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Should You Paint the Inside of Kitchen Cabinets? [All Questions Answered]

Is coloring the cabinet inside only a matter of your choice? Well, it’s both a yes and a no. You can skip the part if you want to. 

But coloring the inner side can be immensely beneficial from time to time. So, consider if it’s worth your time, money, and energy or not, right? 

Should you paint the inside of your kitchen cabinets

Yes, it’s always a good idea. It can cost more paint but can save the interior condition. Moreover, the classy outlook will enhance the kitchen’s aesthetic. A 6-step painting process is also included here to make it easier for you. 

That was just the tip of the iceberg. It’s time we take a deep dive into this topic. 

Should You Paint the Inside of the Kitchen Cabinets? Why?

Painting the cabinet inside is a good idea. Even though most people avoid it, you should paint it. Mostly interior painting is optional but you should do it if you can afford it. 

Installing kitchen cabinets is a tough job. From deciding whether the cabinet sticks to the ceiling to its color shade, it’s quite a hassle. That’s why you should seriously consider if you want to paint the inside or not. 

Even though cabinet insides can go unpainted, you can color them if you want to. The matching or contrast style adds to the interior beauty of your kitchen. 

If your cabinets have glass doors, painting inside is extremely wise. Otherwise, the exposed interior view will ruin your classy kitchen outlook. 

Another important thing is avoiding the high-cost implications. If you paint the inner side of your cabinet, the remodeling will cost less. Because paint can save the interior from decay

If painting can provide so many benefits, then why is it avoided most of the time?

The first concern is the time and cost. The time to do this whole painting process and the additional cost for this demotivate them.

Most importantly, people don’t prefer inside painting to avoid the hassle. The whole process includes quite a number of steps and can be tiresome. So, they don’t choose to paint it. 

Step-wise Guide to Paint the Inner Side of Kitchen Cabinets

Time for starting the painting process. This process includes a total of 6 steps. You can easily get it done by carefully following the steps. But before starting, just pack your toolbox.

Necessary Tools

We’ll need only three things: 

  • Paint
  • Brush 
  • Screwdriver

Just pack them and get ready to paint. Without delay, let’s start the process then-

Step 1 of 6: Cleaning the Kitchen and Covering the Counters 

It’s better to clear out the kitchen and cover the countertops to avoid color stains. You should move your kitchen appliances out. 

Use a plastic cloth or tarp to cover. You should cover the kitchen appliances that can’t be moved out easily. Consider how much a dishwasher sticks out and covers that space as well. 

After cleaning the kitchen space, let’s move towards the next step- 

Step 2 of 6: Removing the Cabinet Doors and Drawers 

Obviously, you can’t paint the cabinet interior keeping the doors and drawers attached. They’ll hamper your work and have higher chances of getting stains. 

The door won’t block your arms and work. So, the work will get easier. It will also ensure more ventilation so that the color dries easily. Then what should you do? 

Unhinge the doors with a screwdriver and remove the drawer. Then take the door out. Don’t re-attach them until the final color dries. 

Step 3 of 6: Cleaning Out the Cabinet

After taking the door hinge off, it’s time to empty the cabinet. Take everything out of it, even the smallest objects. 

Then clean the dust off the cabinet inside. You can use a piece of cloth for cleaning. Make sure the cabinet is completely clean. Because coloring on a nasty surface isn’t a good idea. 

Step 4 of 6: Choosing the Right Primer and Applying It 

After preparing the cabinets for coloring, start applying the primer. 

Primer is very important in the painting process. But all primers aren’t suitable for every surface. A primer that suits old plastered walls is different from wood primers. So choose the right type of primer for this purpose. 

If you have a hard time choosing one, you can follow this table. It contains our favorite primer picks:

Product 1
Product 2

Grab one from this table before starting the primer applying part. The primer applying is easy, just coat the inner surface with a layer of primer. You don’t need any separate calculation for this.  

Step 5 of 6: Sanding and Caulking 

After the primer dries, use sandpaper to smoothen the surface. It’ll make painting easier. 

You can use 22-grit sandpaper for this purpose. If your surface has any cracks, you need to caulk those areas. If they’re fine, just smooth the surface by sanding and start the next step.

Step 6 of 6: Painting the Cabinet Interiors 

The last step is the part where we’ll apply the paint. Obviously, you’ll need a brush to apply the color paint. Choose a paint that works well on wood surfaces.

For covering the sides and edges properly, take 2-3 brushes of different sizes. You must apply the paint on every corner and edge perfectly. 

After applying color, leave them for drying up. It might need 24-48 hours to dry. Then re-attach the parts and decorate the interior. 

Voila, we’re done with the steps. You’ve made it till the end of this painting process. 


Question: Can you spray paint the inside of kitchen cabinets?
Answer: Definitely, you can. Using spray paint inside kitchen cabinets will give a more professional finish. A lot of people advise using this for a smooth look and easier application. You just need to clear the inside, take perfect measurements, and spray. 

Question: What color should the inside of kitchen cabinets be?
Answer: Neutral colors are most appropriate for the cabinet inside. Shades of grey, a mix of grey and beige, and other plain calming colors will work fine. These colors give you enough options to adorn the inside with colorful appliances. 

Question: What happens if you don’t paint drywall?
Answer: Drywall gives a smooth and flush wall even behind the cabinets. But installing drywall after setting the cabinet might not be much beneficial. Without painting the drywall, the yellow color might turn into light brown.  Moreover, it’ll easily get stained if it remains unpainted. 


We’ve reached the conclusion. Hopefully, this post was worth your time. You must’ve got the answer should you paint the inside of kitchen cabinets.

If you want to paint it, wear an apron to save your clothes from color stains. 

Wishing you a pleasant painting experience. Good luck!