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How to Get Paint Out of Carpet: Total Guidance

Were you merrily painting your wall when suddenly some paint splashed onto your carpet? And then you hurriedly grabbed your mouth to stop yourself from screaming at the horror. Well, it can be pretty scary since paints are not that easy to wipe off. However, no matter how stubborn it’s there are ways you can revert your carpet to its original state.

How to get paint out of carpet once and for all?

All you need is some acetone and carpet cleaner and you’re good to go. However, before using those two you need to take out the excess paint off of your carpet. Then you can go ahead and vacuum the carpet to clean it up for good.

We know this might seem a bit confusing but don’t worry. That’s because we’ll look at the process in more detail and explain every bit of it for you.

Tools necessary for the process

Now before we dive into the process let’s take a moment to look at what you’ll need to get the job done. You see, it’s better to have everything within your reach so you don’t have to get up every now and then.

That’s why to make your life easier here is a list of all the items you’ll need:

Beginner’s guide on how to get paint out of carpet

Did you collect all the items required for the process? Well, then you can start carrying out the steps now.

However, if you’re nervous then let us assure you that all the steps in this process are beginner-friendly. So, even if you have no expertise in the cleaning department it won’t be a problem. Spill all you want to while finishing a cement board paint!

Now, why don’t we take a look at the steps?

Step 1: Soak up the excess paint.

The first task on your hand is to rush over to your carpet with a rag and soak up the excess paint. From getting rid of beer stains to paint marks, the first move is to always remove the excess.

Otherwise, the stains sink deep into the carpet and never come off. So, be sure to be quick on your toes when a disaster happens.

Now, to remove the paint slowly dab the rag onto the carpet. While doing so make sure you apply a good amount of pressure to ensure that the rag soaks up all the paint.

However, make sure you use a rag that you’re prepared to part ways with. That’s because the paint will inevitably ruin the rag forever.

Step 2: Apply acetone on the carpet.

Once the excess paint is removed it’s time to work on the remaining paint. For this you need acetone. This product will not only remove the paint but has many other uses as well. 

So, grab a bottle of acetone and sprinkle it over the tainted parts.

Then take out a scrub brush and rub the parts drenched in acetone. But while rubbing don’t follow a random zig-zag pattern. Make sure you follow a clockwise motion.

Otherwise, the paint stains will spread all over the carpet and make things messier for you. So, be sure to sway the brush in a particular direction.

Step 3: Use a carpet cleaner to remove the remaining paint.

Thirdly, you need to use a carpet cleaner. Now, the acetone will remove the majority of the paint but it cannot fully wipe off the paint.

Hence, a carpet cleaner is needed to finish off the work. So, take out the bottle of magical product and spray it on the paint stains. Then use a scrub brush to take out all of the paint.

By now you know the drill. You have to move in a clockwise motion with that scrub brush of your and you’ll be all set.

Step 4: Vacuum the carpet.

When you’re done working with the carpet cleaner you have to vacuum the carpet. This will not only dry off the carpet but it’ll also remove kinetic sand that might be on it.

It’s a win-win situation. So, why don’t you take out your vacuum cleaner and start cleaning the carpet now?

Step 5: Repeat the process.

The last thing you need to do is repeat everything you did from step 2 to step 4. Now, before you get demoralized, let us inform you that it’s for a good reason.

You see, paint stains are very stubborn. They don’t want to leave a place once they’ve set foot on it. Hence, you need to run an extra mile to get all of it out.

This means you need to repeat the entire thing to achieve the best results. And the best part is once you’re done your carpet will be good as new again.

So, why not do a bit of hard work now to save yourself from the hassle of buying a new carpet. At the end of the day, it will save you a lot of time and effort.


Question: Does white spirit get paint out of carpet?
Answer: Yes, white spirit does an amazing job at getting paint out of a carpet. Especially if the paint is oil-based. You see, the trick is to use water after spraying the white spirit. Then dab it away to remove all traces of paint. Why don’t you try it out yourself? We assure you that you’ll have a spotless carpet again.

Question: How do you get acrylic paint off the carpet without acetone?
Answer: You might not have acetone within the grasp of your hand to remove the paint from your carpet. Well, no need to fear because you have an endless option of items that can easily remove paint. For example- detergent, steam cleaner, rubbing alcohol and many more things can be used to get rid of the paint from your carpet.

Question: Will turps get paint out carpet?
Answer: Yes, turps can easily remove paint from your carpet. However, we do not suggest that you do not go overboard with it. You see, excess turps can be quite harmful to your carpet. So, apply in small doses and you’ll be all set.

Question: Will nail polish remover remove paint from a carpet?
Answer: Yes, believe it or not, but the product you use to remove the nail polish from your hand will also work on paint stains on a carpet. So, you can grab that handy item and start removing the paint. But keep in mind that it works well with dried paint. Hence you might want to might till the paint has dried off completely.

Ending words

That’s all you have to do to get the paint stain off your carpet. Since now you know how to get paint out of carpet why don’t you give it a try?

And if you do please let us know how it turned out for you. We’ll love to go through your feedback.

Nevertheless, we hope you have a good day. Stay safe!