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How to Patch an Air Mattress with Duct Tape: 5 Easy Steps

A leaky air mattress is like one of those unavoidable circumstances you never want to face. But what can you do in such situations, when you have nothing available? You can obviously patch it.

How to patch an air mattress with duct tape?

To use duct tape to repair an air mattress, first locate the leak. Then mark the leak with a marker. Now, according to the size of the leaky spot, cut a piece of duct tape. Then paste the duct tape on the leaky area. Finally, use your fingertips to work out any bubble. 

These are just a few highlights. I will show you how to mend an air mattress with duct tape in this article.

Stick around!

Why Do Air Mattresses Leak

A little hole or rip in an air mattress is the main reason for leaks. A broken gasket might potentially be the source of a leak. Reasons for an air mattress to leak could be many:

  1. Surpassing the air mattress’s maximum weight capacity
  2. The air mattress has been over-inflated
  3. The air mattress is stretched.
  4. Sitting on the mattress’s edge
  5. Punctures from children and pets due to incorrect storage.
  6. An air mattress of poor quality

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How to Locate the Leak: 5 Simple Ways

Have you moved to a new place and the bed is yet to be fixed? Also the air mattress is also leaking. So, the task is to locate the leak.

Locating the leak is very important before mending it. I’ll tell you some ways so that the process gets easier!

  1. Close the valve normally after inflating the mattress to its full capacity.
  2. Then listen for the sound of air escaping from your airbed.
  3. Alternatively, create a solution of dish soap and water and saturate the mattress with it.
  4. The escaping air will condense as foam or bubbles, which will make the gap visible.
  5. Then use a marker to make a mark on it and let the airbed dry.

The above ways will help to locate any type of leak in your air mattress.

How Can You Patch an Air Mattress with Duct Tape

I am aware of how costly and difficult purchasing a new air mattress can be. Air mattresses are an easy replacement for bedding. They are also very strong. 

Here’s a 5 step guide to patch an air mattress after locating the leakage. There is use of scissors and other sharp tools. 

So, be careful! In any case don’t accidentally cut the soft foam mattress in the wrong shape. 

Let’s get started with the steps now:

Step 1: Cut Duct Tape According to the Leak

Cut a piece of duct tape so that it fits the size leak. Be sure you have enough material on both sides. So that the space gets covered completely 

Then use hard pressure to lay it over that region with the adhesive side down. Keep it like that for a minimum of 30 minutes or overnight.

Step 2: Cover the Leak’s Entire Surface

Let the patch dry overnight or 15 minutes if you are extremely impatient. Check it once more to see how it’s holding up. 

Step 3: Fill Any Bubble Using Your Finger Tips

The next thing is to thoroughly feel around the air mattress. Make sure there are no little bubbles or regions that are loose.

If you notice a little or big bubble in the mattress, don’t worry. it should come out simply with your fingertips!

Step 4: Add Some Extra Tape Layers

You can use duct tape for any repair since it is incredibly adhesive and long-lasting.

It’s also water-resistant. 

This implies that your air mattress will be protected against potential moisture damage.

Just use duct tape to cover up the leaks. 

Step 5: Test the Leaky Area After Patching an Air Mattress Using Duct Tape

Remember to always test your work after patching it with duct tape. If you see some issues add some more duct tape to your leaky areas. 

This is not a permanent solution but does the work really well.

None of the above steps requires any additional skill. So, following them you can easily deal with this issue.

Do’s and Don’ts for Air Mattresses

When it comes to welcoming guests in your house, air mattresses can be really useful. Turning beds into couches is a big hassle. You can easily pull out your air mattresses for a sleepover or camping.

So you should know the do’s and don’ts:


  • Deflate to save space
  • When not in use, keep the balloon inflated.


  • Allowing pets on air mattress is a big no
  • Overfilling air inside mattress causes excess stress on the edge
  • Bringing sharp objects near air mattresses could be dangerous

I guess the above do and don’t tips will be helpful for you.


Question: How to fix a hole in an air mattress without a patch

Answer: Without a patch kit you can use some other tools. It includes duct tape, super glue, gel nail polish, or diy patch kit.

Question: What can you use to repair an air mattress with common home items?

Answer: A patch can be manufactured out of any thin plastic or rubber material. Such as a shower curtain, a pool liner, or a piece of soft rubber inner bike tire.

Question: How to use nail polish to repair a hole in an air mattress

Answer: Above the hole, dab a drop of nail polish. Let it dry completely for 10-15 mins. Even though this is a temporary process but works for time being


Hopefully, you’ve learned well how to patch an air mattress with duct tape.

I hope this in-depth talk has satisfied your curiosity. It’s a good idea to lie down for an hour or so on the bed. This test will evaluate whether or not your sealing was successful.

Best of luck in resolving the issue!