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How To Paint Grout Lines: 4 Steps To Complete

No matter how thoroughly you clean the walls or floors! Tile grout loses its bright, pristine color with time. No one wants to have a discolored and dull grout line. 

How to paint grout lines?

You have to clean the tile grout properly first. Choose a preferred color afterward to paint your grout lines. Gather a preferable brush for painting and start painting the grouts. Don’t forget to seal the paint after that. A urethane-based floor sealant will help preserve the paint from scratches and flaking.

Does the overview seem attractive to you? We’ve explained all the directions in the below segments. 

Dive right in and discover all there is to know about it!

Why Should You Color Grout Lines?

You may think cleaning your discolored grout will bring back its color. But that’s not entirely true. Sometimes painting has many advantages over simple cleaning methods.

Restores Color 

No amount of scrubbing can restore stained grout to its former color. No matter how hard you work at cleaning. But a fresh coat of paint may bring back the bright white.

Low-cost Method

You can cover 50-300 square feet of grout with an 8-ounce container of grout paint. This costs approximately $12-15. 

But tile regrouting costs anywhere from $0.65 to $0.70 per square foot if you do it yourself. It can even cost between $5 and $20 per square foot if you hire a professional.

Tiles Safety

Tiles will not be moved as a result of using painting products. Tiles are unaffected by paint, though.

But cleaning the tile means getting rid of old grout. This deteriorates over time and makes it more likely for them to come loose. 

By the way, you might think painting can make your grout bad. But that’s not true at all. Feel free to paint your grout!

Fast and Easy Method

Painting the grout lines on a six-foot backsplash in half an hour or less is doable in most cases. This depends on how dirty your backsplash is. 

Cleaning the grout by hand may take up to an hour and a half. Re-grouting, the same-sized area, might take up to a full day. 

How to Paint Grout Lines?

Use our easy grout painting instructions to renew a tiled area. Your bathroom or kitchen backsplash will make you fall in love with it all over again. 

To complete the painting process, you’ll need certain tools. Some of the tools might be similar to the ones used to regrout showers. But most are different. 

Required Tools

  • A vacuum
  • A mop
  • 2-3 grout pens depending on the size of the tile space
  • A scrap piece of cardboard
  • A cup of tap water
  • Some Clean, dry rags

After gathering these tools, you can start painting the grout.

Step-1: Preparing the Tiles 

If feasible, repair the tiles and grout to prepare the surface for painting. Clean up and replace what you can if there are any damaged tiles or crumbling grout. 

Use a tile cleaner to clean the tile surface to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. 

Step-2: Taping the Tiles

You can skip this step if you want to clean up the paint as you work. If you don’t want to do that, cover the tile with painter’s tape. Only keep the grout lines visible.

This procedure might be time-consuming. But it is necessary for attaining clean lines and a smooth appearance. 

Overlap pieces by about an inch and press down firmly with your fingers or a painter’s tool. They can ensure no paint comes through the holes in the tape. 

To further prevent seepage, heat-seal the tape. Run a tapered tool down the tape’s edge. It’ll create enough friction to heat the tape and establish a barrier at the edge.

Step-3: Painting the Grout

Start painting with your chosen color. Consider using darker-toned tinted grout paint to cover stains and add contrast. 

Work in minor parts with small amounts of paint, using a foam brush as broad as the grout. With large strokes, apply the grout paint. 

Clean as you go as you apply one coat to the entire surface. Allow the product to dry completely, as directed by the manufacturer. 

If necessary, apply second and third coats to make sure the grout is painted properly. 

We’re providing some paint suggestions here. Look at these-


Step-4: Cleaning and Sealing the Grout

Remove the painter’s tape once the paint is dry. Clean the surface afterward. Clean your tools according to the grout paint manufacturer’s recommendations. 

When it comes to cleaning grout, a toothbrush designed for cleaning can be handy. Seal the grout once it’s dry and clean. This will keep the color and prevent dirt and stains. 

There’s a chance of messing up while painting. In that case, you should remove the excess paint from your tiles once the grout is sealed. 

These instructions must satisfy your thoughts. To keep the surface looking clean and new, you’ll have to repeat the painting grout process. It should be done regularly. Regular sweeping and mopping will keep the paint looking new for quite some time.


Question: Is it true that sealing the grout will darken it?

Answer: Grout pores are impregnated with this sealer, which permanently seals them. While penetrating sealer does not leave a gloss and does not change the color of the grout. Impregnating sealer may slightly darken it. Non-penetrating Grout Sealer forms a coating or barrier on the grout’s surface.

Question: When painting tiles, can you paint the grout?

Answer: Paint your tiles, dry them, and use a grout pen to fill in the gaps. It’s not necessary to paint over the grout; apply your pen after the paint has dried. 

Question: Is it true that you can paint grout?

Answer: Colorant, commonly known as grout paint, can be applied at any time. The grout between tiles is painted using a unique grout-specific paint. Because it’s more of an epoxy colorant than a typical paint, it’ll last a long time once you’ve applied it.


That concludes our information on how to paint grout lines. We hope this has cleared everything. 

This whole process can solve your problem. Consult an expert if the problem persists despite your best efforts.

Best of luck!