How to Deal With a Grundfos Circulating Pump Making Noise

grundfos circulating pump making noise

A noisy circulating pump can be an annoying experience. Circulating pumps are generally turned on all the time. So any noise generated from them can be very irritating.  Circulating pump noises are actually pretty common. Even with popular brands like Grundfos, noises can happen in certain cases.  Why is your Grundfos circulating pump making noise?  … Read more

How to Fix a PVC Water Shut-off Valve Stuck in Three Easy Steps

pvc water shut off valve stuck

PVC shut-off valves are common in pretty much every household. PVC valves can get stuck very frequently, causing you trouble.  Stuck PVC valves can be very annoying as it’s very commonly used. You might ask: how to fix a PVC water shut-off valve stuck?  To fix a shut-off valve stuck, you need to put in … Read more

Replace Main Water Shut Off Valve Cost: Everything You Need To Know!

replace main water shut off valve cost

Every household has a main water shut off valve. It is used to control the water supply to the entirety of the house.  We don’t need to use the shutoff valve unless we’re working with something. As a result, the problems are often overlooked. It’s important to keep it in check and get a replacement … Read more

5 Eco Friendly Uses For Water Softener Discharge

uses for water softener discharge

Water softener discharge can be harmful to the environment. The discharge comes off as a high concentration of salt and a few chemical ions. Disposing of them requires a proper drainage system. Or you can just simply utilize it. What are the uses for water softener discharge? Firstly, you can use it to make an … Read more

Water Softener With No Drain In The Garage: What To Do?

water softener no drain in garage

If you have a water softener in use, you’ll know that drainage is crucial. Improper drainage can lead to many environmental problems. However, if yours is installed in a garage with no drain, things can get puzzling.  You must be asking, how to get around water softener with no drain in the garage? Even without … Read more

Water Softener Discharge Outside: Is It Possible?

water softener discharge outside

If you’re using a water softener, then you should know that proper drainage is important. Because they dispose of the water directly. If you do so, it’ll harm the soil. How can you properly deal with water softener discharge outside? You can safely discharge the water using a dry well or a french drain. A … Read more

Why Is There Brown Water After Draining The Water Heater? [Explained]

brown water after draining water heater

You may have seen your tap water appear brown after you drained the water heater. Turning on a faucet and seeing discolored water is extremely unpleasant.  Wondering what’s causing brown water after draining the water heater?  Brown water is the result of sediment, rust, or manganese. These can build up inside the water heater over … Read more