Using Muriatic Acid to Clean Concrete [3 Directions To Follow]

using muriatic acid to clean concrete

Concrete walls and walkways are attractive and durable. But to keep them attractive you have to clean them properly. That’s where you might think of using an acid-based cleaning item such as muriatic acid.  Are you planning to use muriatic acid to clean concrete? There are mainly 3 directions to using muriatic acid to clean … Read more

Types Of Abrasive Cleaner & When To Use Which! [Explained]

abrasive cleaner

Need an extra bit of muscle to deep clean your house? Well, then it’s a lucky day for you! Because you can use your handy abrasives for the job. What type of abrasive cleaner to use for your purpose? Abrasive cleaners are basically used to clean heavy-duty build-ups. These come in three forms- powder, liquid, … Read more

Delrin vs Teflon: Differences Explained

delrin vs teflon

We use Delrin and Teflon materials for many purposes. But can you tell which one’s better? Sure, it’s tricky but there are many things that set them apart.  Delrin vs Teflon: what are the differences? Delrin is a thermoplastic material, unlike Teflon. Teflon is made of polytetrafluoroethylene. Whereas, Delrin is composed of polyoxymethylene. Teflon has … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Made In China Smell? [Problem Solved!]

how to get rid of made in china smell

It’s very frustrating when the products you’ve ordered from China have a horrible smell. However, doing nothing won’t make that smell go away buddy. Moreover, if you don’t remove the odor quickly, you can become sick.  How to get rid of made in China smell effectively? You can just leave the products under sunlight or … Read more

3 Easy Ways On How To Remove Old Masking Tape From Wood

how to remove old masking tape from wood

Removing old masking tape from a wooden surface can be a super difficult task.  Because one little mistake will ruin your furniture. But you’ve got to do it anyway. Or else it might get harder to remove afterward. How to remove old masking tape from wood without damaging the surface? Firstly you need to test … Read more

5 Best Leaf Blowers: One Step Towards Keeping It Tidy

Best Leaf Blowers

Whether it’s for your own yard or for your landscaping business, a leaf blower is a must. This piece of tool has made cleaning fallen leaves easier than ever. But the leaf blower market has changed a lot since it was invented. These days there are so many products in the market that it’s not unusual … Read more

How to Dull Shiny Metal? The 7 Steps Guide

How to Dull Shiny Metal

A sharp and shiny metal surface is something that most of us use to desire for mostly any usage. But that’s about ‘most’ of us, not all of them, right?  Yeah, we’re talking about instances where you might need a dull and vintage looking metal surface anyway. It can be for the sake of decorating … Read more