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How to Paint A Metal Bed Frame Shabby Chic [6 Simple Steps]

A metal bed frame generally gets its color faded after a couple of years. If you are already an old user, you most probably noticed the fades. Does it necessitate changing the entire bed? Well, no, you can just paint a metal bed frame.

How to paint a metal bed frame shabby chic?

Painting a shabby metal bed frame is quite easy. First, you prepare the place and the bed frame. Then you need to sand the frames and apply primer. After that, you can paint the frame. At this time, put on the sealer. And finally, put back the frame together to end the task successfully.

You have got the perfect heads up to the main part. I have covered all the instructions in detail here.

Sounds good? Get started now!

Paint A Metal Bed Frame in 6 Steps

Painting a metal bed frame is not a short task to do. To get started, you first need the supplies. Get here an idea about what you need.

Required Tools

The tools mentioned below are needed:

  • Spray Paint or Enamel
  • Primer and Sealer
  • Paint Brush
  • A Sponge
  • Hoover and Extension
  • Sandpaper

Once you have these necessary supplies, get started!

Step 1: Prepare The Place

First of all, prepare for the workplace. That means to cover everything that is around. Wear gloves and goggles if needed. 

Try to have proper ventilation so that air flows. Because inhaling paint fumes can be unhealthy.

If you can then take the furniture out of the place. Then wipe the place around the bed as dust can get mixed with the painting.

Now, take a tray and pour down the paint. After that, take the primer and sealer in two different trays. 

Step 2: Prepare The Bed Frame

It’s time to disassemble the bed frame, which will be divided into four components. It is practical for tidying and completing the remaining tasks later. 

Do not remove all of the screws from the frame. Rather, disassemble it into four major sections, including the front, rear, and two sides. 

Put the nuts or screws in a secure location. Inside a tub filled with hot water, combine a part of the cleaning fluid. 

Using the sponge, soak it in the liquid. Wipe and clean each area of the frame. Then, using a dry cloth or napkin, dry them.

Step 3: Sand It’s Frames

If you’re done cleaning the frames, you now sand them which is an important step. To complete the task, smooth sandpaper or a paintbrush would be required. 

If you’re confused about the sandpapers, here’s some suggestions:

Product 1
Product 2

This would help!

Then grab the sandpaper and sand the surfaces carefully and neatly. If you already used the bed, sand the old paint. 

When sanding old paint, you may need to apply a little extra force. Using a hoover, remove the surplus dust created when sanding the floor. 

To eliminate paint and debris from the frame, use an extender on your vacuum. Using a moist towel, wipe the frame clean. 

You could also use a cloth after soaking it in water. Allow a few minutes for everything to dry, or wear other dry clothes.

Step 4: Apply The Primer

You must use a primer that suits enamel paint. Make sure you use primer while doing this job. Some people try out white paint as a primer, which is not ideal.

You may begin priming the frame now that you’ve placed the primer in a different tray. Dip the huge primer brush into the primer tray one at a time.

Squeeze the brush a bit to get rid of any surplus liquid. If the brush seems stiff, press harder. You can also modify the brush. 

When the primer has been applied uniformly to the metal bed frame, let it dry. Add a new layer of primer and allow time for it to dry. 

Always try to use light strokes on the material. Or else, a rough ground will occur. To cover the edges of frames, do it with a little brush.

Make sure you clean the brush after you’re done. You can use mineral spirits to clean the brush. This helps you to use brushes for further uses.

Step 5: Paint The Frame

Once you successfully apply the primer, you can now paint the frames. It would require longer than the previous steps. In the liquid enamel paint tray, put the long paintbrush. 

While putting the brush into the tray to remove extra liquid, give it a good shake. Put the paint on the metal surface using a brush and constant pressure. 

Excessive pressure may result in irregular, denser paint. So stay away from that. To cover the entire space, use the back and forward painting technique. 

Continue the stages while applying 2-3 coats of coating for a better, smoother surface. Put a small amount of paint to the frame’s other side, then wait for it to dry.

Step 6: Apply The Sealer

Now, you need to apply the sealer over the paint. Take another brush to put it on the metal frame. Don’t give too much pressure while applying it.

Finally, attract the frame back. Now, keep it like this for a few hours until it dries. Then clean the frame with a cloth or brush.

This is how you can paint a metal bed frame shabby chic. And you fix your bed frame successfully!


Question: Can I spray paint on metal surfaces?

Answer: Yes, you can definitely spray paint on the surface of your metal appliances. In fact, this can be one of the best ways to paint metal surfaces. It’s just, you need to make sure if particular spray paint is compatible with that appliance.

Question: Can I consider enamel painting for my metal bed?

Answer: Yes, you may consider enamel paint to paint your metal bed. The majority of paints are designed for fibrous and permeable surfaces. Metal, in particular, necessitates a bit more thought when it regards painting. Enamel paint is a feasible solution for coloring all types of metal.

Question: What type of paint would be the most durable for metal surfaces?

Answer: There are multiple types of paints that would be quite durable for metal surfaces. Oil paints are generally the most durable ones. Without these, enamel or spray paints are also great when it comes to quality and all. You may choose either of them.

The Final Words

Now you know how to paint a metal bed frame shabby chic! I have here all the necessary information and instructions.

You don’t have to be worried about any more information. 

Get a quick tip before I end. Before painting your bed frame, take the other appliances out of the room. This would make it a lot easier and tension-free.

All the best!