening, press the control lock button. Hold it for three seconds. 

You should notice an unlatching sound and be able to open doors after that.

If that doesn’t work, press the end of cycle button. Hold it for a few seconds. It will automatically reset the machine and allow you to open the door. 

This reset procedure is similar to the reset of the Maytag washer

Manually rebooting should work for you. If it doesn’t, disconnect it for at least 45 minutes before plugging it back in. The programming of the washer should be totally reset. 

You can now look into whether the door is open.

Method 2 of 4: Inspect The Lid Switch

A defective lid switch is the most typical reason for a Whirlpool washer door becoming locked. It’s then unable to open, including the striker. 

Depending on where you are in your wash cycle, the door functions. Your machine door may not open when it is meant to if it becomes malfunctioning.

Inspect the lid button and strikers listed below. 

Firstly, remove the washer’s power cord from the electrical outlet if it’s not grounded

You might get electrocuted if you work with power on. Then find the lid switch. It is in dissimilar places for each model.  

You have to verify that the switch is in the right place and isn’t loose. Realign it if necessary. Then check to see if the problem is fixed. 

Now, disconnect the switches from the washer. If it’s correctly aligned you may inspect it for continuity.

After removing the door switch, use a multimeter to test it. 

If the switch passes the continuity test, it is in good operating order. You can reconnect it to the washer. But it requires change if there is no continuity.

Method 3 of 4: Examine The Actuator Motor

Your washer will quit working during a cycle if the actuator motor fails. The door may be unable to open if the cables that supply it become loose. 

Here’s how to check for the actuator motor you have. 

To test the motor, a multimeter is needed. But before that run your washer through a wash cycle.

Observe carefully to hear strong, crunching sounds coming out from the actuator motor. 

If you can detect a grinding noise, the motor is broken. It now requires to be replaced. The replacement is similar to replacing car motor mounts

If the motor isn’t making any audible noises, you’ll need to unhook the washer. You’ll need a good-quality screwdriver to unhook the washer. 

Here are some affordable screwdrivers available in the market:

Product 1
Product 2

You should find the motor easily now with the help of these screwdrivers. Now double-check the cables to make sure they’re all stably connected.

If all of the wires are connected correctly, test the motor. You’ll need to change the motor if it doesn’t have continuity.

Method 4 of 4:  Inspect the Drain Pump

A malfunctioning drain pump could be the next reason your Whirlpool washing door won’t open. The drain pump might become blocked or entirely fail, causing the door to lock.

To inspect the drain pump, stick to these steps.

First, you’ve to ensure that the washer’s power is still tripped. Now find the drain pump.

Once you’ve found the impellers, make sure they can move around freely. It should be like a fan.

If it’s not moving freely, the motor is likely to be damaged. You need to check the drain hose length also before the use of a multimeter. If it’s lengthy it should be replaced. 

You might see a lack of continuity in the test. You’ll have to replace the drain pump then. 

Our discussion has come to an end now. I hope I’ve saved you from unnecessary hassles. 


Question: What is the life expectancy of a Whirlpool washing machine?

Answer: Washing machines that are newer are more effective than older types. Washing machines get through about ten years in general. If your washer is near the end of its wheel of life, it’ll show warning signals.

Question: What does resetting a Whirlpool washer do?

Answer: Resetting a Whirlpool washer causes the system to hard reset. It will restart after you reattach it. Try running a new cycle to see if everything is back to normal.

Question: Why does my Whirlpool washer keep shutting off?

Answer: The Whirlpool washer is a high effect  type. So, it immediately stops if it discovers there are boundless suds in the tub. The problem can be sorted out by allowing the water and suds to clear out completely. 


I hope I’ve cleared your curiosity on how to open Whirlpool washer. If your Whirlpool washer won’t unlock, you now know why and how to fix it.

Sometimes simple methods like resetting the washer by unplugging it usually solve the problem. If you feel it necessary, call a specialist. 

Keep safe!