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How to Open A Window Without The Alarm Going Off: Answered!

You may wish to sleep with your house windows open sometimes.

It lets you enjoy the cool summer breeze and also cuts down the AC costs.

But if there is a security system in place, keeping windows open will surely make the alarms go off.

How to open a window without the alarm going off?

If you have a magnetic sensor, you can easily fool it by attaching another magnet to your window. It will keep the magnetic field intact even if you open the window. So, it will not make your house alarms ring. But remember, it may give false alarms at times and is not fully burglarproof.

This is only an overview. We got a detailed segment dedicated to this particular issue. In that, we will discuss window sensors and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do it properly.

Stick around with us till the end.

How Does Magnetic Window Sensor Work?

Popular home security systems have both wired and wireless solutions. Due to the hassles of messy wires, people tend not to opt for those. Rather they install safe and easy to unlock magnetic door and window locks and sensors which are much more convenient.

These window sensors are mostly devised of two things: reed switches and magnets. Reed switches contain a tiny circuit within them. The switch is attached to the window frame and a magnet is placed on the pane directly beside the switch.

These two elements create a magnetic field through which electricity flows in a loop. When the window is closed the reed switch and magnet maintain the field and stay armed.

As soon as the window is opened, the magnetic field gets disrupted and alarms go off. So, if you try to open your house windows when the sensors are enabled, the alarms will start ringing.

Open Window Without Setting Alarms Off

To enjoy the summer breeze and let lights in, you may prefer having your bedside window open. That is very easy to do without triggering the alarms if the window sensor is magnetic. Here is a segment explaining how you can do that –

Check If the Sensor is Magnetic

Most homes nowadays feature magnetic window sensors. Still, as our method works for magnetic sensors only, we recommend you to check if the sensor is right or not.

A magnetic sensor will have two parts, one attached to the window frame and the other to the window pane. They look just like small metal boxes and will come with a magnet.

Add a Second Magnet Next to the Sensor

As discussed previously, these sensors work by creating an electromagnetic field between the sensor and the magnet. So, adding a second magnet next to the sensor should maintain that electric flow even if the actual magnet is missing from its place.

It will replicate the circuit as if the window is closed despite it being open. As long as the circuit stays intact, the alarms will not go off and you can keep the window open for a lifetime. You can easily use kitchen magnets for this.

Set the Window Back to Normal

You must set the sensors back to normal after you have accomplished your need. It is a very important step that most people forget.

You should remove the second magnet once it has served its purpose. Leaving the magnet there for an extended period creates a vulnerability in your home security system.

Installing A Window Sensor

Despite some of its quarks, magnetic window sensors give you a great deal on home safety. It is very quick and easy to install as well. If you broke yours trying to keep the windows open, don’t worry. Choose one from our recommended list:

Product 1
Product 2

When we said, it is quick and easy to install, we weren’t bluffing. All you would need to install a magnetic window sensor is strong and durable adhesive. No screwdrivers or fancy drill bits are required.

To perfectly align and place the components, you can probably make use of a ruler and a pencil. But, that’s subjective, not mandatory. Let’s see the installation process now –

Step-1: Prepare the Place

The sensor and magnet will be attached to the window frame and pane in a parallel fashion with adhesive. So, it is necessary to properly clean and prepare the location where the components will be attached.

This way the adhesive will last longer and serve well. If the place is not cleaned and prepared, the adhesive won’t stick to the window perfectly. Any of the two components falling off the window will trigger false alarms.

Step-2: Install the Sensor

To complete the installation of the security device, you need to attach the reed sensor to the frame of the window. Use strong and durable adhesive to secure it to its place properly.

Then take the other part (magnet) and stick it to the window pane with adhesive. Try locking the window and unlocking it to ensure that there is no disturbance while doing so.


Is attaching an additional magnet safe?

Answer: It doesn’t affect the sensor. So, it is safe for the sensor. But as it bypasses the security, it’s something to be careful of. It is not burglarproof at all.

Should I add a second magnet to all my windows?

Answer: No. Please refrain from doing so. It will leave your home extremely vulnerable and prone to burglary. Only use this method on the window that you need to keep open.

My window sensor is giving false alarms. What to do?

Answer: Check if both the components are attached to the window or not. In case, any of them fall off, reattach them. Check the batteries as well. If the batteries are fine, then call the company.

Wrap Up

With that, we have reached the end of this segment. Hope now you know how to open a window without the alarm going off. If you are still confused or feel hesitant to do this on your own, we recommend calling a professional.

To sum it up, opening a window without setting off the alarms is possible. For that, you need to attach a second magnet next to the sensor.

This way the electromagnetic field between the sensor and magnet won’t be disrupted and the alarm won’t go off.

Best of luck in your future endeavors!